Meet Raul Zito, a very unique Brazilian artist that combines photography and street art. Pruuuty. - pz - ...


No Cheese in my Forever please.

Who says wedding pictures have to be cheezy and all the same? (except for all the mothers-in-laws in the World)More and more, DIY Wedding blogs are showcasing weddings that are differents and that seem to truely fit the differents personalities of the couples. With this trend (that i really love) comes a new type a wedding photography. Here are 3 of them.Thanx new-design-Weddings for taking the Cheese out of Forever.- max -- aneta -- red ...



My infamous Boy-George-hey-the-nineties-are-back outfit.Hair on one side, red lips, lady and the sweatshop made earings, plaid shirt, baggy jeans and worn-out ...


One Time, in Band Camp..

Ok, i never went to Band Camp BUT i did go to camp and we did do our own frendship bracelets.I do believe you would look cool wearing them this ...


Oui, des chi-chis!

One last post before i go to bed. Fashion inspiration again. Two stylish and very good looking ladies that post their looks on Chictopia. FEDERATIONXXand MADAMEDEROSA.- CHICTOPIA ...


And then..

...i'm totally going to do the hat-on-the-eyes, glasses and low-neck.(DSquared2


Back 2 The Future..kinda.

Okok...i know that we should not be talking about the "F" word (fall) BUT: since Winter is gone (youbetter be gone, Winter!) we are in our in between sandals and snow boots time again (also called Spring) and so why not get inspired by DSquared2 Fall 2011/12 collection? Leather jackets hats and layers yall!This collection is like a sweet mix of Zoro and grunge....something Johnny Depp would wear.- ds2 ...


Seasonal Nails.

I was hesitating between matza-balls nails and watermelon.Turned out matza-balls nails would be ugly. So there. Yey


anonymous beauty.

I found those on the net...but i can't find who made them.Anyway, i find these images deeply


If Peter Pan was a designer..from Japan.

Merci Beaucoup is a fuuuuuuuun japanese fashion brand that is dedicated to"cherish, the precious feeling of appreciation and thank"! I personnally would buy half of everything they have if ONLY they would deliver to Canada! I also want to pretend i will be a kid 4 ever!Oïe!- mb ...


Why So Serious?

Meet Luis Lopez Smith....or rather: meet his creations/creatures. In the same pop-art-couture than Vivienne, DeCastelbajac and Jeremy Scott, i just can't get enough of these Andy inspired outfits that seem to say to the "haute-Couture" peeps in Paris: fuck you, we ...


Sweet dreams

Childhood inspired lamps.Romantic.(from urban


Booty Call

Kinda ridiculous yet kinda funny. Definitely ugly.- ff


Thursday swagg


Tortured Candy Pop Lady

Some crazy disected pop sculptures by Three Studios from Fukushima.....yes Fukoshima...now that's the nuclear central that is in the situation that we know...i find those sugar coated melted pop dolls sculptures in stunning contrast with the tragedy that occured.... Careless and free no more.- three studios ...


Nasty wedges

Love love love.- nasty gal


More than nails…

Now that is taking the very current nail craze to another luxury level. The sterling silver and gold level.Beautiful, delicate and very expensive things by A-S Dåvik.- a-s d vik ...


One Drop

Ok, this post is a bragging post. I'm just gonna post one of my latest work. Four 30 secs videos for the great ONE DROP organisation founded by the brilliant Guy Laliberté. My girl Tal (ia Ledner) did the beautiful writting. We both did the entires brand position and spot concept and I did the stroryboard and all the illustrations. My boy Greg (Barth) animated it. Oh yeah, this was ALL done within 2 weeks. Taking Water Further. - one drop ...


Graphic Design

Mike Shinoda says you don't need color. He has a point.- ms


The shoe in the Hat.

Converse is doing a Dr.Seuss shoe......that you can customize!Yey! And they are only 67$. ReYey!The only down side is that they only ship within the US...boooh.- converse seuss ...


A colorful computer to put on your feet.

Hello new adidas Soles & Stripes Micropacers (they are a new version of the 1984 shoe including a mini computer for distance and time)Doooooooopness in colooooooors.- the awesomer ...


Saturday Night 1978

My outfit from this saturday evening... giant silver bracelet, chandelier silver earings, oversize coral dress and leather boots and belt.Oh, yes, i wore it with a ton of ...


Simply adorable

Tang yay hoong.Yes, that's his name.Don't juge