Love her.

Love her music, love her words, love her style.Erykah on BET this week.- via bscott



A dialogue between mobstr and the Newcastle City Council back in 2007.- mobstr


A Brit with issues

Meet George Morton-Clark.I believe he could have been a very good psychopath, but he decided to be a painter instead.- g m c ...



Meet Nathaniel.Knitted tie, love it!And sorry ladies, he is taken......he is going to make beautiful babies with my



Here is the latest editorial for Vogue China, April 2010, shot by Quentin Shih (a.k.a. Shi Xiao Fan)Historial propaganda meets high fashion.- quentin shih ...


Comme les grands

A very nice discovery i just made: Comme Du Coton, a clothing compagny for kids.CDC has this classic style that is not without reminding us of how our grand parents used to be dressed as children.Mature yet innocent, quality made in France.- comme du coton ...



Somehow i'm 2 years late on this: André Benjamin launched a clothing line.Benjamin Bixby.As original and amazing as André's style, i find it to be gorgeous.Farmer boy meets London old school chic with a funky André twist.Here is the utlimate funky dandy line for men.Colette, Harrods and United Arrows sell the collection. That says it all.- benjamin bixby ...


Cut-out play

Ok ladies, if you have a kid or a niece/nefew, god-son/daughter, kid cousin or anykind of little cute child you like, you MUST get them this.It's adorable and cute and fun and smart and....well you get it.- peanut and dip ...


Back to the present

I like Lyle. I like his eyes and how they see.I like where he goes and where he takes us.He has a way to show the moments of today like they were classics allready.Here is Lyle Owerko.- lyle owerko ...


Hanging from your pinky

Sunday evening after ski crush.- need supply co


The Ape wears a suit

For the first time BAPE has been hitting the classy line. In a brand new collection with the japanases United Arrows, the Ape wears the Stache.With mens suits, along with accessories, this sneak peek at the new Bathing Ape + United Arrows is pretty cool. Or "swell" should i say!Guys, get to it!- bape ...


Star bread

Here is the bread equivalent of the fun sushi maker i posted a few weeks ago. Here is an amazing way to make shure your kids wil eat their bread!Doodle Bread ... a fun company founded by the independent designer and baker, Rose Kane.I kinda want one.- doodle bread ...


Food fun

Eat Love is the title of "food designer" Marije Vogelzang, the creator of the unique Proef in Amsterdam. I actually met her 2 years ago during a design conference in Berlin where she gave an inspiring talk.She is no caterer nor cook. No. She like to call herself a food designer because it's not just about the recepie and the taste but really about the meaning, apperance and symbolisation of food. Really she likes to play and reinvent our relationship with food.- proef ...


The Queen is dead, long live the Queen.

Alexander The Magnificient McQueen.RIP- buy at colette


Sugar coated sneackers

Nike Vs French sweet colors pastries.Here are the Nike Royalty Macarons Collections.Lanched at Collette two weeks ago, they look yummy pretty.Me ...


Pac me

Adorable and overpriced.- fummelundkram


Expensive orange

gadgetThis a little more than a stupid-high-end gadget. it's a beautiful-retardedly-expensive gadget.Two highly respected brands collaborate (for the 2nd time) to created the Leica M7 HermesThis very special limited edition of the M7 35mm camera comes in silver chrome, with calfskin leather accents.The only thin to wear around you neck that is classier than a cartier ...


Peace on Earth

Peaceful pieces of peaceful times.Photographer Paul Octavious.- paul octavious


A man and a woman

This is Various&Gould, aka Aisha Ronniger and Roland Piltz.Street "raw" artists from Germany.I absolutely LOVE their work.- various&gould ...


You’ll want to write again

Beautiful book, beautiful work.This guy can write!!Calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman.- niels shoe newmann


The street where originality lives

The latest adidas originals campain video......made!!! (sidlee baby!!)An emotional and esthetic video featuring fun amazing games, relaxing authetic times and a bunch of celebrities.And the now classic following-the-shoe shot.I love adidas.- sidlee ...


Legos ain’t just for kids.

You can be an artist and not know how to draw or paint or take pictures or act or even dance. You can be an artist if you can built stuff in legos. Like real big imperessive stuff.Meet Nathan Sawaya.He builds crazy surpisingly touching sculptures in lego. Dozens of thousands of lego pieces.His appartment must be a mess.Exhibition at the New York Agora Gallery from March 23-April 13, 2010.- nathan sawaya ...


Baby swagg

Meet the beautiful and adorable Yeshimebet. She is not even one year old (on this picture i took this summer) and she's got more style than most people i know.Having the coolest parents and brothers&sisters helps of course, but she shurely holds her own!Love you, little ...


What Up Val!

Meet Valerie. Valerie Phillips.She takes pictures for a living, fun pictures.Pictures that seem really personal and real. She photographs teens like if she was a teen herself. With the rudness, nonchalance, clumsyness of raw teenagehood. With the naiveness and cuteness of childhood.It's raw, it's real.- valerie phillips ...



March 22nd was “World Water Day”.Today, even more than before, the issue of clean water is extremely serious.The National Geographic made it's last issue on the beautiful and complex theme of Water. They even made an interactive version of their April, 2010 magazine free to download (until April 2nd).It goes though the issue of clean water today as well as what water is (scientificly), what it reprensents (religion, spirituality..) and the problems directly linked to the lack of clean drinkable water (war, famine, diseases...).And of course, the ...


Tamy cutie

My girl Tamy, funky as


Well written

Here is another of those great yet little known jobs: calligrapher.All those pretty ads/logos/book-covers with the beautiful hand written text...well it's someone's profession to make it so beautiful.Here is some of Alison Carmichael's work.I like. A lot.- alison carmichael ...


Fit your man

Ok boys, we need to talk.What's with the oversized suits? Of course, because we never ever see you in a suit, we are all going to say "wow, you're looking gooood" .....but it really is half true.A lot of guys today really don't know how to wear a suit (or pick a nice pair of shoes for that matter).Just like us, you gotta fit your shape!Here is a nice little article by GQ to teach a few things to a few of you.- GQ article ...


Natures Mortes

Now here is a fasinating yet very little known profession: interior stylist.All those beautiful interor design magazines we drewled on, all these celebrity houses we admired, even so many high-end fashion shoots we couldn't take our eyes of... well it is mostly because of people like Irina Graewe.See, her job is to take the simple and common, and transform it into the magical and dreamy.Like a modern satin-paper wizard, Irina is a master in the Unperfecly Perfect.Here is a little medley of my favourite of her "paintings".- irina graewe ...



This is Lucong. An american painter thats really likes to paint girls.His style is not without reminding us of the 18th Century Romantics.Beigy tones, soft milky skin, empy yet deeply romantic eyes and a time-stopping brush that gives Lucong his uniquness.Like a silent love song to their ears.- lucong ...



Yes, not much sense...i was not gonna post it but after a few "i like what you're wearing today Raph"...i decided to do so....Still not sure about this outfit though!Oh ...



Tuesday night is Ballet night.The girls and i started those ballet lessons at the Ecole Supérieure de Ballet Canadien but don't be fooled, we are begginers.It's actually amazingly relaxing and centering, like yoga with an esthetics purpose.The best part?There is a live pianist. Yes. Awsomness.And no, we don't wear tutus!!Here is the adorable ...


Mugs shots from your kitchen table

Just a month ago, i was in a Miami store called Base. Love the store but it's really expensive so i buy what i can afford: magazines or a book. Bought this cool illustration book called "Edgy Cute".this artist must be my favourite out of all of the talents featured in it.His name is Chris Crites.His work is all the same: he paints(beautifully) on used brown paper bags. Criminals and "bad guys" on used regular brown paper bags.In his words:"The characters and crime scenes looked like surreal glimpses into the history of human interaction. (...) Portraits of people who ...


Fraternal twins

A month ago, i adopted 2 new babies.Same brand, same color, same seasons but very different personalities.- steven by steve madden ...


Alice is a schisophrenic

Lewis Caroll's famous and crazy Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been fasinating children and adults alike since over a century.Here are some of the movie posters of the so many adaptations of the masterpiece, the very first one dating from 1903! (my grandma's birthyear!)To think that Caroll was completely high when writting it should be one of the main points of the freedrugs advocacy.I'm saying this and i don't do nor even like drugs, so....yeah, i'm impressed with the ...


A boy named Meggs

Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne (Australia) Meggs’ work has very obviously been influenced by the cartoons and comics of the 80’s.Frustrated graphic designer, he decided to leave the agency world for the more free and raw world of graffiti. You can now see his art from the streets of Paris,Tokyo and London.He paints, spray-paints and draws, as he self descibes his work: art / aerosol / design.Enjoy.- meggs ...



Gentlemen of Bacongo is photographer Daniele Tamagni's latest book.It pictures the fascinating congolese subculture of Le Sape. Les Sapeurs are men that make an absolute priority in how they dress.And they dress!!Only the most flamboyant AND expensive outfits will do. Never do they buy on sale as the more expensive the item is, the more pride and recongnition they will get from that very serious movement! Tailored suits and high-end brands are their thing.It does seem very absurd as the contrast between their not very wealthy (not to say plain poor) lifestyle ...


Color overdose

Photoshoot by asos for their magazine.Colors+patterns+ethnic+sexy+big hair.I'm down.- asos


High crush

Like a kinky love song on your feet.Dinah Washington would approve.- nicolas kirkwood


You don’t have to be a snowboarder… wear snowbording gear! Or at leat that's what Pharell believes! He's been wearing those (very cool) snowboarding shoes all over and there was no snow around what-so-ever.Part of the new Nike Snowboarding collection, designed in collaboration with the snowboarder Danny Kass and the illustrator ...


Sweet & Dutch

Meet Elza Jo.An original and funky dutch photographer that mixes sweet humour, sexy realness and cartoonish collages.Sweeeeeeeeet!- elza jo ...


Shit shoes

What happens when a museum, showing an exibit of a famous african artist known to use elephant excrement in his paintings, asks a funky shoe designer to design a pair of shoes for the event? Well, this. Sexy high heels in a elephant-shit-like platteform sole. And it's actualy stunning. - tate brittain - - chris ofili - - insa heels ...


How i met Mickey

On my way to work this morning, i met Mickey.He was just being his old smiling self and he very quietly accepted to pose for a picture.Actually, i quickly realised he wasn't the Disney one; He was the Produkt one!Basically his twin brother with minor yet very real mental illness.Here is my new friend and some of his cousins of the Produkt (Montreal) ...


Our iranian brunch for an iranian new year!

Meet Eliza and Martin.I love them and i love their style.Oh yes, and i love her


Buckle up!

Beauties.- buckle shoes


Fun on the top of our head

This is Tour de Force. A french desogner who studied in London and that is now designing elegance and fun for our heads.- tour de force ...



And no, it won't give your dog a british accent...!- dogstache


Buy pattern

Patternity is a blog about patterns. Well, it really is obsessed with patterns!She even SELLS patterns!- buy patterns


Wear Junk

Junk food buttons to pimp your shirt.Now that's gangsta.- junk


Smells pretty

Yes, these are car air-freshners. Adios ugly smelly tree hanging thingy.We will never feel ashamed of our air-freshners again.- airfreshners ...


Bowbow gaga

We all realized that there is a serious bow trend out there these days. Bow this, bow that. Kinda makes everything cute.Here is an original one.Kinda love it!Marie, this is for you!-buy this bow ...


Pick and choose!

Really feel like buying me a present?Pick one of the adidas, of course.(my shoe size is 7,5 and i' a small...yeah, just in case..! lol)- adidas ...


Loft Story

I don't know if you paid attention to this new trend in photography these last few years....The whole "amateur" looking professional photoshoots. From Vivienne Westwood to Aldo shoes, they all want this "real"-non professional look in their campains. We all remember when American Apparel started their look, waaaay before it turned to soft porn. And all the Marc Jacobs very low key looking ads shot by the now notorious Juergen Teller. Terry Richardson shot the latest and really cool Aldo campaign, and Juergen the Missoni one though amateur looking (not afraid of the ...



Hi....COURT VULC SLM LEA by adidas


Lacing school

This is another of those cool Puma campaign that came from nowhere!Nothing to do with any clear strategy or big marketing bold idea but hey, i don't work for them so i don't really care about their image incoherence!This is the Puma lacing school.Pretty cool ideas to make your kicks a little more fly!- shoe-lacing school -PUMA LACING SCHOOL - LACING #1 from PUMA LACING SCHOOL on ...



Here is one the most beautiful shoot i've seen lately. In the SHOES UP mag i just got!Photographer Néfis | Stylist: Bandit-Magazine | Starring: Adama (Elite Models) & Mariya (Karin Models) | Make-up:Blandine Desgraz | Hair: Lydianne Living Room | Nail stylist: Sandra ...


It’s aliiiive, aliiiiiive!

Now this man isin't afraid of anything.Those are hillarious!Jean-Charles De


Wear Browne

Here is the SS2010 Thom Browne Collection. College geek meets a "maritime" style.And hey, don't we love man in shorts?Yes. We do.- thom browne ...


Sit on a tank

Here is Pharell's new chair creation. A tank chair.Love him, but the chair?? Well i guess the person who produces those chairs love him too...And no, it doesn't bounce.At Colette from March 22nd to 28th and then at the Emmanuel Perrotin gallery from March 30th to April 24th by appointment.Oh yeah, and this joke is ...



On the way home, i stopped for one of my unecessary yet impossible to resist stop at a magazine shop on Ste Catherine in Montreal. This one was particularly sketchy looking, which is a good sign. And i was right! It had all the asian and arabic fashion magazine a chinese-lybian girl would dream of!So bought this one. Because it was so pretty. And also because it is in french, japanese and ...



This is Ruth.She is 84 and creating beautiful things.She used to be a sculptor but due to some pain in her fingers, she can't really sculpt that much anymore. But hey, that won't stop her creativity!Tonight, she proudly showed us (my lovely cousins and i) her latest creation: an umbrella.It's beautiful.You're beautiful.I love you ...


Who said grey is boring?

Photos by the beautiful

Funky Spring!

Here is some inspiration for some funky spring outfits.Jeremy Scott of


Funky Spring!

Here is some inspiration for some funky spring outfits.Jeremy Scott of course.- jeremy scott -- adidas


2 sidlee ladies

Meet Tamy.And yes, she is as cool as she is beautiful.(the other lady is me....with a hat, The Lady in a hat,


Prepare to be amazed…!

Alexa Meade will make you doubt your own eyes.Look carefully at those pictures and you'll realise that the people painted are not only 3D but living people that were painted on.She makes you feel like you just jumped with Mary Popping into a painting in your granma's house."I paint representational portraits directly on top of the people I am representing. The models are transformed into embodiments of the artist's interpretation of their essence. When captured on film, the living, breathing people underneath the paint disappear, overshadowed by the masks ...

Art and can


And the Time stopped

Beautiful elegant series of photographs by Julia Fullerton-Batten.Stopped in their in movement, these women seem to be suspended in time forever.Like modern day Sleeping-Beauties cought in their jumps for a thousand years.- julia ...


Prison and Art

This is Halden Prison in Norway.It's a prison and it looks cooler than most people's appartment.I know: WTF??!?These are not Banksy by the way, but pieces of art reminiscent (rip offs?) of Banksy.- my modern met ...


Candies in panties

Ok, so we all know Jelly Beans, those old-school colorful candies some artists make hair-clips with.Well they just launched a phone collection with Softbank in Japan. And let's just say japanese humour/way of marketing a phone is a LITTLE different than ours.They basically made their phones Jelly Beans colors (all good 4 me) but then made the Jelly Beans wear panties (a little weird but still kinda cute) and THEN got them to bite (yes bite!) each others panties off!! (now that's a little creepy)Beautiful site and object design overall.They might be a bit ...


Just fell in love and it didn’t even hurt

This is, i think, officially one of my favourites painters today.Like a painting Robert Doisneau, he paints what is around, not trying to stage things that aren't, but rather showing how the most random scenes can be beautiful.Houston-based artist Kevin Peterson makes us want to find all thoses thrown away, not "interesting" enough photographes of ours and frame them.Oh, and did i mention "HE'S AN AMAZING PAINTER"??Yeah.- kevin peterson ...


Ich bin ein Berliner!

Beautiful head creations by Rick Feurstein.Classic and modern.I heart.- rick feurstein -- opening ceremony


In a New York state of mind

Funky and colorful, here is some of the pieces of the SS10 New York Couture brand that i really like. A lot of their stuff is a little much (or plain ugly) but this cake dress is just adorable. Of course, you need to be able to pull it off otherwise you'll just look like a dumbass. (or a bad Katy Perry wannabe.)- new york couture ...


Evening native crush

awww.........!- house of harlow -- kitson


Funky Patrick

Today is St Patrick's Day.I don't really care for it, not because i'm not Catholic nor irish, but really because i don't like beer.Photos by my friend ...


Hand painted horror

In our western world, we always refer to "hand-made" as a quality luxurious thing. But the reality, in a lot of countries, is very different. It's the opposite to be exact.It is way cheaper, in Vietnam to have the locals hand-sow little bags, than to buy an expensive machine and have workers do it. Or in India to have a local painter pain the billboards ads, than to have the tools to print such a large paper.It was no different in Ghana in the 80s.Back then, video cassette technology made it possible for “mobile cinemas” to emerge and travel around the ...


"Have an adult do the ironing"

Another Tuesday evening, another craft night.Do you remember those fun fun things we did in arts&crafts when we were kids? Painting eggs, making dolls out of stockings and scobidoos?Well last night, i took a walk (i was really sitting..) down memory lane and did some of this plastic-beads-ironing-thingy i used to loooove.And so i made new earings for The Lady and The Sweatshop collection.Plastic is ...


I need this NOW

Since it will be too warm to wear them soon (let's really hope so at least).. I know, it's a LITTLE late to do that kind of discovery but least i dicovered it! (tap on my shoulder)This is Yokoo and she can knit like a ganster!Here are her badass creations.Look out!(man, i'm so funny)- yokoo ...


Another rare but good surprise

This morning, as every morning, i had to go through dozens of annoying emails of not very talented illustrators and photographers (these are the perks of being and art director i guess!). But through this ugly-passé-unoriginal electronic pile of letters, there was the mail from Jo Son.Most of his work is very advertising oriented and i don't reallyc are for it, but his Childhood Portraits series is very touching, mostly because of the beautiful cast of children.- jo son ...


Sexy is black and white.

Amazing music video by Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau for Sebastien Tellier’s song ” look ...


Romantic, ethnic, fantastic!….(fuck, i’m such a poet!)

Spring is almost here so i bought myself a spring hat.But this hat lacked some artefact,So i brought it back to my shack (appartment) and together we made a pact;For my hat to accept a makeover-act and i will wear it all summer-akt (found not word that rimed...)Here is our love story in ...



This is the work of Ruud Van Empel. His painting or somewhere between Le Douanier Rousseau and a 60s photoshoot for a children fashion magazines.The environment is so perfect, it's a little scary. Like those "perfect" people in horror movies that end up turning to be the most fucked up ones.Beware of those cute little adorable eyes.......Boooh!- ruud van empel ...


Fairytale shoes

Today, i feel like a cartoon Princess (the best kind of princesses!) thanx to my Vivienne Westwood /Melissa shoes.And, yes, they are ...


Macho Men

I met Team Macho in 2007 when they came to do our blackboards at work ( sidlee collective ) Team Macho is a collaborative illustration and fine art group composed of 5 crazy gentelmen: Lauchie Reid, Chris Buchan, Nicholas Aoki, Jacob Whibley, and Stephen Appleby-Barr.They all live together in a studio in Toronto (Canada, yeeeey!!) and always work together on their pieces. Basically, as they explained to me, one starts something and then leaves it for the others to finish....well they didn't say "finish" but rather "mess up". They also love, like Hitchcock, ...


Another naked lady

She takes her clothes off but she doesn't dance nor looks at you.She is a nude model and i drew her.Sorry


The Lady and The Veil

I didn't go out last Saturday night. Didn't feel like it.Instead, i decided to have a photoshoot with myself. Yeaaaah, SO much more fun.Story: A women from the desert discovers the world of fashion magazine and their pretty superficial essentials.I know, i'm crazy....but hey, how is that news?Here are my ...


Impossible Is Nothing

i love adidas, and it shows.How many adidas sweaters can a girls have?....A



Gloves are back in.But Nina Peter takes them to a whole other lever, a funky sexy level that is!Grrrrr baby, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!- nina peter ...


Smart made cool

On January 17, a new magazine was born. Not another fashion magazine, nor a political newspaper.Nop. This one is one of a kind. He is so different, it makes it hard to describe.Dedicated to serious social topics, it is all depicted though book writters, photojournalists and cartoonists. How amazing is it to tell the story of the Gibralatar refugees though a beautiful cartoon?Each cover is also very original, not only is it an "italian" format (horizontal), but it's all done in illustrations.XXI is like the Nobel Prize Swimsuit Model of magzines.- leblogde21 ...


Pump It Up!

We all remember the Pump. Those über-cool sneackers from Reebook with the basketball-air-pumping thingy on the front. Their were launched in 89 and sold over 50 000 pairs by the end of the year!I wanted a pair so badly!!! Even a knock-off would have been ok!Never got one, but now i can fix that! Reebook came out with a 2010 version of the shoe!Classic cool yo! Yeah-yeaaaah!!- reebok ...


An original cover for an original lady

Seems like Chloe Sevigny will to take chaces has influenced ELLE UK grapic designer and i love it!Chloe for ELLE UK's April cover.- elle uk ...


A Montreal Eye

Here is the delicate and romantic work of Montreal photographer Marc Montplaisir. I believe having him shoot you must make you feel so beautiful.Raw, elegant beauty.- marc montplaisir ...


Think square

Who said bracelets had to be round?- patricia field


Young Gifted and Black

Here are the editorial pictures of Sewn From the Soul, a project from the hot, beautiful and elegant men of Street Etquette.Their idea is "meshing and intertwining Style and History" to celebrate Black History Month (yes, i'm a month late, i know!!)I would gladly marry anyone of them and have beautiful elegant babies. - street etiquette ...


Call your Stylist

We either love or hate Lady Gaga. Her bold ways make it hard for anyone not to have an opinion. She is mostly known for the unique way she "dresses". Let's just agree that Gaga makes the word "exentric" sound boring.But the master behind her looks is very little known!His name is Nicola Formichetti!!Genious stylist, he probably has the best client ever in shameless Gaga.He is also the genious eye who styled the crazy-beautiful-bold Telephone video by her feat Beyoncé.- nicola formichetti ...


When Jacobs works for Louis.

Can we please talk about how AMAZING the SS2010 Louis Vuitton collection is? Ethnic, romantic, urban, colorful and fun, this collection is the proof that 2 men can make absolutely beautiful babies together.I love the runway looks and the bags and accessories. All i have to say what happend to the shoes? What's with the dead-poodle-hair-on-feet thing going on?Anyway, the rest i really love.- louis vuitton ...



The Fall Winter runway show from Bernard Willhelm was breathtaking.The show looked like a japanese Anime, art-directed by David Lachapelle! From evil little dolls to Bouddhist monks gone mad, each look was a painting in motion.The Lady is proud to present in exclusivity the first pictures of the Bernard Willhelm FW 2010 Collection!!Here is the behind-the-scenes sneek peek!Make up by MAKE UP FOR EVERMerci ma ...


Model wannabe's me. Thanks to photographer Mike Casali (Three Monkeys, Montreal), i don't look too bad!It was a crazy afternoon let me tell ya! It was "hot" last sunday in Montreal... that is "hot" for march!! So basically, we cruised the old port all afternoon and all i was wearing was those fabulous yet not very warm clothes!But my old friend Vodka was there with us and so we managed just fine with the cold. The only problem was that we were both drunk by 4pm!Here is a sneak peek at the fabulous new Spring outfits of the super cool boutique FLY in Montreal.Run my ...


Pencil on my shirt

A super cute t-shirt Collection by Your Eyes Lie.- youreyeslie


I got the Blue

H&M is having a blue contest. Well actually it's having a style featuring the color blue.The idea is simple, send a photgraph of one of your original looks featuring a minimum of one H&M garnment and starring the color blue.Here are my favourite looks sofar!- contest ...


Shoulder me pretty

It's no news that shoulderpads are back with a vengence.To think of all these years we made fun of them on our mom's old pictures...yeah, you know you did.Well now, we can't get enough.Here are some of my favourite finds on the net!- binkaminka -- babette epaulette ...


She stole my swagg…and wore it better!

My outfit of yesterday...and my sweet and beautiful little Japhaya playing Mini me.....!!I am not going to ask "who wore it best"...'cause i know she tottally did!!Love you ...


Colors on our body

I love colors.And i love accesories.So here is a little medley of both, together.Basso&BrookeDisayaKaterine PsomaZangrandoAssad ...


In the Naaaavyyyyy

Stripes, check.Navy patch, checkGold buttons and shoulderpads, check.Now i can go swimming in


Desperatly seeking thai speaking friend.

This is a page i stole from an airport fasion magazine in Bangkok. I don't know what i was thinking since i don't speak nor read thai. I guess i was just focused on avoiding the mean looks i got when i loudly teard tha page out of the " do not remove from lounge" magazine.But it's so cool i figured i would share my ...


Mazal Tov

I just learned about an hour ago that one of my best friends just got engaged. I am thrilled for her and she is over the moon! It happend like in the movies (he came down to her city to officially ask her hand to her mom and her brother. Old school baby!)So for a fairytale love we need a fairytale wedding.Here is, my absolute favourite wedding, event blog ON THE PLANET!From beautiful real weddings, to inspiring boards of color to amazinly smart DIY.Je t'aime ma petite Linda!- 100 layercake ...


Yes, Asians Again.

Introducing the WTF Sushi Rolling machine by BanDai. Its real name is actually Anpanman Bento Machine.Bow to the coolest sushi machine ever made. How better than to turn our yummi-veggies into little-cute-faces-sushi to make sure your kid eats it?(or boyfriend for that matter)At this point it is available only in Japan, but hopefully some super smart someone will import them to our world.Because WE HEART CUTE SUSHIS TOO! - translated manuel ...


What went Wang?

Hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahha!!!!!!What was he smocking when he created this?? Looks like a retired texan hoocker gone crazy catholic could have designed this.(Alexander ...



Alexander Wang.So used they look they really are from the 80s.But hey...these antiques are expensive....but soooooo ...


Don’t let your banana go to the Dark Side

Here is the latest Chiquita Banana campain.They decided to use their iconic, yet old, blue sticker and give it a modern playful twist.The idea is simple: each banana has it's own personality but you have a responsibility not to let them turn bad...or else!It's kinda like Luchadors gone Pictoplamic!And we love it. It make a simple product cool and engaging. Even their web site is plenty of fun!Fun, fun, fun, fun funfunfunfuuuun. Well, you get it.- For an interview of Art Director DJ Neff -- eat a chiquita ...


Pack and paint.

Have an old suitcase and desperatly need a new nightable?Well, tahdaaaaah!(this is the fabulous work of Marianne from the netherlands) -design sponge ...


Pompon mon Amour


And another one!

This one is the (giant and beautiful) bungalow of prop stylist and decorator Emily Henson, in northeast los angeles.Yeah...i want a bungalow too.- design sponge ...


My beautiful junk.

This is the inside of Michael Quinn’s carroll gardens (appartement), in brooklyn.It shurely "showcases a true generosity of spirit" but also a crazy sens of never thowing anything out...EVER!Hey, just put in on your wal!When too much is just....well pretty.- design sponge ...



When Churches want to speack a more "common" can get funny.The message is clear!! or is it?And to the Cross of Christ Deliverance Temple, i say (as my friend Von said) "Jew is easier to spell than Christian". Booooooouyaaaaa!!!Church Signs Across ...



Mon père, ce héros.I may never be in any fashion magazine but i can at least say my dad has....many times!What whaaaaaaaaaat!2008, 2009 ELLE Switzerland and this month's VOGUE ...



This saturday, i got dressed for peace between the nations.Ethnic on crack



You probably all heard about the Chris Rock movie Good Hair.But you probably didn't all hear about the outrage it created.A lot of my black girlfriends really got upset about the movie and the way it depics the relationship they suppositly have with their hair.I understand. I don't know much about it (and i didn't really learn anything in the movie) but it was a bit stereotypical and shallow.Last Novemeber (i think) Mattel released an ethnic Barbie collection. But, as always, not only were they not very realistic size wise (they're Barbies after all!) but the black ...


I hurt myself falling from faiyland…

This is the AMAZING work of Dina Goldstein.This series is based on a simple premise: what if The Disney Princesses where living, not "happily ever after" but in our cruel reality....Take a ...



I watched it last night. Yes i did.Me, my Oreos and i had fun. The hosts were great and so was the fashion. But i'm not going to post my favourite dresses....too many poeple are doing it anyway.Instead, i'm gonna post Tavis Coburn interpretation of some of the nominated movies.Old school touch on today's art.Kinda ...


Sexy Kitty

Who said Hello Kitty was for little girls?The Brand turns to the ultimate Sex Kitten of the moment for it's 35th birthday Celebration!Lady Gaga for Hello Kitty.Photographs by Markus Klinko and Indrani.Thoses stunning images will be part of an exhibition in NY and LA in October celebrating the brand.Meooow ...


Couture on your nightstand.

This is a miniature porcelaine collection that is just a little abouve your everyday granma's dusty desperatly romatique figurine.It's Lanvin baby! An entire collection in collaboration with the Franz Porcelain House. (Each piece is limited in production to 800 pieces.)These ladies are not living in an unreal world of absolute love and white smiling birds that never shit on your shoulder when they sit on it.No.These ladies are fashionistas that go out in the urban world. They are fun today girls that we can relate to and talk to when drunk home alone. ( not that i do ...



Beautiful looks on a beautiful girl.From the NasyGal's


Fun on your face!

This season, i believe is the season of fun.Fun fashion, fun living. Last year was too ruff and way to serious. It's not over but let's try to make it prettier, just a bit.My girl Marie just got her dream glasses, "the hell with it all, i'm gonna be 30 and i want my Lolita glasses" and so she did. And let me tell you she looks adorable with them.Look, love, live.Chinatown, Moschino, Alexander ...


The video of the Puma collection in collaboration with Kehinde Wiley to celebrate Puma’s ’Unity Uniforms for the African National Soccer ...


Gems on sale!

Those two babies are on sale on karmaloop!!! both 50% off! The 580 Gore-Tex from NewBalance and the crazy cool Diamontina by Irregular Choice.Yey for ...


Thrilla in Manilla

For my proud Phillipinos out there and all of us that just love Manny Pacquiao and can't help but be touched but his humble ways and trues ...


Sherperd’s loverly pie

As i was in Miami last week end, I was fortunate enough to pass by a giant mural of none other than my husband in another life: Shepard Fairey. I got super exited the one time i passed by an original piece of his in NYC so can you imagine how crazy i got when i saw this. It's like seeing a Picasso in a hidden room in a public library. A gift to society.This mural was part a a mutli mural piece by a few street artists during last Art Basel.A true message of global piece though famous( like burma's Aung San Suu Kyi) and unknown faces (mostly women)though his signature ...


Black out



I got a crush on you. Please be mine.The


Pretty Nasty

Another of my favourite shopping site. Amazing original looks with a dirty cool london twist.


I think Rhianna might like it…..

..or at least the stylist on her Rude Boy video would!Keith Haring for House of Field.Two giants have a baby together. And it's a colorful one!- patricia & keith ...


In the Navy!

The pins are back in!Overdoses


Bling it bitch!!

Glasses. Yes, you can now bring the bling on your shades ladies.Here as featured in ZINK mag canada and from my lady Patricia ...


Cool Blood

Who said ButcherShops aren't cool?Like pretty much everybody....untill now!Here is the coolest, fanciest, hipest butcher ever. Where vegetarians might think raw bloody beef is actually trendy.Look for yourselfs.This is Churchill’s Butchery in Woollahra, Sydney, Australia.Bloody ...


Pretty Lazy

I have a sweatshirt from them, it's my famous Burger Shirt. The name is Lazy Oaf."Lazy Oaf is famous for it's bright pop graphic T-shirts, reversible sweats and accessories collections. The company is driven by illustration, graphics, drawing, and fuelled by tea, hamburgers and Brian Blessed's knarley foot. The Oaf's have often contributed to print projects, exhibitions and events.This East London based creative label was started by Gemma Shiel back in 2001 with hand screen printed tee's and a market stall in East London, skip to the present and lazy Oaf is available ...


Rihanna gets rude

I don't know if you've seen Rihanna last RudeBoy video but it's beautiful. Probably as beautiful as her lyrics are vulgar. But hey, it's club music and the more grindy the girls get, the better, right? Anyway, the images are like a succession of art pieces, like a big mix of Wahrol, crazy 80s graphics, pink lipstick and Poivre Blanc. Like my girl Leah McFly said tonight, she going back to her roots with a detour trough MIA's ...


German Rubber

This is Hans Hemmert. A german artist that likes to blow stuff and use rubber.....and it's pretty


When tradition meets high-end satin paper

Kim Kyung Soon for Korean


House Beauty

A beautiful blog about beautiful things.... Home decor prettiness in


Shadi Business

My girl DJ Shaydakiss just made a mixtape. And it's great.From Old Mariah Carey to BoyzIIMen, though some good P.M.Dawn and Warren G.Here is the link to downloading.Happy UnXsmas babies!- here ...


Wear your scarf.

Don't know what to wear this morning?It seems like the more we have, the less we know what to wear! I know, poor us. Well Revolve Clothing (when styling their Yarnz scarfs for their online shop) has a cool solution: wear you sacrf as a top!(over your tank)I like it so i'm sharing it.And as my friend Eliza says, sharing is loving.There. I love ...


Now that’s a surprising surprise!

This morning, like every 2/3 weeks, i went to empty my mailbox at work. The usual crappy overpakaged self-promotion and a few "too well printed for the quality of the work" photographers poscards. Recycle!!!!!...and then....a simple postacard with a surpisingly pretty cool illustratin on it. Simple, just a web adress in the back. Loved it.So i'm posting the artist. His name is Mike Bertino. Illustrator/painter, comic book meets skaterboy humour and fluorescent colors.I think they should hire him to draw an anime about Beavis and Butthead going to summercamp with Daria ...


Lewis Caroll’s lost brother

His work is magical. If fairies dressed in Haute Couture and had their own Vogue photoshoot, this is who they would hire to be their photographer.You might have seen his work from Vogue and Juicy Couture.This is Tim Walker.Love. -tim walker photography ...



"Hello, my name is SHOHEI. I draw a picture with a ball-point pen."That's all it says on his site. I guess we don't really need to know more.Manga meets refined graphic black and white (and red) art, this artist is (excuse my french) fucking ...



...or the art or making something ugly and vulgar, cool and pretty!Here are the custumized hand made hoodie by Mama Anders.Now you wont be ashamed of your man as long as he's WEARING his ...



This is a peek at the SS10 Puma Africa Collection inspired by the New York painter Kehinde Wiley.Kehinde is known to paints famous and non-famous African-Americans on beautiful colorful West-African inspired backrounds.I personnally don't really like Puma, mainly beacause i find that their image has become very unclear as what they are (sports brand or lifestyle?) because their marketing lacks a big clear direction (unlike adidas and nike.) But this collection is very nice and the ads are especially ...


Karl likes’em fat too!

Karl Lagereld, the photographer that is, shoot Miss Dirty Martini for V's March issue.When Chanel meets Burlesque, there's plenty to look ...


Asian do it better….. again!

Ok, this officially my new favourite men fashion


Cheap and chic!

Today i could ALMOST smell Spring... really almost! And it was ALMOST amazing! On March 27th, snow or no snow, Spring will be there thanx to the new H&M Garden Collection. Here is a sneek peek! Yey!Oh, and it's organic and recycled, double-Yey! (the article i scanned from this month's NYLON)PS: hate the model, exactly the cocaine looking too much tanning look i find so ...


It’s a V world…..

Yes, i mean V for Vagina, vageygey, precious lady, pretty princess.....! It's no secret that we put more and more attention to our most precious area these last years....some say it's from the porn industry, some feminine liberation...anyway.All i know is that we should not confuse "been clean" down there and going totally crazy on product to "smell good" and look "perfect"...what are we supposed to smell like anyway? not bad, that's for sure but we are NOT supposed to smell like rose petals and lilas, sorry my dear underaged boys. Any man will tell you, like my ...



The ultimate stop if you go to Miami South Beach. A little gems in the world of disign stores. Beautifullly picked products. From fashion dvds, to cds, to an amazing colection of art fashion, street art and design books_like this one i got this time called "edgy cute"), to clothes to jewelry .....! I always go to get a book or two and some impossible to find design limited magazines. The staff is really friendly and the owner designed this little blue room i photographed! I personnaly fell in love with the blue-doll-lamps!!! a lil' over my budget ...


Classic Comeback!

Don't we all looooove when our teenage years classics make a comeback? From The BoyzIIMen to the fluo colors, it's all sweat nostagia to share with new friends.Introducing the Return Of The Classic Swatch!The 50CHF plastic unkillable watch everybody had is back with a vengence. A colorful vengence.The Color Codes Collection is simple, beautiful and...affordable, thank you very much! (Same classic design, same classic)See for yourself. It was featured in Nylon, V, Wallpapaer, Pop, Dazed.....basically the bibles of coolness. ...