Levi’s & America

I just stumbled upon this Levi's ad campain from 2009...somehow i never saw it before...guess they didn't buy much media in Montreal!Anyway, it's beautiful, simple, raw and esthetic.I especially love the fact that the voice is from poet Walt Witman...the way he speaks is so special and real.I don't know, this video just really got me i ...


Laser dogs

Cheezy dogs and lasers......awesome.- plex


Teeth Cake

"Cakeland is a series of sculptures and installations resembling perfect delicious cakes". That's one way of descrbing it, the other being: THIS IS MESSED UUUUUP!! Cake-like sculptures with teeth!!!!AAAAAAhhh!Well at least it's one cake that won't make you hungry.- cakeland ...


Hisashi Cantpronouncehisname

Japanese-born Hisashi Tenmyouya is one of most talented artists i've come across.His pictures are a skilled blend of traditional Japanese motifs, themes and culture, and modern street and pop element of the western world.From Ancien traditional japanees ghost-stories to tranformer-like futuristics robots, to even breakdacing posing kimono-wearing crews.'Nuff said, see for yourselves...this guy is dooooooooope.- tenmyouya hisashi ...


The Vador Project

This is The Vador Project. Funny enough, it's not brand new at all eventhough i knew nothing about it.What happens is that each year for the past 4years, a bunch of artists were asked to customizea a real size replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet. Now is the final chapter of a 4 chapter story.The helmets are going to be the heroes of a ten-day exhibition in July, then sold during Freeman’s Auction in Philadelphia.There is also a book made featuring the entire family of Vadors!- the vador project ...



The Timeless watch. By Rogan. I loved it until i saw it was 110US$. That's just lame.- rogan


Beige crush

Love.'Em.- pixie market


Cassette Playa!

I discovered Cassette Playa through......Swatch! As they have done each year since like forever, they asked an artist to design a swatch 4 them. Not only is Cassette Playa edgy, bold and from another planet( :D ) but her swatch is über cool. She is everything but traditional and gets herinfluences from the Sega Fox, to the Flinstones to cheezy medievial geeky art!Here are some of her fashion line and the swatch in question!She probably aslo made up a new language that she uses to speak to herself. Yeah, she totally did.- cassette playa -- buy here ...


Not your granny’s chain-glasses

Awwwww... Leah, they bite your style!!!!The Original Love/Hate sunglasses.- karmaloop



Horst Gläsker likes colors.This 61years old German born artist seems to have a way of keeping a happy soul and vision of things. He paints, sculpts, photographs, creates live lights performances but what really blew my mind is his "art in architecture".I want my terrasse to be painted by him. I believe it will make my whole world a happier place.- h g ...


Breakbot i love you.

My crush of the week! Breakbot. LOVE the video, LOVE the



Meet Specter. A truely spactacular street artist that mixes deep social messages with breathtaking executions. From, bad food habits to the social forgotten, Specter talks to our city walls.Here are a few of my favourite of his pieces, from New York, to Siberia.Romatic and bold.This guy must be something in bed!- specter ...



I know, i've posted on my dear Mr. Wiley already, but as a defence, it was really on the collaboration he did with Puma.This time i just want to post some of his paintings and photomontages.'cause they are so beautiful and colorful and original and.... well, you get it.Hip hop meets classical painting technics, a touch of romantism and a hint of traditional west-african patterns.... yum.- kehinde wiley ...


Hope is funky!

Here are the Osborn Design shoes.This New York based company embodies everything i love: cool design, funky attitude, a vintage feel and beautiful values.As they explain: "We showcase an evolving line of products, and through the continuous collaboration with friends, economically disadvantaged artisans".Their products are made in Guatemala by and with local artisans.They "seek now, more than ever, to embody hope in design."Love, love, love.- osborne design ...



I want them


Marge wears Chanel.

Another of my Loved&Found stories. The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista for Harper’s Bazaar August 2007. What more can i say? Brilliant, Pop and dearing. I love ...


He has an opinion.

Yes he does.Sam3 (i'm guessing samuel) from Spain thinks and shares his thoughts though art. Street painting mostsly and a few urban art piece on today’s society. His blog’s name says it all: AGENCY OF URBAN SUBCONSCIOUS. His murals, are especially stunning and his style very spanish.Pretty. Smart.- sam3 ...



In how many ways can someone portray himself?........a lot.Here is the work of Levi Van Veluw.The point? I'm not quite shure.Check is site out: there are more, like a loooot more. Again, i'm not quite sure why..- levi v v ...



Sooooo many of my friends are always redecorating their place. They are super exited about their new couch, new table... and when it comes to the walls....panic.I found this cool poster site that has a giagantic gallerie of designers', painters' and illustrators' work you can choose from, choose your size and they'll print it and send it to you by mail.Kinda cool.- inprnt ...


Princess panties

I want.- pf


Another Loved and Found Story!

I fell in love with him....actually with them.They were so different and colorful, they looked so good....Funky yet elegant, it was love at first sight.And then.......they dissapeared...i couldn't find them.....i cryed, i hoped, i dreamed....And today.................I FOUND MY BELOVED ILLUSTRATIONS AGAIN!!!.....Actyually, they're really Samuel François' Illustrations. But i'm really glad i could trce them again because i truely love them.Let me introduce to you, my latest Loved&Found Babies.- samuel françois ...


Loved and Found

Another old editorial i loved and found.2008, Agua Caliente , Numéro 94.Photographers: Sofia Sanchez and Mauro MongielloModel: Coco ...


Eat your enemies’s food.

Political conflicts are always hard to speak about. Even when you have a person in front of you that wants dialogue, but just to know certain views they have on a subject that touches you so deaply, it makes it sometime emotionally too heavy and hurtfull to engage in a coversation, no matter how much you want to. (Fatima, maybe we should go for a nice meal someday...not to discuss the subject that we have in common but rather to share a moment of respect and friendship)Conflict Kitchen has decided to engage such people in a different form of conversation: ...


Urban gypsy

Indian hand made embellished top from Jaipur, crazy-ass pattern top and some funky Lady and The Sweatshop ...


Not your cheezy family picture.

Now here is the coolest way to send your traditional new years (i know, it's june, wtf!!) wishes. Instead of the boring and frankly agressivly-perfect family picture in front of your never used fireplace, get Alexandra Diez De Rivera to funk it up!You will from then on, look like a cool family.And we ALL know, apperences is what counts, right?Riiiight.- a d d r ...



Meet Dawn, a beautiful artist that has the magic ability to translate the rawest emotion into folded paper.From homesickness to a child's dream of travel....It's like Time has stopped ..- dawn ...


Trend alert?

Francesco di Giorgi’s Fall Winter 2010-11 show in Milan.Well it would be a great way to match our outfits or even update old shoes...... (I remember they did the same thing in Aeon Flux (the movie) to give a futuristic look to 40s outfits...!)We'll ...


Sid peeps

My amazingly funky collegue Rodrigo.And


Hijack a building!

A Lisbon building that was taken over by the brazilian brothers Os Gemeos (São Paulo) & Blu (Italy).Fucking nice.- os -- blu ...

Dance ’till there’s peace.

Bouncing Cats.Watch and get inspired.Hip hop can change the world.Passion will change the world.We must change the world.Peace.BOUNCING CATS film trailer from nabil elderkin on ...


I love you Tim.

Tim Walker for Italian Vogue Couture 2010.Between Tim and i, it was love at first sight.- t w


It’s getting hot in here..

Global warming is a lil' abtract for you? Kawano Takeshi made some sculptures to help the dumb (republicans?)understand.....- kawano takeshi ...