Iran 1998

Amazing and a bit weirdly posed portraits of iranian women, by Shadi Ghadirian in 1998.

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FKA Twigs x Nabil

oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh.... FKA TWIGS [two weeks] from nabil elderkin on

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Beauty through the Eyes of the Blind.

I always post about beautiful things, but never about what Beauty is. Here is my ...


HipHop VS the Middle Ages

B4XVI is a project by artist Cecilia Azcarate, highlighting an invisible conversation ...


Mexican Sapologie

Funny how some cultures that really have nothing in common geographically nor historically sometimes share a very similar sub-culture... Like Mexico and ...

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Muslim Rasta Men

A beautiful picture essay by photographer Fabrice Monteiro on Senegal's Baye Fall ...


MissMe in Brooklyn

New work from MissMe in NYC.


Tits ‘n’ Kicks

A few weeks back, as my hormones were dictating me to do some ...


Blacklisted M.I.A. Documentary trailer.

M.I.A. hits again. And hits hard. Like the badass version of ...


Egypt’s freedom walls

Yesterday, History happened again. In the religious center of ...