I don't like Banana Republic's clothes. By i still always go in their store. Why? Because of their jewelry! I don't know if you know thats but they are my favourite, FAVOURITE jewelry "designer" It's affordable yet very well made and elegant. This season, here are some picks i made, antique style.Go check it out, i promise you wont be ...

The Stranger from beyond death….

For a limited time, you can hear Alber Camus himslef reading his oh so famous book " L'étranger" online! the recording is from 1942.How amazing is it to be bale to hear the masterpiece read to you 68 years later by the author himself. Special.- here ...


His name is Frogg, Grape Frogg.

No joke! It's kind of an awsome name actually. Half fruit half animal, he is like a mix of normal and magic fairytale. Well, i really don't know much about him (all i know is that he is Russian and he speaks spanish...) but his name and his work certainly is breathtaking. Frogg takes some boring objects of reality and stages it in the quiet craziness of his imagination.I call it ...


Pixie me sweet

It's just this amazing online store. So amazing everything is always sold out. Or maybe they just have 1 of each and make people like me belive they are sooooooo popular. I'm not sure i love them or hate them ...


Il se dit indispenssable…

Le trench.Yes, the same old trech coat our mom and granma wore. The same again that the english army wore during the First World War. So classic it's now classy. It has been redrawn a thousand times and every designer has it's version. Today is no exeption, from the classic Burberry to Mango we all want one. (i just bought one this week end! Thanks Club Monaco!) Also i have to mention the Burberry limited edition at Collette store (only until Feb 27th!) and the beautiful Christopher ...


Cassandra & i

This passed saturday evening was the out-of-towners family dinner for my cousin's Bar Mitvah in Toronto.The dress code was you can see, i think i was a little overdressed for the evening but :oh well!My beautiful cousin rocked some banging Diane Von Furstenberg shoes while i was wearing a Maxazria ruffle red dress.We decided to play models in the hotel's bathroom and posed like queens.Pooooooooooose ...


Eternally sassy

Wear your words of wisdom on you arms. No, don't get a tatoo!This is even better because you can change it everyday!Cute and inspiring here are the Jessica Kagan Cushman ...


Pure Beauty

Lou Doillon in a short inpirational film for Vanessa Bruno's SS10


It’s so pretty it’s smells good

These Valentino SS10 shoes and bag make you want to fall romanticaly in love. Just make sure he's rich so he can buy them for ...


A chicken worth an exibition

This is the tasty work of Amsterdam based artist Joe Holbrook. This 21 year old painter likes to use classic painting techniques to portray very modern trashy-everyday-young-party-kid's scenes of life. It's our saturday night drunken outburst or our amazing trashy hangover food.Beautiful.The shows running till the 31st of March at the SID LEE Collective Gallery in Amsterdam ;open from 10am-5pm Monday to ...


Oh la belle Etiquette!

A really nice fashion bog with really hot guys. I know, it's enough to get most of you (like me) to go check it out! Created by two gentelmen thats express their love of hip hop, hood art (as they call grafitti) and hipster NYC fashion though their blog.If i was a man, i would check it out for cool trend tips. But i'm not, so i just check it out for the men.Dembus, speciale dédicace pour ...


Go Crew youself!

J.Crew it is. My friend Jen just showd me this bathingsuit she ordered for this (oh-so-coming-soon-we-are-waiting-for-it-soooo-impatiantly) summer. It's so pretty i want it too. And the one piece version as ...


It was Summer in my living room last night.

It's gonna be sunny and super hot tomorow, right?No. It's actually snowing. But hey, I'm allowed to live in own little fantasy world where tomorow actually IS summer. And that's exactly what i did yesterday after work. I went shopping (again...) and pretended it was going to be 24°C the next morning.Went to H&M and bought the cutest summer essentials. High waist jean shorts, summer fedora, oversize navy theme shirt/dress, a high waisted pair of sarwel pants and an adorable 90s navy theme bag.Oh yes, i almost forgot: Go H&M go!! Fuck you expensive brands! Us ...


From my heart to you bedroom

Now that's an original Valentine's gift, mix cheezy (stuffed animal) and creepy (human heart):taah daaaaah!


Customize your mini!!

Everybody has a mini. Or at least everybody wants one. The ones who pretend they don't are either haters or liers. Seriously, even my (cool) mom has one!!! The problem is that, like the Golfs, they all kinda look the same... Thanx to TheCoolHunter, you can now costomize your car!!! And in a funky tastful way please! Of couse, it take a huge self assurance to have a raibow mini, no matter how cool it looks. But to those who don't have the guts to do it, i say: you just don't deserve your mini and you should give it to ...


Hear different

It's no news that all things today can be and will be treated like a fashionable accessory. From our phones to our shoe laces, from our lighters to ous bag holder. Earphones are no exeption! It used to be the smaller the better. Now it's the bolder the cooler!(elecom, sony, wesc and ...


The Lady went back to her sweatshop last night…..

It's been a while. Created 2 new models. Here are some of the latest design from TLATS.Hope you like


Open your eyes, you might see.

Next to the St Denis / Mt Royal corner in Montreal. A beautiful piece of art. A common work of differents street artists with different styles. So different it's inspiring how beautifully it all merges ...


Beautiful Schmatte

Random absolutely amazing creations from the SS 2010 runways. Inspire, expire.(G.Armani, Givenchy, Lanvin, Balmain, Manish Arora, Gaultier et Stella ...


The Ultimate Accessory.

Who hasn't dreamed of getting mermaid long hair? Long enough to "go horsebackriding naked" like thoses cheezy black and white 80s posters? Look at all the hollywood starlettes, from stoned Lohan to braindead Kardashians, they all look super sexy with their beautiful long hair.There you go, i want to look like them to. I want to be able to wear just leggings and an oversize tshirt and still looks glam and fabulous.Seems long hair is the ultimate feminine thing to have.So i want it and i want it now.And here is the story of my non-patient-diva-don't -give-a ...


SciFi in a kadelioscope

If your in Paris right now, you're lucky. Not only becasue you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the World but because you can go see Crystals And Lasers. A colorful graphic collection of art by Matt W. Moore. Showing at the Since,Upian Gallery 'till March 12th.Street art meets design meets parisian bougie gallerie posers.Heck ...


If a monk on opium could draw….

Who ever said black and white is passé? Never boring Iain Macarthur prooves black and white is never ...


The cuteness of doll packaging

Have you ever bought something you didn't need or didn't even really knew what it was JUST because the packaging was so beautiful? Well i have.....many times.Just like Gwen Stephani's fragrances for Harajuku Lovers. 5 sents, 5 girls, 5 personalities; like the Spice Girls of sent, Love, Lil'Angel, Music, Baby and G are today's funky fashionista's new accessory.Now with new summer versions, here are the Sunshine Cuties.And the video promo is made by no other than the doctors of Cutness : ...


Cè Bô Sa

Anything around us can be treated as a canvas. Like where we live. Let's make our life beautiful, shall we?And yes, the last one is a table made out of ...


Give a treat to your royal behind.

Ther are called Queen Of Love. I know, so perfect. It's like the day a very smart salesgirl told me i looked like Penelope Cruz in a dress.....that i bought intantly of course.AAAAhhh italian design.- saw ...


Merci Hermes. Again.

Installation by Tokunjin Yoshioka for Hermès Tokyo. Grace. (merci


I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World

I know. It's not news. But I belive something so pink and so girly somehow is always news worthy.Here is is, the world largest Barbie Flagship store and café in the World. 35,000 square foot areas of pink, strass and dolls. By Slade Architecture in Shanghai, ...


Totally useless yet totally adorable


Words of Wisdom from a Girl.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. Simple yet profound. It's all in words.From Buddah to Ellen Keller to ...


Bad picture of beautiful babies.

Say hello to my new babies. I know, all mothers think theirs is beautiful but mine really are goregeous. Not only that, but really confortable. Thanx 70% off!Mommy loves you ...


Asians do it better.

...or how to turn your fingertips into a work of art!Sally Hansen came out with a special nail polish pen to draw on our finger-canvas. But that just for simple classic ladies like me...asians aren't afraid to not only draw but glue! From beads to rinestones to bows to chains!! And for those of you (like Ziggy) who wonder how they type with those, here it is: hire a secretary. Now that's class.Me ...


Montreal’s got Talent!

My good friend Gene from HVW8. Amazing artist, nothing more to say.


Everybody needs a burger shirt!

This is my new amazing-everybody-wants-to-be-your-friend-shirt. Not only is it amazing, make me feel like I'm wearing a hug, but everybody (the most raaaandom people in the street) smile at you. Even in stores, most salespeople really tried to be my friend. Also, the fact that I was wearing a tiara made my collegue's day I think. Under, a self-portrait of me that tiara-burger ...


When avant garde meets old-school techniques

A gaphic eye and a naïve type of sense of humour, this is



Work from NED. Simple and poetic. Love


Phil Yamada


Ponpon Girl

I alway feel it's ok to do short, as long as you don't do the Mariah Carey (short AND tight AND high heels). If you do very short, either do it with flats or /and ample. Adding a little sporty is fun (like my awsome aa socks!) and funky with the ponpons!PS: Don't mind my face, i somehow look snobish and ...


Hello beautiful.

by Jonathan


Hermes ads, elegance and magic

Thanks to Hermes, fashion ads are not all the same. They prove over and over again that elegance has nothing to do with too skinny, too much makeup and awkward and sad looking girls. They reinvent class though the magic of fairytales. Thank you Hermes. ...


Burberry ads…

Is it just me or it gets kind of offending when 16 years old kids advertise for 2000$ bags...?? Really? like what do we have to live for: being 17 again and hopefully with really rich parents? ...


Vuitton….love the bag but, the shoes…..WTF!


Creative Photoshoot for artist Janice

My latest photoshoot for my friend and artist Janice. the concept was to put him in an imaginary public. Where time and space don't in ...


Maori eyliner art

This is what happens when you give me an eyeliner, a camera and a patient boyfriend (ex).I think of myself as an artistic-hyperactive-lady-McGyver.There should be a 90s TV show on ...


2008 adidas sillyness

Me+friends+camera+adidas originals theme+dollarama shopping frenzie+alcohol=well.... plain


80s Funky


Japaaaaaan mania




Last saturday was Arts & Crafts day!