The other Verdi.

"Celeb Stylist @robertverdi asked us to take his vintage Hermes scarves & make some custom Vans for..."Why so elitist????? we want some tooooooo!!!!- flickr ...


5 inch and up

I've been completely obsessed with this blog for the past 17minutes.- 5inchandup


Barbie Cannibalism

Absolutely love it. Absolutely need it.- margaux lange


Lost & Found

Back in 2008, in Peru, a dope photoshoot. I remember seeing it, and i just found it again. Yey.(Vogue UK editorial from March 2008, shot by Mario ...



Did you ever look at your childhood drawings and wonder what kind of wonderful world was in your head to create such original and crazy, yet ancered in somekind of reality drawings? WellYeondoo Jung has done the beautiful excercise of taking some children's drawings and recreating the setting in photography."Il faut regarder toute la vie avec des yeux d'enfants", 1953. Henri Matisse- yj ...



Cutest card EVER.- lazy oaf


If feet could talk..

If you were a cartoon, what shoes would you wear? I know, deep.Here are some options.- irregular choice


Sibella’s secret Society

Meet Sibella Court. An autralian woman that wears her name beautifully since Sibella sounds like "si belle" in french which means "so pretty".She is an interior decorator that has reached a level of "awesome" rarely attaigned. She also has her own shop and gives workshops.Smells like autralian passion.- the society ...


One crazy motherf**cker.

Meet Jim Stoten, or Where is Waldo on crack, with a british accent.- jim


Big is Beautiful

F***k Skinny jeans and boob-huggning tops.- one teaspoon