Mexican Sapologie

Funny how some cultures that really have nothing in common geographically nor historically sometimes share a very similar sub-culture... Like Mexico and Congo(s). Meet the equivalent of Congo'S Sapologie: the Pachucos. I think we should create a crowd-funding project to fly them both to meet and do an Ultimate Walk-off /Show-off Battle. RedBull, can you hear me? Via Reuters: "Antonio Guardarrama Tapia (L), Jose de Jesus Gonzalez de la Rosa (C) and Filiberto Flores Mujica wears their Pachuco outfits while posing for a photograph next to a wall with ...

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Muslim Rasta Men

A beautiful picture essay by photographer Fabrice Monteiro on Senegal's Baye Fall community. When i was in Senegal last December, i saw them everywhere, chilling, begging, sharing laughs and music... looking majestic with their very eccentric yet elegant wear and beautiful long dread locks. Met a few, chilled with them and shared tea. It was nice and quiet and real. Learn more about the Baye Fall Muslim and their unique take on Islam here. Salam Haleikoum. ...


Preppy Little Badass Polos

Stromae Stromae Stromae.... this guy is just so lovable. He seems to be so on the ...

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Sean from Texas will tattoo some sick depressive shit on you.

Another Instagram find. Another dope tattoo artist with a unique style. New-age punk ...

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Insanity on crack, aka a guy called Daniels

"I’m a pretty peaceful guy in private, but I adopt a very aggressive approach when it comes to getting shit done and getting shit done right. It’s only natural that ...

Real Action Pantsula

Do the pantsula!

So i've recently been exposed to a pretty dope type of dance: the ...


MissMe in Brooklyn

New work from MissMe in NYC.


Tits ‘n’ Kicks

A few weeks back, as my hormones were dictating me to do some ...


Blacklisted M.I.A. Documentary trailer.

M.I.A. hits again. And hits hard. Like the badass version of ...


Egypt’s freedom walls

Yesterday, History happened again. In the religious center of ...