The Walls of the Revolution.

2011 seems to be the start of a new World. With History happening before our TVs, we all looks and hope for the populations to find freedom and a better future in peace with one another. As i've been looking and reading the news A LOT these past weeks, i have collected a few very interesting pictures: Political Street Art. As i am a big fan of street art as a urban disipline and voice, i find these pictures very interesting. The 1st picture is from Libya, the 2nd two, from Egypt (we all know facebook played a major role in getting the uprises organised), the 3rd ...


New Bansky

Two new Banksy in LA. Both brilliant. I especially like the piro-Chalie Brown...it's evil and funny because he's painted on a burned ...


I love you Alex

Some recent work of the Typography Legend Alex Trochut.- at


Not the Shah’s Jewelry.

Meet Melody Ehsani, a beautiful and funky persian gal that makes plastic über high fashion. From Queen Erykah to bootylishious Amber Rose, though beautiful Keri Hilson, they all have one...or two or...well, a lot. The coolest part is that she does custom!! I'm so(ooooo) getting myself a Lady Aviva pair...as soon as i get a bit of money... and i'll add the cobra earings to that.Marvel meets 90s' Benetton.Booyah.- melody ehsani ...


Scarf me forever

.....aaaaaaaand the scarf trick again.( white horses on blue scarf + 180 years old silver burmese bracelet + twisted leather belt + men's vintage fedora ...


Sneaker Bling.

The other day, i bought a pair of Montreal made, limited edition sneaker bling. Designed and produced by my friend from School Gary Preza, here are my Jeremy Scott adidas Originals pimped with PrezOne bling.Real City Baby!- prez one blog -- flickr ...


Dope Nails

By FAR the funkiest and most talented nail obsessed girl i've seen on the net.- supa nails -By FAR the funkiest and most talented nail obsessed girl i've seen on the net.- supa nails ...


A different kind of baby shower

...If your friend is goth or part of the Adams family AND she is having a baby, this is THE perfect gift.OR, get it for your normal friend and you'll never get invited to baby showers again: sweet.- i have weird friends with babies ...


Illustration legal fix

Chris Arran lives in London, part of Montreal based Colagène, an Illustration "Clinic" that represents tons of dope (and less dope) illustrators.- colagene ...


Button Up

My new adidas men's polo and my granma's 80's earings.



Last November, i decided to get a tatoo.My one and only.Bold and true.A spiritual step, fear and pain....lead to pride and ...


Style of music

I'm not sure the use of this(you can print each style seperatly on a poster, on their site), but it's hell a cute as a poster.- moxy ...


Superhero black

nOir's latest collection, a Superhero collection.I would roooooock the Wonder Woman's necklace and ring...... Yup.- noir jewelry ...


Zara’s TRF’s new model

...is absolutely gorgeous.That's


Panda Nails!


I’m in love with Tory.

I LOVE TORY BUUUURCH. I WANNA BUY ALL HER NEW COLLECTIOOOON.There's really nothing more to say.- tb


Protect ur kids from your computer

Cool campaign by Latinworks. "Protect your kids from (sex and) violence" on the



My collegue Talia introduced me to those by saying: "omg, you've NEVER seen those??" Yeah, i felt like a loser that lived in a cave. Little did i know that Craig started doing those only 2 months ago: not such a big loser after all. Craig explains his artistic approach in a very simple way: "It had to be done" (if you are completely obsessed with Miss Gaga) and somehow, this makes sense. Like a smart lil' methaphore of someof our tv stations and magazine, thoses Gaga Dollard Bills are pretty cool. And hey, Gaga makes money even ON money, thoses 1dollard bills are ...