Hermès le voyageur

Voici Voyage, le dernier né de la parfumerie Hermès. Unique, comme toutes leurs odeurs, celui-ci a cela de différent qu'il ne raconte rien. Et c'est voulu! Le concept étant le voyage en soi, celui que nous, allons faire, pas celui qu'un autre nous raconte.Le Nez lui même nous explique (sur le site, via une petite animation) le dilheme que cela lui a posé! Comment dire "Voyagez!" sans raconter un voyage!Le flacon est lui même dessiné pour voyager et leur vidéo est sublimement absraite.Leur microsite est lui aussi dédié aux voyages, le site nous ...


Could it be…The End?

It is. The magazine i mean.Trendy and edgy.Beautiful design and i loooove the grid.- the end



Custom sweathers. Now that's old idea, but the fact that's its cashemire makes it pretty special.(I believe Zadig&Voltaire did some customisable (??? what's the proper word in english??) cashemire sweathers but i think you were only able to put one word on the back.)With Trendy Workshop, you can choose the color, the cut, the sleeve lengh, the embileshments, buttons..!I think it makes a quit special gift, for him or her.Anyone would like to make me one?- trendy workshop -Collection Eté 2010:Le Making Of from Trendy Workshop on ...



This is Bisazza. This is beautiful. This is italian.I could stop there but i'm just gonna introduce them to u a little more.Bisazza is the world leader in mosaic production and design.What i love about them is that they managed to take something ÜBER classic (and by "über" in mean before Christ-"über"!!) and make it stuningly modern.A mix of craftmanship and design.It's basically like Haute-Couture for you walls.Big Up.- bisazza - ...


Now look at what i found.

Vintage VOGUE covers.Instant Happiness.- artdeco


Guys, listen up!

Now here is a super cute idea for a considerate present (tips 4 guys: girls loooooove "considerate" presents). 100Layer Cake shows it as a bridesmaid present, but it totally works for your girl.The considerate part? Write something personal and sweet on the long piece of paper you will then fold and slip inside the pendant.My men, trust me, you'll get laid.- 100 layer cake ...


Mystery artist

This morning, i came to work by foot. The weather was gorgeous and, frankly, i need the exercise.....I came across this beautiful street art piece called "L'Amour Fou" but i couldn't figure out who the artist was...all there was left were the letters YKA....but google told me nothing.. (bastard!)So if anyone knows anything about my mystery artist, please let the world know!On Coloniale street, above Duluth ...


Sandra’s kids

Here is an adorable editorial for the children's magazine MILK. The adult (photographer) is Sandra Freij.I really love it because she managed to photograps kids like kids... i mean with no adult-like attitudes, nor sexuality.It reminds me of all those sunday afternoons i used to spend at my cousin Séverine's house, playing dress up with my aunt's old dresses for hours.....those were the best times.Plain old innocence.Ok, now i wanna be a kid again.- sandra's porfolio ...


Write to your friends.

This is a sketchbook, an archive, a dialogue.Here is how Friends Of Type describe their blog.And it's true.For type that is.Enjoy!- friends of type ...


Favela painting!

Now here is an amazing groupe of people: the Firmeza Foundation. They are basically a group of people that decided to use street art as a way to make the life of the inhabitants of brazillian favelas more beautiful.Here is the Foudation moto:The Firmeza Foundation supports the creation of striking artworks in unexpected places. It collaborates with local people to use art as a tool to inspire, create beauty, combat prejudice and attract attention.Here is what, good will, good people, good heart and talent does.Truly inspiring.- favela painting ...


Mais il est Zhou!

Meet Zhou Fan, a 27 years old chinese artist that seems to make vomit-like images and cahos esthetic...! But more seriously, read his statement.... it is quit special."A series of my paintings is based on dreams that I had as a child of many many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachures and became mushrooms. These dreams had a strong impact on me, and I remember them vividly. Somehow I feel that it is easier to focus on dreams than reality. In one particular painting, there is a boy crying because he keeps things ...


Colorful black

Here is a cool jewelry brand: nOir.And it's anything but dark nor boring! There jewels seem to be like Massaï or asian (or even medival... me no like ) inspired but with a modern twist.I personally have a little crush on the Buddah ring...!!- noir ...


Black n blue

Street Etiquette hotness.- streetetiquette


I don’t read japanese.

Meet Toshikazu Nozaka, a japanese artist that masters the art of mixing traditional japanese paintings and skateboard-tatoo modern culture.Since his bio is in freakin' japanese, that's all i can eally say about the guy.Oh yes, his stuff is super cool.- toshikazu nozaka ...


Sunny and a bit windy


Mr Ross, you’re making me uncompfortable…

Meet Kirton Ross. A slightly perverted guy that paints pretty things. (and also happens to be a quite talented and successful fashion photographer)I agree, it's kinda sexy.....ok, it's really sexy.- k ross illustrations ...


Yes, Margaret is British

While browsing a fashion magazine, i stumbled upon a beautiful ad for Margaret Howell.I didn't know about the designer so i searched it. What i found was a beautiful, simple, working-class-from-the-60s kinda collection. I especially love the ad campaing, it's has a touching simplicity that contrasts with the other fashion ads around it.Somehow, it reminded me of Man Ray...,Watch and breath.- margaret howell ...


Itsy bitsy tiny street art

Meet Slinkachu. A british artist that sees small. Real small. He installs tiny little charachters in funny satirical situations all around city landscapes. He even started painting graffitis on snails!!! For some, small says big. - slinkachu's blogs ...

Floral me.


Floral me.



I know, some of you boys probably just had a mimi-heart attack from exitment...but i'm really sorry, i have no clue where to purchase it.But, it's daaaaamn ...



After naked men, here are some naked ladies.But unlike the cotton and elastic our CK men were wearing, our girls are a bit more sophisticated.Introducing Bordelle's FW 2011 colletion, featuring their signature ruban items, in black and cream.Let's get naked for next Winter!Kinky.- bordelle ...


X rated

Ok, now Calvin got me


Calvin took my breath away….

It's 5:29pm...quietly finishing up some work...doing reaserch for a project....Anthony Hamilton signing sweet melodies in my ears......and.......BAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!.Thanx Calvin.- ck collection homepage ...


A Quinn on qurack.

May I present to you the british sculpture artist Marc Quinn.I personnally came to know of his work though his giant marble baby sculpture i found amazing, both for it's modernity and classic elegance.Turns out most of his art is waaaay less romantic and elegant.He apparetly is most famous for his own sculpted portrait titled Self (1991)."Self is a frozen sculpture of the artist’s head made from 4.5 litres of his own blood, taken from his body over a period of 5 months. It is kept and displayed in a refrigerated case and was sold to a US collector in 2005 ...


I stole a Jane Doe.

I saw this beautiful yet simple kinda semi agressive drawing on Hello Again's blog......but it has not author or ...


Enlighen me please Sir.

Introducing Enlighted Designs Inc. A funky compagny that designs original illuminated clothing, costumes, and accessories. They have worked with Kanye, MIA, Pink, Daft Punk just to name a few...Yeah, they pretty much rock.See for yourselves!PS: they have also a buch of horrific items such as bidal dresses, bras, clown hats... kinda hillarious!- enlighted ...


Polafuji me!

As i was browsing the latest Vanity Fair, featuring a half naked Christiano Ronaldo on the cover (yes, that is EXACTLY whay i picked it up in the first place.), I stumbled upon a few cute things (butts and abs), one of them being this adorable Fujifilm Instax Mini.I did i little research on the camera and i used to sold only in Japan but today, we (north americans) can all buy it (hurray!).The Instax Mini is a Polaroïd-style camera and prints up credit card-sized instant photos just like those served up by your traditional Polaroid.The camera and film aren't ...



Friday night was MassiveArt, a giant multiple platform art exibit at SAT. I exposed 2 of my photographs along with dozens of other photgraphers, painters, illustrators, animator (2d and 3d) and other types of artists. Among them was a collective called Skin Jackin, a french collective of pencils funky tatoos artists. They basically "paint-tatooed" who ever wanted. Their style is bold, colorsfull, funky and irreverant. Here are some of their "materpieces" (full body art) - skin jackin ...


Travel with the Crew.

Now that's what i call traveling with (expensive) elegance.With a touch of vintage, yet perfectly up-to-date and freackin' stylish.- j.crew travel ...


African art bikinis

Here a smart and fashionable find: Bantu Swimwear.A line of Ethiopian made bikinis that look simply funky as hell.Bantu was created with the simple idea that jobs are what will help Africa, not humanitarian 5%-donation-from-every-bathing-suit kinda formula.So here it is, smart and beautiful, just like us.- bantu ...


Stick some Fafi on your bedroom wall!

Here is a link i've been wanting to post for a while. Domestic.Last night, some of my friends passed by to chill ,shmoose and do some arts and crafts.One of my girls pointed out the funky face sushis is have on my kitchen wall and said that Omer DeSerre has some wall vinyls too......WROOOONG!Well, they do, but they are boring and cheezy.So here 4 you my sweet Nubian Néné, here is where you should buy some cool wall vinyls if you decide to get some!Featuring popular illustrators and artists, from Fafi to Jeremy Scott, Ladies and Gentelmen!Here are some of my ...


Half illustrator, half escort.

This morning started a little ruff: i bumped my little toe on the corner of my table (hurts like hell) and nearly lost an eye, litterally 4seconds after, trying to open the cabinet door...Anyway, went to work nevertheless and managed not to get run over by any drunk morning drivers.As i allredy told you, as an Art Director, i get a very impressive load of crap in my email everyday, composed usually of talentless photgraphers, idiots agents that spam the shit out of my inbox with their 3rd class illustrators and and some plain old passé-artists.And ...



Last week end, i went for a nice traditional iranian bruch with my girls. We then walked around the Real City and ended up in a bookstore, one of my favourite sunday afternoon activities! While browsing the endless worlds that thoses thousands of books are doors to, these ladies9art books) cought my eyes. The reason being not only because they are bautiful, butreally because they are Taschen books that don't look like Taschen books! Their covers are entirely hand drawn which is a million miles away from their traditional, one full page picture with sans-serif ...


Just fell in love…..

...with a font!- fontshop


Native influenced

As my mother and some of my friends know, since i was a little girl, i always refused to rock anything cowboyish (exept one pair of boots i bought a few years ago..) just because i fell i was a native american girl (don't ask me why...i really don't know..!)Even today, i consider the Native People a great inspiration for peace and humility. I was lucky enough to meet a few Pawnee and Seminoles and to call them my friends. They have a deep spirituality and elegance about them that fasinates me.Anyway, on a lighter note, here was my native-inspired outfit ...


Granby baby.

Here is the work of Matthew Belval. A Granby born artist that is curretly showing in Montreal. He is still pretty unknown but his talent promises big, if he plays his cards right. EXPOSITIONDIM 9 - SAM 15 MAI 2010 Galerie Crystal Racine1701, Rue Gilford, Montreal (métro ...


Carlito drew in my hood.

Here was a nice surprise when walking to work 2 weeks ago. (yeah, took time to actually post about it!.. and now it's almost gone)Carlito had made a little art piece on a wall and door. His style of drawing is the same, but the addition of stencil and pop culture icon Pinnocio and the CocaCola logo made it different from his usual stuff. (as well as the skull and arabic calligraphy!)It was such a treat, made my day.On McGill street, right before Wellington.- carlito's website ...



  Meet Gaia. A Brooklyn/Baltimore based street artist of only 21 years of age! (lets just hope he doesn't die at 27, the genious-die-young curse...!) His work is impressive. Not only is his street art very respected but he also has an impressive resume having exhibited in art fairs and galleries through out Brooklyn, London, D.C, Miami and Los Angeles. He has developped a unique style that combines a classic "Beaux Arts" touch with unusual themes and technique (sticking half-animal, half-creepy-human-creatures in the most random, trashy places). And for ...


I need…

..this coat for the Fall....i know, how DARE i speack of the F. word...well, only a beautiful Opening Ceremony coat will make me.I won't mention it again...i ...


Bad mood.

I'm in a terrible mood right, now...i feel like smashing someone's head with my computer and then making him/her eat my if i went shopping right now, this is the stupid dumb shit i would get.And yes, i would saussage-tape the shit out of some people around me.Fuck the serious world, 4 real.- lazyoaf ...


You should sculpt when you’re drunk.

Drunk? I should probably say "high", ot better yet " totally waisted"!Here are some work from scultors David Cerny, Maurizio Cattelan and the last one from Charles Robb.Insolent, provocative and yet elegant....!!Inspiring!- david cerny -- maurizio cattelan -- chales robb ...


H&M my friend

Cute, H&M's latest magazine (yes, they have a magazine and it's actually pretty well done!) little fashion spreads!I want to beige sweather and i firmly believe all good looking men should rock a bow this ...


A peanut butter & jelly pouch

Hahahahhhahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahah!!!- buy here


Now that’s the kind a bug i like

Introducing th BugPlug.A eco-friendly device that will heil us save energy!The principle is quite simple: I has a energy sensor built in and can sense when you are in the room. Therefor, when you leave the house, all items puged into the BogPlag will autmatically switch off.Simple, smart and cute!Awwww!- more details ...


Fancy colors up your ass!

Paul Smith x


Log House

Now that's just fucking cool.- thomas mayer


MET Costume Institute Gala 2010

Ok, i usually don't blog about celebrity fashion and all....but the Met Costume Institute Gala this year kinda came to me (via facebook and TV) so i'm just gonna share my "Oh My!" an my "Oh Gosh!" with you.It always stunns me how some celebrities, with all the stylists in Hollywod and the all access cards they have to all the haute couture STILL dress to distress!!First my WOWs (Cholé Sevighy, Kristin Davis, Diane Kruger, JLo, Anne Hathaway and the always stunning Camilla Belle.)And then......the WTFs...i won't even say their names...All the others looked ...


I’m blue

Love the one piece trend...i actually have 4!!Compfy, trendy, sexy and it doesn't shoe you not so perfect


To go with the vintage beer bottles!

These are part of Gail Anderson cap


Kosher paint

Meett K74, a street artist from TelAviv.K stands for street art baby!I wonder how the rabbina sees that...He needs maturity and more experience but me? I love it.- k74 ...


Design baby

Here is a cool brand: bloom.Not cool for me (yet!) but cool for all your mamas out there! Enough of thoses cheesy plstic baby chairs and relaxers in the middle of beautiful modern appartment!Baby deserves design too!- bloom ...


Sade Babyfather

Here is Sade's new video.Beautiful, elegant, authentic and classic, just like her.Love, the song (and the entire album for that matter), love the art direction, love the simplicity of the theme/values and love the 50s cuban inspired outfits.I'm rocking a scarf on my head tomorow.Love you Sade.(man, she inspires me love 4 sure, i probably wrote the word like 20 times in this ...



This is Lino.One of thoses illustrators young design students consider like a visual hero.When i was in University (UQAM, graphic design), we ALL adooored his work and collected every single piece of poster or card he had done.And let me tell you we cherrished it like a tresure.I personnaly remember the series of posters he did for the Theatre de Quat'Sous (mtl) along with Mario Mercier from Orangetango.It was love at first sight.His unique style, ruff, bold yet delicate in his themes are what made us love Lino.Oh, yes, and he is from Montreal!- lino ...

adidas Originals "Making of the Commercial", 1.

Here is the first a a series of behing the scenes of our adidas Originals ad.- sidlee


Old rusty cool

Here are some vintage beer can packaging.... found them whil doing some packaging research..Something elegant about their simple graphic design, no crazy filter, no thousand crazy layers in photoshop...I posted them just 'cause i found them and thought they were beautiful.- hello again ...


Djan Pole.

I like Jean Paul Thurlow. Not just because his name sounds like a quiet yet crazy character in a brit movie, but because he draws pretty things. By pretty things i mean beautiful magazine covers. In his words: "This is an attempt to remake cover art for every great magazine I own (+ a few record covers soon). Covers is an hommage to the creative men and women who produce such disposable perfection.With each Cover I take a perfect mass-produced object and turn it into a fucked up one-off. Don't expect perfection here, that's not the way I see beauty in the ...