Ms Kim.

Meet my girl Laura.She always says she is not feminine....but i think you'll agree there was never a more adorable lady in man's pants!Aaah...asian chic-ness!You go ...


Detail me pretty.

Meet Tyler Rauman.A very attached to details and things or this nature montrealer.Actually, i love his posters.All hand drawn. All colors, All details.Yumm.- tyler's blog ...


Old sushi, new sushi!

Yumiko Kayukawa draws girls.Actually, she seems to draw A girl, the same one...unless she intends to suport the stereotype that all janaese girls look the same (but i wouldn't think so.... :P )Here paintings are a clear mix of a jananese traditional type of art, shapes and colors, and japanese moderne pop culture. Like a asian fafi, she likes her lady sexy and pretty. She seems to be very manga influenced as well as we find some clearthemes of japanese anime like giant animals being treated like a human beings.They probably even talk about boys ...


London Airport

Last week end, i went to Bruxells for a few days. On the way, i had to transfert at the London Ariport for a few hours. I wasn't too happy about it, was afraid i was gonna be cray bored and tired. Tired i was, but bored? Heck no! Not only is the airport super modern and clean, it has amaaaazing boutiques! Most of them really are waaay too expensive but still great to prectice my "pretending to going to buy but last minute i change my mind" trick to try everything i can.And then there was Accesorize (sound of a choir singing "aaaaaaaaah").Wow. An overdose of ...


Evil in your ears

Oy! I kinda love those.Urban


Buy this dress with a fan.

Got this stunning image from Active Endeavors in my inbox this morning. Yes, the maxi dress is a must those past summers and this one to come. Unfortunatly, we don't walk around with a ventilator in fron of us whereever we go (unlike Beyoncé and Mariah Carey) So it looks a LITTLE more blend on us...!But the styling on this pic is great.And the dress is beautiful.- buy the maxi dress here -- buy fan here ...


Colors from Barcelona

Meet BTOY, a barcelonian duo composed of Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer, that has colored streets all over Europe with their beautiful faces.Well, not their faces but rather some famous ones like Judy Garland, Liz Taylor or unknown ones from mutliple places and eras. Their unique way of placing these portraits has something romantic about it, like old wondering souls appearing to us in the most unusual places.Me love a lot.- btoy flickr ...


Gaga about Bones

I believe Lady Gaga met her match in crazy outfits with Ebony.Ebony Bones that is. Funky incarnated she is the Empress of Colors.Wow.As for her music, cause she is a signer, i'm still not quit sure if i like it or ...



Ok. These pictures are beautiful but that is not the only reason why they cought my eye.Somehow, i couldn't help but wonder why some individuals in some religions, always feel the need to defend the honor of their vision of divine law by threats, violence and intolerance and not others?What doese it really mean about their vision of humanity? Isn't love and life and respect (of God AND other human beings) the main coponments of every religion?I think that eveybody should be abe to talk and interpred, should it be philosophically or artisticly on ALL religions and ...


Romantic colors

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Angela Kohler's fashion portfolio.Elegant, whimsical and romantic.- angela kohler ...


Sunny Monday

Miss T and i went 4 a little walk during our sunny lunch.Miss T being adorable in her 50s inspirired outfit.Pretty Tamy.(as 4me, military meets indian necklaces overdose and boyfriend ...


From the street to the Gallery

Some inspiring work by Irish hiphop and beer lover Conor Harrington.Me love.- conor's blog


Dress my head

Here is a trent i would looove to see appear.....headdresses!And if cowboy hats were fashionable (i always hated them personnally..), why not these! And they are waaaaay hotter and funkyier. Like WAAAAY.(- last picture from here ...


Taste like mango

Cute looks by Mango.Need the black trousers.- mango


Take me back to when…

How amazing would it be if a fashion magazine would dare to go back to those old-school covers?I would sooooooo buy it!Those are by Helen Jameson.- oh joy ...


Butter Chicken and Bacon.

The making of Ben Slow's Brick Lane on Hanbury Street in London (apparently also known to have been the scene of Jack The Ripper's second murder...!)Beautiful. (the painting, not Jack's shit!!)- ben slow's flickr ...


Black toilet paper

While browsing on our beloved internet, i came face to face with those pictures: NYC advertising mogul Cindy Gallop's uber-chic Black Apartment.Breathtaking place where she actually lives! A crazy fashion museum with collections of furniture, shoes, clothes, and objects that Colette herself wouldn't dream of.And yes, she took her concept as far as having black toilet paper.- original article ...


Old and Pretty

I had to do a pattern for a job the other day and i had to go back to one of my favoutite design thing: clipart! They are so pretty and...well pretty.Also found a site where you can find thoooooousands of them.Yey.- clipart ...


So fresh and so clean!

Ok, sometimes i do like a little simplicity and "adult" color-palette.So here is some inspiration for those quiet days.By the way, they have a "stylists" section on the theory site and it's interesting to see how that same clothes can be used very differently.- theory ...


Michel Berger lives in Space

" 119 Rooms in an old factory building, built for Austrian carpenters, Swedish models, English rockstars, Japanese businessmen, German racing car drivers and American dudes. From friends for friends. Sincerely yours, the Michelberger Intergalactic Explorers."This welcoming phrase on their website kinda gives you an idea of their state of mind: crazy-antiformal-awsomeness!In one , if not the coolest city in Europe, Berlin that is, here is the Michel Berger Hotel.The lounge/ book extravaganza / lobby is my fav.- michel berger hotel ...



Here is my new baby: Afrodisiac (the book is my baby, not hte guy!!)A beautiful book about this 70s classic superhero afro hot black man that fights crime with badass class.Full of sexy (all white....stereotype alert!!) horny women, cars, open shirt or no shirt at all and grovy attitude.He will fight from some fake white lazy superhero to Dracula or even Robert Nixon.The mistery was the following. The book is a collection of differents interpretation and graphic styles of the man but i really couldn't figure out hw come i had never heard of him before. As i ...



Thanx Pixie Market, for constently reminding me that i'm broke.- pixie market


Matisse 2000

Here is one of the editorials that has moved me the most these last years.I have managed to find it again and am happy to share it here with you.As a moden Ode to Matisse, photographer Michael Thompson along with fashion stylist Joe Zee have succeded in creating a beautiful and original editorial (in a past issue of Italian Vogue.)It's so unike the sea of always-kinda-the-same-editorials today, i believe it will always look fresh.Ahh, chutzpah of doing something different. I like.- jedroot ...


Hairy business

Here are some great business cards for Yuka Suzuki desined by Kudos.- kudos japan


When i grow up….

...i wanna color in my own wall of my own house.The amazing idea (every kid probably had at some point) came to life thanx to illustrator Jon Burgerman!Amazingness!!!!- buy here ...


Before Hammer pants…

...there were


Lisa, lisa, lisa…..

Meet Lisa Czech.A funny, original and satiric artist from Montreal(?).She makes a lot of super cool black and white posters for bands and that's pretty much all i could find out about the lady!She is currently exposing some of her art at the Monastiraki boutique / gallery.- lazy eye ...


Magazine bag

This week end was my granma's 85th i bought her a whole buch of presents but no gift wrap because i always keep some at home, along with cards and silk papers......But Murphy's Law will hit you always when you're the most confident...!! So o course, an hour before the dinner, i had no gift bag...So i tried to figure something out, pretending to be an artistic McGuyver for a bit.So i did this. Not the best arts and craft post ever...but you can ignore it if you want!Steps 4 Alexis:-get an old bag.- get magazines and glue-tear some magazine ...


BadAss Expresso

Now you can have an expresso and look like a dude.- buy


Bernard’s Murals

Beautiful murals on Bernard


Sunday brunch

This morning i went to have brunch with my cousins!


Granma’s 85th

Going out to supper with the fam for my granma's 85th


Late post!

When i put my bangs on the 1st


West lives east

Meet Nathan Brown, a Vancouver born artist living in Montreal. Discoved his art when i discovered Monastiraki where his art is currently exposed. Canada got talent! - nathan alexis brown ...


Beautiful junk museum

Today was a good day. I went for brunch with my cousins on Bernard and i discovered 3 amazing unique shops.Here is the first one: Monastiraki.A shop, treasure hunting palace and gallery.The shop/gallery as a whole is a work of art. The owner seems to be a passionated art lover that sees beauty in the most common of objects. He collects and associates the most ramdom things for a fasinating result!One of those places you could spend an entire day in and not be bored!(excuse the poor quality of the pictures as i took them with my iPhone...!)5478 St-laurent blrd.- ...



Introducing Ban.Do.A small compagny started by 2 friends, Jen and Jamie that grew and grew and grew......Cute brand, cute hair accessories. Flurty gone fancy.- ...


A chinese eye

Sorry guys, this is going to be a long post since it was really hard for me to choose between all those beauiful pictures."In October 2006, FotoFest International partnered with Hewlett Packard China and a team of Chinese photographers and businessmen to sponsor an event bringing together 278 contemporary Chinese photographers and 35 influential professionals from the professional and art photography world in Europe, North America, China and Australia – Meeting Place FotoFest Beijing 2006 "Photographers: Lu Nan, Liu Li Jie and Yang Yan Kang.- fotofest ...


My favourite outfit of the year.

Beautiful photoshoot. Beautiful outfits. the 1st one is, hands down, my favourite outfit of the year.All shot in Ouzbekistan, with beautful ouzbek models and ouzbeck designer clothing.I think it is kinda great to see that this country hasn't gone coo-coo and let the photoshoot happen right in front of a beautiful mosque.Gotta give the ouzbecks proops for that modern thinking.(The last image is a collage of ouzbeck traditional prints in western designs.)Clothes by Guli and photos by Elric ...


No comment.


Rain on me

I think my long and hard quest to fining the perfect rain boots has finally ended. Meet my new rain babies. they are not afraid of water nor horses as they really are riding boots. Yup, not only are they water/mud proof but super chic, Ralph Lauren chic may i add! And the best thing is that they are not expensive: 95can$ !! Light (unlike the hunter boots) and htey hold your calf so the rubber isn't heavy on your ...


Baby crush

Ok, from the same magazine, i couldn't resist scanning those cute and classy.Photos by Benjamin


It’s a kids world

I bought the magazine L'Officiel the other day and it came with 2 other babies versions of L'Officiel, one was Enfants and the other Voyages. I will post about both, but first, the children.The magazine is really well done, the entire thing is totally though though kids wise.One thing that i really liked is that all the ads where for kids. And unlike the infamous House of Dereon horrible ads where they made little girls pose like grown ups, thoses ads picture kids like kids, but still manage to be true to thier brand image. Just the proof that those brand ...



Now here is a beautiful brand: Carmina Campus.Created by one of the Fendi daughters, Ilaria Fendi also happens to be the ex-designer of handbag for the Fendi House.Torn between her love of nature and her love of design, she basocally created something beautiful in order to merge them both. She has created this brand of beautiful bag ENTIRELY created with found and recupereted materials. Basically, her atelier would be considered like a giant trash house but hte naives, but it really is a magic creation placeAll her bags are unique and she even has a ...



While doing some researche for work, i came across this very funny yet interesting blog.It was created by and for ladies that have a very common dependance: J.Crew. A few pictures taken behind the scene of the FW 2010 campain cought my eye. She got it from a girl that knows a girls that knows a get it, the J.Crew addicts are a tight community..!- j.crew aholics ...

JC anomimous

Found this really funny blog while doing some reasearch on certain clothings labels for work....It's blog about and for J.Crew Addicts, litterally. It's called J.Crew Aholics and they hav and discuss all about J.Crew. Funny.I really like that they posted some behind the scenes of the FW2010 shoot. She got it from a girl who knows a girl....any way, JCAholics are a tight community....- j.crew aholics ...


Triangle of heaven

Meet Triangulo Dorado, a group of argentinian street artist composed of Santiago Panichelli (Nemer), Pedro Panichelli (Hombre Tiki) and Francisco Ferreyra (Lema). they descirbe their work as pieces that express feelings and deep internal reflexion. as for me, i love their work because they bring a touch of traditional south-american style of painting and mix it beautifully with a more graffiti approach. Their big portraits are my favourites as the recognisable face or people are painted in such a graphic, elegant way on supersize canvases that are the walls ...


My fake is real

Today i wore my removable bangs I asked my hairdresser to custom make and cut for me.Since real bangs (i had some) really are too much of a style commitment, this, for me, is the perfect solution!Fun, fun, and more ...


Jealous? not anymore!

After i got my weave, i actually thought i knew pretty much all i had to know about the "hair" possiblilities. I actually thought taht most celebrities got either extentions or weaves on.But hten my girl Néma schooled me, and schooled me good. Apparently, the biggest thing isn't weaves at all...nop, it's wigs!! Not your old school granny nor Tina Turner wig. No, the Lace Wigs!! And they all waer them, from Beyoncé to John Travolta!!And now, i'm not jealous of they perfect hair anymore. How weired must if be to be with a lady that on top of having fake boobs, ...


Fashionable Camping

Summer is coming and so are all the music festivals.A lot of us will be attending thoses outdoors mega events to pretend for a second we are still 15 , cool and responsiblity-less.Some of those events inclued traveling and camping. "Camping" allready being a very anti-fashion thing to say, "packing-light-and-cheap" is pretty terrible too.Here is your solution music loving fashionistas!! H&M has not only designed an amazingly cool and rock'n'roll collection but also a tent and a sleeping bag!!!! How amazing is that! Not only that, but 25% of sales will go to ...


Isaac the urban Prophet

Let me introduces to you Isaac.Isaac Cordal.This unusual street artist / urban prophet creates touching and sometimes disturbing scenes with cement figurings he installs (glues) around European cities. He manages to touch us in the most humain and organic way though the most dead of all materials.Simple, true, real.- cement eclipses ...


Typo’ fo’tha Peopo’

Flickr is a unique place, where cheez and wiz cohexist in peace and ignore each other with grace.It can also be a hosting place for lost typograhy and wondering logo art.Typography Friday is a shelter for letters who yearn to find a purpurse. Designer and wannabe designers post their typo-art there and hope you like it. Here are some that cought my eye.- typography friday ...


Sid Lady

Meet the beautiful Jen.A perfect mix of delicate simple items with a sweet asian perfectness


Old Gold

For those of you who don't know, there is a store in Montreal that the entire cool world envie us for:Old Gold Boutique. (on Mt Royal west)Here are adorable rubber sneackers and original scarfs i kinda adore.As soon as i get a little money back in my very-empty walet, i'm off 4 a visit!Jonah, here i come! (as soon as my pocket comes out of anorexia)- old gold ...


A broke girl who dreams big

Yeah, i'm pretty broke these days...but hey, let a girl dream a little...and my dreams consisted of 3 bags this morning..... what do you think..good dreams?(Longchamps weekender by Kate Moss, DSquared clutch and Proenza S. tassel.)- buy here your lucky bitch ...


Shisha, nails and legs.

The other night, as we all went for our traditional Shisha evening after dance, i realized 2 of my girls had some fabulous nails+leggings....!Grrrrr, baby, ...


New old talk

Another product created by some nostalgic dude who accepts the fact that technology is awsome and that living only on granola gives you diarrhea. - talk mobile ...


Fringes galore!

Here are my brand new babies, their names are Sam Edelman. As i got my package at work today, my collegue askes me: " why do you buy winter boots now? it's almost summer?" Answer: SALES!!!!!! It's actually the best time to buy thoses expensive boots your couldn't afford last winter!!Picture by my girls Eve.Oh extentions are out...i'm in half morning right now...that probably the reason why i couldn't find a way to fucking smile on this picture!! lol- sam edelman ...


Hug Me Pillow

This is hillarious and creepy at the same time.- hug me


The Adams Family’s first cousins.

Meet the Loufovsky, an unordinary surrealist family.Anatole, Augustin, Dimitri, Églantine, Isidor, Ivana, Micha, (...) and Oscar, all have their portrait exposed at Ex-Centris in Montreal until the 30th of April.Montreal photographer and "dreamer-on-drugs", Cédric Varial has created the Loufovskys. He has imagined their lives, dreamed their loves and their frustrations. He has created an improbable timeframe where this imaginary family could live.Dark and fantastic, the Loufovskys are kind of our nightmares-selfs pat lives.- loufovsky ...


J.Crew sneak peek FW 2010

Totally stole that post from the Oh Joy Blog.Classy and inspiritinal from J.Crew.- oh joy


A greek who likes to paint on walls…

Meet Dimitris Taxis. A 26 year old very talented greek arist. His art makes you stop and maybe think a bit. About others, About a certain pain. About human life. This is just the beginning of his painting-on-public-proprety-without-permission. And we're glad.   - dimitris taxis ...


The best brother in the world

Last friday, i recieved a very sweet surprise. A package from my wonderful brother.As the newly promoted Global Brand Manager for Dolce & Gabanna makeup, he send me this beautiful present!Here it is, step by step, minus the screaming and feet tapping.Merci Julien!- dolce & gabanna makeup ...


Men in tights

Quiz:Shoulderpads + high-waisted tight-tiiiight pants + over embroided jackets + pink socks +major attitude = ..........?No, not Balmain, nor any of 2010 hot designers......but Torreadors.I was walking down the sunny streets of Montreal today and a book cought my eye. It was on the ancient "art" of the Torreos. I put art in brackets because i find it a little uncomfortable to qualify killing a pure art form. But one thing is for sure: their centuries old outfits certainly are!The book tured out not to be very interesting and lacking a lot of pictures. (what is a book ...

painting by Isy Ochoa, oil on


Political crush

My girl Miss Hunay has the coolest t-shirt.For you guys who don't know who Bernadette is, she is the oh-so-not-to-fashionable Bernadette Chirac, the wife of the last french President Jacques Chirac. Her cheezyness is so bold, she is now some kind of funny pop-icon.Next a Barbara Bush t-shirt?- commemarc ...


Finger food

These will make you look like a witch in the eyes of little girls. They might belive you stole the plates and food from your poor hungry dolls....Oh well....- yarborough ...



Fun-fluffy-flowy skirts are back!!We are going to be able to play sexy princess and twirl around in slow motion all summer!!Here are some fun fun skirts from designer Katie Rodriguez.( SS210, FW2009)Yey.PS: i believe the makeup artist in on drugs....- katie rodriguez ...


Graphic nerd

Here are some portraits graphic designer Jonathan Puckey did, with an application called Scriptographer. The resault is beautiful and even though the portraits are very modern and simplified, they are still totally recognisable!Thoses dutch guys may have unpronouncble names and no idea of what good food is, but they do amazing things!- jonathan puckey -- sciptographer jürg lehni ...



Omg, omg, omg, omg,


Junk bag

On the beloved theme of Junk food and Pop Cutlure on crack, here are some adorable items from Burger and Friends.Let's all chip-in and get the burger and fries backpack for Jamie Oliver's kids!!- karmaloop ...


123…et merde!

This is not new nor news but i figured i would share my love a t-shirt with you.It encapsulates in 2 words some essential aspect of French culture.I want on, i need one.A bunch of my friends have it and i'm sick of looking at them with envy.By the funky french now living in Montreal, 123Klan.- oh merde tee ...


A Sunday in the Real City.

Meet Néné and Leah.2 of my favourite and funkiest girls. Dancers, architect and stylist, they are as talented as they are sweet.Took some random pictures in the middle of Ste Catherine. (like a million of crazy posing pics Leah has in her camera and wont send them...!)Yeah, we got stared ...


Advice from the Crew

Cute styles and tips on the J.Crew site.- j crew


Victoria’s wet

The sun is soon to be back and so are the swmsuit one-pieces. I find them usually beautiful on a mannequin or a skinny-ass model but on me.....eeeeeehhhhh.So here are 4 of my favourite one-pieces from the "lying-to-our-man-about-the-reality-of-what-a-woman-is" Victoria Secret.I would totally buy one is i was super tanned and had thighs of a 14 year old.-victoria secret ...


Banksy’s Movie

Until 2 days ago, we had just a few tiiiiiny teasers of the very talked about Banksy Movie: "Exit Though the Gift Shop"A movie he made with French improvised documentor Terry Guetta, who happens to be Space Invador's cousin.The movie is about Street Art. Street artists,created this "hybrid form of graffiti, using stickers, stencils, posters and sculptures to make their mark by any mean ...


Sid got class

Meet Isa.Looove the shoes. Not expensive at all (Zara!) on top of


Another Sid Lady

Meet Marie, she is shy and beautiful. And yes, her legs never really

Another SidLee lady

Meet Marie, she is shy and beautiful. And yes, her legs never really


Smart Skull

Meet Numskull.Couldn't find much info on the guy so that's that.His art is dope though. DOPE!He has a smart funny way of showcasing our childhood heroes though mature street art.- numskull ...


Magen David Adom

My Israeli Red Cross



High-end jewelry meets the streets.Bea, the artists behind this brand, offers a full hand made, hand designed collection of Hip-Hop rings. Gold or silver with your artist name on's unique and awesome. Her site and pictures suck but her stuff is pro.Big up lady!- bea ...


German in Montreal

Today, the illustration Clinic Colagene came to our offices to showcase their new reprensented illustrators. I couldn' t go so intead i checked their site 2 see who was new in their drawing family.Meet Damien Vignaux, German illustrator / phtographer / 3d artist.- damien v ...


Cheez for your ears

Here is a funny site, it will put a smile a smile on your face even if you are (like me...) having a shitty day. Here is a lil' medley of my favs. Some of them, you need to read the title...makes all the difference in the world! Amazing. - worst album covers ...


Take my breath away

How do i start this post...when i actually stopped breathing for a bit? Daniel Arsham.He is an artist. An amazing artist.He works from 2D to 4D (3D + movement) with emotion and elegance....See for yourselves.....You're welcome.- daniel arsham ...


Dumb and Dumber

I'm gonna appologize for this post right now: it's really stupid but somehow it really makes me laugh.....My girl Nubian Néné brought me this funny postcard for Barcelona and it got me cracking up.... Here are some super 80s idiotic pre-teen keychain on a common theme.....Again: sorry....- kakaxumusu ...


Gant Fall 2010

Backstage peek at the GANT Fall 2010 show (Photos by Johnny Mischeff)Hot'n' Preppy!- more men shows


Sugar rush….

As we know know, everything is an excuse to be an accessory! Phones, cumputers, nails, lashes...and now: lollipops!Although a bit cheezy it's kinda cute.Yes, their spokespeople are Big Cheez too (Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Kim Kardashian, Mel B....)but i still like it.I'd rock it with my blinged iPhone and blinged nails in a club anytime.Steph, this is for you!- sugar factory ...


Dead crush

Fluorescent skull an overdose of it things.- patricia field


Dripping hot sun

Ann-Sofie Back's dripping sunglasses.- opening ceremony


Chanel take-out

Chanel goes chinese yall!!!It's so tacky, it's

Bling your food!

Awlaways wanted to take the bling to the next level? After the 3 finger rings, the


Bling your food!

Always wanted to take the bling to the next level? After the 3 finger rings, the multiple Mister T chains and the grills, here is the Ess Lack by The Deli Garage.Bling for your food yo!!Kinda awesome.- the deli garage ...


Back to the Future

The iPad is the current talk of the town, it's sooooo modern, sooooo futuristic...... but for us old-school nostagics, here is a way to get the best of both worlds!Here is the iCade!Whaaa-whaaaaaat!!Ahhh, when geeks are cool, they are really cool!- think geek ...


Zara la bonne chambrière

Here are some looks from the Zara 2010 SS lookbook.Pretty pictures and cool looks but i find them a little too perfect. Just like if the stylist was some sort of compulsive ironer or something.PS: please give the poor girl some ...


Coke for Karl

The famous fashion designer is everywhere these last years... so no he is on a special edition of Diet Coke bottles. I don't know how exclusive it is sinec the guy is fucking everywhere but hey, the bottle looks fly!On sale starting April ...


Cute psycho jewelry

Just disoverd this cute designer.Makes me want to ripp my barbies' arms out and wear them.Litteraly.- rita


DIY Gladiotors

Hey heeeeeyy!!! Feels like summer in the Real City and we are busting (earlier than expected) some of our summer gear..... ok, the legs are a little pale and the legs aren't that toned yet but, oh well...!!I know, some of you will argue that the gladiator trend is out, i say they are like the Lambada of summer shoes to me. There.I love the style and they were soooo impossible to find too! The heel ones especially!Here is my 2010 take on the ...


The 1st MTL summer day

Today was an absolutely beautiful day inMontreal. 24 degrees and full-on sunshine.It was the perfect day to take my special baby out for it's first walk.My baby's name is ...


Military Grunge Pin-up

I was stupid enough to trust the weather forecast this morning so i decided to wear shorts.Yeah, i was


Learn new languages.

My favourite trend of this season: colorfull ethnic patterns.Here is a little patchwork of some inspiring images i gathered just 4 you! (from TopShop to Vuitton)And i'll gladly make caramel babies with the beautiful guy wearing the white sweatpants and green hat too. Just to proove my point of course! :PInspire Culture, Expire ...