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Dope Cheez

Dope video by Laundry (Los Angeles) for dope artist M.I.A. The only not-so-dope-thing is the song: suprisingly cheezy. - laundry ...


Is it Spring yet? …What about now? Now?

...Ok, i know it's FREAKING EARLY to even look at open-toes and cute hats....BUT once you'll see J.Crew's Spring Lookbook, you wont think i'm crazy anymore.Here are my favs. Beiges cottons and linen, cute super bright patterns, adorable styling and the omg-i-love-this-suprising-cute-as-hell-orange-lipstick.Love.- jcrew ...


Pretty Japanese Porn

Meet Toshio Saeki, or the man that has the most colorful yet sometimes disturbing erotic fantasies.To the style of tradiational japanese erotic art, he adds a modern manga-like fantasies and colors, for the pleasure of our eyes and minds. Some of them get quite disturbing, but mostly i find them beautifully detailed, in the raw-est way.Like an oriental modern day Rousseau meets le Marquis de Sade, he explores his fantasies on the most honest way.- toshio saeki ...


Woouf baby, woouf!

Woouf! is a young and mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary design stu­dio in Barcelona and it design doooooooope pillows and bean bags. - woof! ...


Hip-Pop painting

Like BET's 106&Park in gouache, from Lil'Wayne to Kid Cudi, Mwanel Pierre-Louis is painting them. This very young LA painter pays tribute to the Hip-Hop artists of his generation.Pretty dope.- m p-l ...


Have an elephant head look over shoulder while you read.

Would be dope. - buy


Japamania dot com

A web-eye on the streets of japan and it's stylish people.Inspiration "à la crazy" please.- japanese streets


A feminine man.

I personally find a strong man extremely masculine when he embrasses his feminine side.Yes, it makes sense.Dope shopping site 4 the Gents.- oki-ni ...


Shot my soul

Meet Mauro Galligani, a photographer that takes you beyond an image. He brings you raw emotions that transcend the moment he once stole. Though your eye , he will force philosophical questions into your mind. Open your eyes and your soul might get shot...a little. - mg ...


House in not a doctor.

Is House a person, an agency or a name? Dunno. But i kow "it" is from the United Kingdom an does illustrative typography. And "it" does it ...





Play with your food baby!

There, FINALLY a brand that "prooves by design" that playing with your food is good. And it will make your kid eat. How cool? Cool.I personnaly looove the "Airforkone" fork and the plates.... kinda want them. Don't juge.- fred kids ...


I had nothing to wear! i wore my scarf.Works like a charm....i mean a scarf...i mean...OK I'LL SHUT UP



Silk wrap, gold chain, TLATS earings, oversize tshirt+baggy jean, high studded heels and a LV bag. What??!(I had an important meeting with our clients that day....good thing my clients are Cirque Du ...


Underwater Museum

Mexico.....a crazy and romantic project: an underwater Museum. read right. "The Museum aiming to demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science forms a complex reef structure for marine life to colonise and inhabit. Each of the sculptures is made from specialized materials used to promote coral life" One of the 4 pieces "exposed" is made up of 400 life-size figures in a silent lively scene... it is called The Silent Evolution. Like an underwater Pompeï or a romantic eye on a doomed Future of humanity... Breathtaking and ...


Wear smart on your chest.

Aren't we all sick of those losers in house parties that wear the "i think i'm so fucking funny" t-shirts? You know, the "give head", "just did it" or " good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Montreal" type of eye-roling messages.Well, here are the smart version of the message t-shirts. Fun typography, not so heavy messaging... i find it cute (on a cute guy).- wordboner ...


Kaftans & i

After 3 weeks in Burma...... i find myself surfing the web for kaftans........ i make no