Flying flowers

I just felt like sharing these beuatiful pictures of flowers arrangments.Simple, original and poetic.Summer.- 100layer cake


History on a photostream

While doing some reasearch on an amazing photgrapher who's work i saw at the MoMA last week i came across Omega418.I know, this doesn't seem to be much of a name but it's beacause it's a Flickr photostream.It features hundereds of pictures about African Amercican history. Portraits, families, girls, childrens, everyday life scenes from the past.Not only is it an amazing collection of little windows on History, but almost every picture has a long paragraph explaining the picture, introducing the poeple we are meeting or the political situation at that exact ...


Hair Wars

While walking down the busy hot streets of NYC, i also saw a few posters on Hair Wars...i really didn't pay enough attention to remember what exactly it was promoting but it did make me remeber the controversal Good Hair movie... so i did a little research and found out that there is a book on the phenomenon. For the info, Hair Wars originated in Chicago in 1991 and has been on tours around the US until today! The books features "hair entertainers'" creations and the pictures are from David Yellen.Honestly, i admire how far a hair show has been taken... and as ...


Red Lady with Pepsi earings

My fringe dress from Dam, gladiators and my cute LadyAndTheSweatshop


Le Chant des Morts

Last week i was pretty silent, i know. The reason being that i was in NYC for a dance competition called StepYaGameUp and so went to the Big Frekin'Apple for a few days. The highlight of my week wan't the dance battles but a Museum. Not any museum but the one and only MoMA.Words aren't enough to descibe the importance and beauty this museum has all under one roof. My 4 little hours there took me on a strong emotional journey. Best 20$ spent EVER!One of the pieces that touched me was Le Chant des Morts by Pierre Reverdy, illustrated by no other than Pablo ...


Design Chairs..

Design Chairs four our Design Derriere.- stylepark


Sunny Sunday Walk in the Real City.

...i came across a beautiful piece of street art.Thanx Gola.- gola


Les habits ne font pas les moines…

Meet Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Together, they are Guerradelapaz.Both native from Cuba, their signature technique being "sculpting" with old clothes. They play on the unusual mix of mass-produced objects and the higher messages and critic of our western society.They use our everyday clothes to show us another message than mass consumption.I personally really like the Military series. It's funny how empty clothing can reavel such a strong human presence.. can't help but bringing back the chilling image of the piles of glasses and shoes at the Holocaust ...


Universal Everything for Aol

I know, this campain is 2month old...but whaterver, better late than never. Ha. Here are a few stills from promotional videos Universal Everything did for AOL's new brand image. In there words: "We worked with Wolff Olins NYC to develop the digital rebranding of AOL. An ongoing series of brand films are released monthly to form the basis of AOL's ever changing identity." What truely fasinates me about the first video is how they managed to use technology in a way that puts the emphasis. on Time and our impact though motion on our World. Although it must have taken ...


Jonte’ my man!

..well, kinda...One thing is for sure though, Jonte' is the hottest man in stillettos ever....and when he dances...omg, when he dances...He was featured, for his AMAZING legs, in the japanese version of Harper's Bazaar.Love ...


Anna and the kids.

Here is the work of Anna Palma.Or more specifically, some of her editorial work on kids.I find it always very hard to find good kids editorial pictures. Probably because it takes a very special talent to direct them.Waring: You might want to go run naked in the rain after this.- anna ...


Burberry Aviator Jacket

OMG, i want one so bad.OMG, i feel so freakin' poor right now.OMG, i'm not shure wether i love or hate you right now Burberry.- buy it if you're rich here ...


If I was a retired Burlesque Dancer…

If I was a retired Burlesque Dancer that lived in California, this would be my house. These would be my Butlers' uniforms and these would be my little protégés.Did I mention that I would be eveybody's friend?I know, i want to go to my "if i was a retired burlesque dancer" house ...



Meet Nomadé, an LA street art collective that seems to have a roman fetish.But hey, i'm not gonna complain about peeps glueing/painting half-naked muscular men in skirts around Cities.....!- nomadé facebook fan page ...


V Mag & Complex Edito

Just felt like sharing these editotial shoots.Both from the latest edition of Vmagazine and Complex.Vmag always daring to be different and Complex, featuring the great M.I.A. and beautiful ...


Not for Japanese hookers.

I have always been a fan of garthers.I have them, i wear them, men love them..... But it's kind of a secret thing, something you don't show... until nooooow!!!I actually been trying to make some of these cute socks garthers but...yeah, it didn't work out as well as i wanted...But thanx to Swan Clothing, i can now buy them.There a sweet mix of japanese cutiness, old granpa's socks holders and, well sexy doll.Love, love love.- swan ...


A brazilian with zebras at SidLee

My favourite brazilian,


Better than raw herring.

Meet Jarrik Muller, a dutch typographer that makes pretty 3D letters.Duutch perople really are better at design than food. Thank G. for us, too bad for their stomach.- jarrik muller ...


Bjorn Again.

One of the few good things i will take with me from my Amsterdam experience (i went there 4 work the last 3 weeks) is the name of this artist: Björn Copeland.His name is unprounancable as his art is interesting, he manages to mix old 80s style collages and a techological kinda look.Oh, yeah,the man also dressed a goat up for art... i feel that is something worth mentioning.- bjorn copeland ...



Meet Grzegorz Domaradzki aka Gabz, a polish Illustrator that finds his colorfull inspiration from other things than patatoes and Vodka.Graphik and organic.- gabz ...


United Nude!

While walking around the pretty streets of Amsterdam, i came across a unusual shoe store selling unusual shoes! United Nude. Here a a few of my fave, and let me tell you they look fantastic in real life too! I wish i had more money sometimes....wait, no, let me rephrase: i wish i had more money all the time.- united nude ...


I want Mickey Mouse on my nose!

Linda Farrow