R&R FW2010


Break a leg.

...and get Liquen to draw you a plane on


Can you say Liquen with a spanish accent?

Meet Liquen, a spanish artist with a very twisted sens of humour.Sweet and a bit darker than your usual sour.- liquen


I take pictures of myself like a 14 year old girl.

Oh well. It's a lil' cheezy, i know but i still kinda wanna share these outfits with you.The past 2 week i had this thing about wearing my cut-out jeans short with my big thigh-high boots and sailor sweaters.Also, i'm obsessed with my 2 I love NY shirts.I know, only non-new yorkers actually think those shirts are cool. Guess i truelly am a Montrealer ...



Introducing a very special and beautiful brand : WEWOOD.WEWOOD is a brand "of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. WEWOOD is the avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability."The idea is simple: back to basics. 100% wood made watches, beautiful design and more importantly, taking action to a philosophy: planting trees.One watch bought = one planted tree by Wewood.One Watch – One Tree – One PlanetWooden mazballs.- wewood ...



Thigh-high boots, Balmain inspired shoulderpad jacket, my Amsterdam flee-market 1euro medals and caporal


Slimer’s girlfriend

On Viger street, next to my work.Cute and sloppy.Hey


I’ll just pretend to be 6years old.


In Jeremy’s shoes.

Navy+shoulder pads+DKNY+kakis+massaï jewelry+Jeremy


Sick Elegance.

Meet Achraf Amiri, an illustrator from Beligium that probablly eats his waffles with Absinthe shots. Creepy and beautiful, he has a way of portraiting the fashion world on it's "not-so-good" profile, witout loosing any of it's elegance. Sickly fasinating. - achraf ...


Fake your wall

Urban concrete wallpaper.In the street it is considered dirty, sad and gray. In your living room it's cool, design and "yay" !Go figure, we make no sense.- buy ...


A Mini 4 Meeeee!

Mini introduces their new cuteness: an electric scooter.It comes in 3 colors (white, grey/yellow and deep greeen) and loves the environment.Beautiful and smart, just like us.- mini ...


Not your average balloon-birthday-clown

Meet Jason Hackenwerth.A freackin' crazy artist that has a heavy twisting-ballons trauma.Or maybe he just can't paint...not sure...but he's a beautiful artist nevertheless.Halfway between japanese-animés colorfull monsters and buddhist non-permanent sand art, Jason Hackenwerth will blow you mind.Yes, i said it: blow you mind.- jason hackenwerth ...


Pretty bobo

Who says pain is ugly? not me...if I have a pretty bandaid that is....Here are some of my favs...they almost make you want to hurt yourself just to be able to wear them...Brutal.:)- buy ...

Capture d’écran 2013-06-19 à 17.38.42

The Good Life

The Good Life by SoMe. Amazballs.


2SHY 2show, So Me and you get to meet Cuypi.

This post is kind of a 3 in 1.Have you ever had a crush on more than one guy at the time?Well it has just happend to me....3 guys, 2 french and canadian.... different but similar style....i can't choose, so i wont.Here is some work from SoMe who's work got really famous when he drew the AMAZING Justice's D.A.N.C.E. video.The second is 2SHY, a french grapher turned amazing illustrator/designer.Last but not least, Cuypi, aka Sebastien Cuypers. A type genious.The Lady has a crush, big time.- so me -- cuypi ...


Puma bikes

A beautiful collaboration between PUMA and the copenhagen based design firm KiBiSi.Modern with a touch of heritage and elegance.I'm spechless.- k ...


Beats with your burger

Introducing Beatbox Kitchen.An idea that is as cool as it's sounds! Simple yet soulful, it concists of a beatbok looking van, burgers and fries and...... hip hop!Casual yummy funkiness in your neighborhood...if you happen to live around Melbourne!Anyway, i really hope the idea grows and that some brilliant montrealer brings the idea back in our streets!I want to smell burger block parties too!- beatboxkitchen ...


When acid meets patchouli

Meet Alia Penner, a young free spirited illustrator that brings the bohemian back in style.Acid meets patchouli in the 21st Century.-alia ...


This morning’s "I want you"s

Awwwww....!- nasty gal



Meet Dan Bergeron, aka FauxReel, a Toronto based street artist that creates giant faces that seems to have been imprinted in the walls of the City's life.Giant, modest, real.If you happen to be in Toronto, check out his exhibit opening tonight at 11pm!( Faces of The City / SEPT 10th - OCT 03rd, 2010 )Show&TellGallery: 1161 Dundas St. West- db -- showandtell ...


X-RAYded calendar

Now this is just hillarious: an X-ray Calendar for men.....that want to take "naked" a step further!It's a promotional calendar made by Eizo, high-end monitors for the observation and subsequent diagnosis, of radiographs (x-rays).Don't you just want to get one for that perv Uncle of yours?Yeah, so ...


Behind the scenes….

"GRAFFITI SESSION WITH POSE AND WITNES" as posted by 123Klan.- 123klan blog


123Klan in my hood!

Latest 123KLAN artwork.... 2 minutes form my work!Yessss.On Longueil street, corner of St Paul in Montreal.Real Art in the Real ...


Burano has no burrito

Once upon a time on Facebook, my cousin's cousin posted some of her vacation pictures. (pictures by Martha Chertkow).....and i discovered this town in Italy: Burano.Coloooooors galoooooooore!I kinda want to paint my neighbourhood now.Can't hate a girl that paints your house pink, ...


Pixie make want to Fall

In this 90s revival season, a lot of magazines (like the HORRIBLE September issu of French Vogue!) have a hard time showing this season with style. A few designers even proved to the World that drugs can really damage your brain, no matter how talented you usually are .(Karl, wtf happened? Chanel FW 2010 is a JOKE!)I'm gonna continue to show you a few gems of this season.See, the 90s revival doesn't have to be painful.- pixie market ...


À la Japaneeeese.

Meet N-A-M. A japanese collective of artists that take graphic art and photography to another level. Brutal elegance. - nam - ...


Check these V out!

Check out the latest issue of V Magazine!V67–The New York Issue.With two covers available exclusively online and in quantities of 1,000, New York artists Spencer Sweeney and Nate Lowman customized their own V covers exclusively for the V Magazine E-Commerce shop. Containing content not available in the newsstand versions, hurry up, as quantities are ...


Stripes under your fancy ass

La Roche Bobois x Jean-Paul Gaultier.!!!JPG revamped the 70s classic sofa ensemble designed by Hans Hopfer and that became a Roche Bobois classic!So. ...


INSA likes butts.

Meet INSA.A boob-butt-heels-sneaks obsessed street artist that turns most truckers and rappers fantasy of a woman into pop-street-respectful art.- insaland ...


Let it rain…on my Fendis

About 2 weeks ago, while spending a beautiful afternoon in Geneva with two of my beloved and beautiful ladies Linda and Lamia, they took me luxury window shopping.....My crush of that day is a pair of Fendi boots. What makes them amazing is the perfect mix of high-end-sexiness and rubber real-life toughness.The only down side is that they are not easy to slip-in...i know, such expensive shoes!The thing is that i kinda still have a crush on them though..... could this ...


Antik Batik F/W 2010

The only not depressing thing about Summer almost being over (snif, snif........) is that Fall collections are in.Yay!So in a loooong lst of Fall post i will soon enough do, here is my first Fall cush: Antik Batik.Created by Gabriella Cortese in 1992 and inspired by her traveling in India, Bali and Tibet, she fell in love with their traditional broderie, bandhani and silk printing techniques. The intergration of these traditions (everything is made by hand!) is what makes Antik Batik's look so authentic, ethnic and well, stunningly unique.Me love.- antik batik ...



Massimo Gamacutra is a still life photgrapher. He's good. Nothing special except......for his logo- lollipops series...... so sweet, so pop, so yummmmmm.Pruuuuty.- gamacutra ...



Once upon a time at SidLee, Raphaëlle & Rodrigo.Mexican flowers and italian swede boots meet a bowtie and black socks.Yup, it's a ...