Aurélien Du Fond Du Puit.

I had a bit of money the other day so i did one of my favourite things in the World (besides sex and food): i went to buy magazines. (yes, that's because i had not enough dough to get myself some Louboutins...one day though, one daaaaay)They were all amazing (how can you go wrong with these!)but i confess that i completely fell in love with this WAD editorial.From über talented photographer Aurélien ...


Chilling with Rembrandt

The streets of Montreal, Rembrandt and i.Chilling like it's 1639! What



Meet Sheena Matheiken, a cute black-eyed girl with a great sense of style and a big heart.She managed to mix two very different loves: the love of style and the love of helping others.The Uniform Project started in 2009 and is based on a simple concept: one dress for an entire year. But everyday, she takes a picture of how she managed to style her dress in a completely different way. The raised money (you can buy a look/day) goes directly to the Akanksha Foundation in India. (or if you decide to do it, you can choose your cause!)In her words: "Revolutionize the ...


Inca Dress

I waaaaaaaaant!!!!Sucks to be broke.Booh.- buy


Stache ring

Hi....- buy


The Gates of Love

Meet Troy Lovegates (aka Derek Mehaffey aka Other).A Toronto based artist and street artist with a unique romaticaly bold style. He has a way to mix beautifully painted faces with very graphic and naive bodies and worlds.....Once again, Canada's got craaaaaaaaazy talent.The Lady would love to see the Gates of Loves in Montreal, just sayin' .- troy's photostream ...


The McFlyness!!

Chilling with my girl Leah McFly in the funky streets of the Real City.Bowties 4

Leah at Holt Renfrew

Chilling with my girl Leah McFly in the funky streets of the Real City.Bowties 4


Worn paper to learn from

I was cruising through the pretty streets of Real City the other day and while in one of my favourite little book/magazine shops, i met Worn. Worn Magazine that is, and unlike all beautiful things that usually catch my eye, it wasn't über expensive.I know, wow.Well, yes: wow, it was freackin' wow 'cause i letf the shop with my favourite item of the day and had only spent around 5$. (trust me, that's wow.)Worn is nothing revolutionary, but it is well done, features beautiful pictures and styling, talks about a multitude of subjects (from a basic glossary of hijab ...


Tape and The City

Meet Aakash Nihalani, or as i call him: amazballs with tape.He is proof that you don't need to know how to draw or paint to be a great street artist.From Vienna to India though NYC.Booom.- aakash nihalani ...