Runaway Kanye

Now Kanye wants to be a movie director. So he is.The storyline is a BIT all over the place and OF COURSE it starts with a car accident..... but the art direction is incredible, thanx to the amazing Vanessa Beecroft.Wallpaper magazine meets 80s art films meets Kanye's ...


Beautiful books

Every tiime i go into a bookstore, no matter if i had planned to just buy one specific book, i always end up buying a bunch. Not only that, i always spend at least an hour browsing, looking at books, swiming around so much knowledge and stories. It's like the thousands of caracters and places, are somehow at your reach and floating around you.A million books, a million gates to unknown Worlds.Another fasinating thing are the book covers....they are usually so beautiflly designed, each of them trying so hard to show you a piece of it's inside Universe....Here is ...


Sexy Halloween

Victoria's Secret doese costumes. Now doesn't this make you want to host a Halloween sleepover party?Hummm........- vs


Maria Mariaaaaaa!

Meet my parents favourite painter: Maria Personnaz.She lives in Switzerland and has single-handedly taken over every single wall of my parents offices.She paints things around her, from her house to her travels in Vietnam. Her unique color palette and modern angles mixes with a beautiful traditionnal technique truely makes her work remarquable."Et la lumière fût".- mp ...


Jeremy Scoot gives you wiiiings!

I want them. I want them now. NOOOOOOWW!!(Jeremy Scott for adidas


Kobi’s foot fetish

Meet Kobi Levi's foot creatures. Because they ain't really shoes..... Fun, fun, fun on your feet!-kobi


Tout mimi!

Meet Mimi Kirchner, a boston based artist that makes the manliest doll i've ever seen!Actually, she make many types of original dolls(from fishes to beads to moutain-filled-cups!) But the one i adore are these old-school acrobat men.Tattooed bad-ass men in tights...for little ladies like me!- mimi k ...


My SM boots

What is it with shoes that, no matter how many you buy, it never gets less exiting?I don't know. Another of these big life mystery.So here is one of my latest babies: thigh-hugging, lace-up, high-heels bad girls.And let me tell you that they look FANTASTIC with just lingerie. Oh yes.(PS: i know, it's kinda ghetto that i take those pictures with my iPhone like a 15 years old, but it's better than nothing!)(PS#2: Yes, there is a booty shot. "flawnt what you ...


Jonny Sushi

Meet Jon Fox, a UK born artist that paints, draws and sketches funny creatures.Although his official description of his work sounds really deep and interesting ("His work often addresses the conflict of emotion: 'heart against head'. Many of his characters occupy a world of tension and turmoil battling with their own significance while the looming presence of a larger restless energy is at work around them.") , my feeling is that he watched too many japanese animés. Ok, never too many, you're right, but a hell lot because all his creatures look like they visited ...


Bollywood me pretty

Last night didn't feel like dressing up so I dressed up my face, Bollywood


Peter Shmelzer is a sick, sick man.

Peter Shmelzer is a sick man. He also is a sick painter. Sexy pop-culture nightmares come to life under his talented brushstroke. See for yourselves.....and if you're like me, after the 1st "wow" you'll ask yourself: "What in the World did his parents do to the poor guy??" - peter ...


J’aime mon carré.

You know the trend is real when Hermès jumps in.The queen of luxury brands and exclusivity is trying the fashion-blog inspired personal style card. Yes, you heard well, Hermes is not telling you there is only one Hermes way to wear the Carré but multiple and the more personal the better.Weird, i know.What they did is a fake street style campaign. Multiple girls from multiple cities show you "their" way of wearing the famous overprised silk square.Honestly, it is pretty well done, the pictures (from brittish photographer Matt Irwin) are beautiful and the ...


Chapeau melon et poulet tandori

My indian head jewelry and my London hat live together in perfect


Brian likes bad girls.

Brian Viveros likes bad girls.Like reaaaally bad: dirty-war bad.His war-pin-ups never go without a cigarette and perfect eye-makeup, 'cause everybody knows us girls might sweat and get muddy, but never does our makeup look bad.Priorities girls, PRIORITIES!Here are some of his lead fantasy ladies from his Dirtyland exibit.Sex, War and Tobacco.Oh yeah, he somehow, in the middle of that, has a thing for Mickey Mouse....hugh.- his exibit ...


Sexy feminine menswear.

Meet my girl Laneesha aka TyggerLilly Invaysion.Über fun, über stylish, über original.USA flag men shirt + giant belt + military jacket + native boots = ...


Zara Sept

Zara, zara, zara.......I know you you copy all the hot designers and all...but i'm kind of a broke girl, sooooo.....yeah, i still love you.- zara ...


Pretty Ladies on men’s arms

As i was looking though some tatoo artists here in Montreal, i stumbled upon this Vero chick. Unlike most tatoo artists that tend to do the same stuff and the same styles, she really stud out.I'm not a big fan of portraits-tatoos personnaly, but i couln't not be impressed by how well and delicate her art is.Pin-ups with ink.- vero at tatoomania ...


Eat like a pig and be beautiful

Meet Lee Price, an american artist that seem to love to paint women in their intimacy while pigging out.Her ultra-realistic technique contrasts beautifully with the angle and subjects of her paintings. It's like Lee is trying to tell us something....something like: eating junk like a junkie is beautiful.:D(By the way, i can't say this for sure but having seing a picture of Lee herself, i'm pretty sure these are self portraits...again, i don't know if she want's to tell the World: this is my pussaaaay! But then maybe she doesn't care.)- lee price ...



Barabara Bui FW 2010, my favs.Awww.- bb


Mike is a funny guy.

Meet Mike Mitchell.He's funny.Haha.- mm


Helen made them herself.

Hand-made high-tech shoes by Helen Furber.Beautiful, kinda need them right now. Like NOW.- hf


Churros con Borrasca

Meet Buruclin Borrasca (Boroklyyyyyyyn! ...sorry.), a spanish dude who's name is as twisted on your tongue as his art is twisted on our eyes. His take on pop culture is a unique blend of a 14year old boy's humour and quite smart and mature observations on our modern society.Well let's just say he has a great sense of humour. That's right, he makes me laugh inside.- bb ...


Fringe US flag shirt…

From UNIF Spring 2011. I want.That's