Andy’s Words of Wisdom

I really see them as Bumper Sticker with an identity crisis.- andy


African burquas

Meet Phyllis Galembo and her beautiful creatures. "Phyllis Galembo’s interest in the masquerade traditions of Africa and its diaspora began twenty five years ago, with her first visit to Nigeria. Since then, she has travelled widely in west and central Africa, and regularly to Haiti, making portraits that document and describe the transformative power of the mask." I am simply blown away by these costumes' creativity, colors and power. Like a colorful jump into a strange dream. Art is a circle. I strongly encourage you to look at the rest of her ...


Wonder Pumpkin

My outfit from yesterday and the one from today.Wonder Woman + high waist baggy shorts + beige wedgesMy outfit from today:Adidas Originals giant dress + bandage platform heelsI kinda felt like i was wearing a pumpkin though...but still managed to feel sexy in ...


Andy’s appartment

This is illustrator Andy Smith's show.It looks like a pretty appartment with handwritten messages that might make you smile....or not.Anyhow, it's called Sunny Side Up and is currently running at Bristol's Soma gallery until the end of August.Sweet.- andy ...


Jeremy’s Tweets

For the past hour, Jeremy Scott has been tweeting a preview of his Fall Collection for adidas. Check out my


I’ve made my Apes Royalty.


BAPE Nails

My new BAPE nails inspired by SuPa.I am


Baddest Nailartist in the Universe.

SuPa Nails is my Nail-Icon. Here is a series she did inspired by.....street art by MyMo she passes by in her street everyday!Next level nails yoooo.- SuPa Nails ...



Meet Parra. A cool dude that has this strangely amusing sexual type of humour....yet manages to keep it clean. Bird-clean.- parra ...


Smiley Nails.

Fuck You,


Jeremy Scoot gave me babies.

Well........i paid for them.But now they are miiiiine for


Badass Cook.

"Did you say you don't like my pasta?.....DID YOU SAY THAT YOU DIDN'T LIKE MY..............that's what i though. You can stop sweating ...


Disney is for grown up girls.

I've always said it: Mickey is a perv.- lazy oaf


Swatch X Jeremy Scott

i want it i want it i want

Swatch X Jeremy Scott

i want it i want it i want


Top Two

Two of my favourite ladies in music and in fashion.Old pics but still


Anti-F1 swagg

These past 3 days were the very blingy, high-heely, tigh'n'way-too-shorty, can-of-hairspray-y F1 Week end days.So i decided to revolte against it, outfit-wise.Gooooo ...


Plastic Dopeness

Tatty Devine aka plastic dopeness. Loooooooove. (via my friend Josh Kobrin) - td


Dominate me.

Kiki de Montparnasse and Aruliden just took mind games to an entire new level. Dildo shaped high-end chess game that make you want to say: dominate me. (oh yeah, we'll ahve to wait 'till they do a cheap version...'cause this one is A BIT expensive: 10 000$!!)- kiki ...


You must see life though the eyes of a child.

When immaturity is beyond being wise.In Toronto, curated by Sean


Ô Bansky.


Violent Lips

After the nails to peel on, here are the lips to stick on.Taking the pattern and funky to that lips my ladies! Violent Lips yall!Some will find it cheezy but i must admit i kinda like it. That's right, i said it. Judge me.- vl ...


Black’n'White b-boys

Last week, my boy SamO won yet another bboy competition. Yes, he's dope like that. This event was takig place in Queens Community House where bboys train, as part of an effort to keep the center open. This girl Anne Paas made an album with pictures she took of the event.(no, i don't know her) They are so great i had to make a post about them.Emotion meets power and passion. Your eye is golden lady Paas!- anne paas ...


Mama Africa

Just stumbled upon these pieces of jewelry....... timeless Africa.- peacemages


The cake superhero

Meet Bakerella. A lady that makes cake bites more sweet and colorful than going to Disney Land high.- bakerella


Information is beautiful

If i could marry this website, i would.Interesting, smart, clean and beautiful.- ib -


DIY fringe shirt

So this week seems to be cheezy 80s California inspired........Yes, i made myself a fringe-beeded-t-shirt.(inspired by my gurl Leah ...


Foxutan in California

Sooooooo i repimped my allredy pimped Cali


California Deerus

Here are my nails today.......featuring one of my creatures from the latest Tourisme Montréal Campaign.- nytimes