I pretend i speak spanish.

Today's swagg.(Photo by Rodrigo and blackboard art by



Saturday night, i went to a dance competition in Montreal called Survival of Da Illest. It was dope. All styles competition from bboying to waacking, though krumping and housing. Anyway, competing was Montreal' sweatheart bboy LazyLegz.If you don't know about him, you should. Basically, he is a bboy with crutches. A dope bboy may i add, and a sweet, sweet man on top of it. Long story short, he was wearing, as well as another bboy of his crew (that had just one leg but that danced waaaaay better than me and my 2 legs) these inspiring shirts.So there. As for him, ...



It's holiday season again. And with it all the beautiful AND the annoying tings we are socially told to do. One once them being sending holliday wishes by mail. Instead of the usual, oversugarcoated cheezy-as-hell Xmas card you usually get from your aunt of cousin in-law, at least you can show them how it's done, the cool is a cute little site with cute little cards and sweet, non cheezy notes.Holliday cards with a cool twist.- justafewcards ...


Wear some condoms on your feet!

Well, not reaaaal condoms (that would be kinda gross...), but rather a condom-like system to pimp out your classic heels!Pretty genious idea if you ask me, as one pair of heels can become 4 differents pair of shoes! Travel? Do i hear travel?? Yes, well not only are they practical and cute as hell, they are freackin' cheeeeap! (20 bucks yall!)Anyway, if you like to compare your heels to little penises, then don't go out unconvered!- heel condoms ...


This is not a hat. what is it? It's a Faeth Millinery. I found this small brand while on Facebook when one of my girls "liked" the brand. There is not much about it and the site is under's pretty ...


D*Face baby!

Meet D*Face.See his work, love his vision.I really don't see how it could otherwise. I fell in love with his i guess it means i'm a bit in love with him. in his words: " wanted to encourage people to not just to 'see', but to look at what surrounds them and their lives, reflecting our increasingly bizarre popular culture, re-thinking and reworking cultural figures and genres to comment on our ethos of conspicuous consumption. A Pandora’s box of bittersweet delights - sweet and sugary on the surface, but with an unfamiliar, uncomfortable, ...


High Food

Awsome food clothing. Challah shoulderpads....shabbath will never be the same in my eyes. Sorry, i have no idea who the creator not photgrapher is... via ...


I want chains and leather on my body.

Me love.- bona drag


Back to my Future

Love these images, love the look. So stealing it.- images from bona drag blog


Oooouhhhh pruuuttyyyyy

Seems IKEA got a new interior stylist....these pictures from their french website are stunning. They shine with personality and emotion. What i really like is that they are so far from their signature yet simple cosy look.This has proven to me that they could be the J.Crew of decoration:simple object + kickass styling = amazing and unique style.I wanna live in those pictures now. Please? Pretty ...


Have people write it for you

Fun little web site, fun project, pretty hand made letters for sale.- handmade


Cute spanish speaking devil.

Ricardo Cavolo's art is has this child-like naive look that will make us girls go: awww!But make no mistakes, Ricardo is no innocent kid. His cute little caracters takes a whole new dimention once he starts tatooing them on people. Yup, naive looking bad-ass tatoos.Visual oxymoron.- ricardo ...