From a giant arm to a helping hand

Beautiful and spectacular mural by Over Under and No Touching Ground in Brooklyn. Inspired by one of the artist's real tatoo to bringing the reality of Japan's recent disaster on the walls.True Art.- ntg -- o u ...


Swedish Talent.

This what happens when a talented decorator decorates her own home.SHABAAAAANG.(home of swedish Marie Olsson


Ceiling crush

I have never been a big chandelier person...mostly because, exept for the very classical cristal ones, i feel they are cool for never longer than 2years... then they just seem plain cheezy.UNTIL NOW.Wow.- marjorie kouras ...


Their cute faces under your cute bum.

Fernando and Humberto Campana have decided that the chair, as we know it, is definitely too serious and boring. There.   - campana ...



Yesterday, i went to see the The Warrior King and his Terracotta Army exhibit at the Musée des Beaux Arts of Montreal. A few week ago, my friend Christophe, a beautiful crossdresser, gave me this brand new Guerlain kohl he had recieved. I was alway bad in math, not because i can't count, but because i have my own way of counting.Let me demonstrate:The 3000 years old sculptures + the beautifully packaged Guerlain kohl = I wanna paint my face like i was a nomad that travelled between China, Tibet and India a few thousand years ago...Of course, my main makeup ...


Aaron dans la Ruell….

Meet Aaron Ruell.... an american photographer that somehow makes the sad and boring somewhat a pathetic way.Go figure.- ar ...


Pink and blue panters


Who’s Bad!

Super random post..... here are some Australian Criminals Mugshots from the 1920s....... while historicaly they are very interesting, emotionally they capture these people's eyes and body language in a superbe way.... i find that these cropping and handwritten info are.....absoluteley stunning.They actually look like beautiful fashion magazine spreads.When my graphic design eye (job) takes me too far.......- more ...


Cats Love Japan.

Bertrand de Langeron aka SoMe just posted a new shirt he did for Cool Cats.Here it is along with some others i found pruuuty."Japan, We Love U".- cool cats ...


Tom Selleck, Waterfalls and Sandwiches.Dopeness.- sws



Did a lil' graphic to post as my profile pic in heart is in Japan right


International Women’s Day

Thank you for all you've done for me and my


The coolest champion

Meet Katrin aka Mischief Champion. This girl seems to be the cutest yet laugh-out-lound illustrator EVER.Love her work.Smiling ironic sunshine in your everyday life.- mc ...


Look with your fingers

Cute rings by Steven Shein.- ss



Just found some old pictures i took of the beautiful Hewit. Baby style at it's


Wear Different.

Random clothes with a "twist".Kinda funny...but not....but still

"Letman's letters are curious. His handmade style fits the boundries of typography like a universe on itself by lashing out to illustration, grafitti and graphic design.Letters are free entities to him. They are clear and cunning.Together they stand strong."Letman, I love ...


Thomas has the Key!, not really, i lied. I just felt like a really cheezy play on words with his last name. Ha.Thomas Key is a 22 years old twisted-surrealist-naive illustrator from the UK with a twisted sense of humour.- tk ...


Post It

I usually never try to post anything when i don't know where it's from and especially who did it. But this is just too



"Amos was set up in 2002 by James Jarvis, Sofia Prantera and Russell Waterman. "Basically Amos does toys, books and graphics. All very japanese/cartoon oriented."HAAAAÏÏÏÏAAAAAAWWW!!!!??*%$##$**!!"- amos ...


Lighten up your day!

...with these cute light-switch stickers!Oy!- lazyoaf


3D Nails

Ok, my girl Marie just broke the 3rd level of nail-awesomness..... 3D nails yall!Check it out.- prettyproject


Happy Birthday Wiki!

It's my favourite website's bday: Wikipedia is turning 10! Honeslty, after Facebook and twitter, Wikipedia is my most visited site.Between my iPhone, Wikipedia and me, it's a beautiful orgasmic threesome.(campaign by Jandl à Bratislava ...