Juste un Doigt

Here is a super fun and sexy campaign created for AIDS testing. Fun and colorful video and an even more fun website! It's all about what you can do with your finger. From a lot of "sexy time" to AIDS screening.Smart and sexy.- sexyfingers -Sexy Fingers (2011) par ...



It's meeeeee :) - nailburgerlar


Super Shugaaaaa!

Browsing on Pinterest, i realised Superhero obsession can apply to cakes. I must admit: kinda


Fries Nails

Sunday morning on my balcony. New nails, inspired by Jeremy Scott for adidas.Because junk food is ugly in your body but pretty on your nails! ...


Painting Reality

Berlin 2010.......500 liters of waterbased environmentally-friendly paint was spilled on Rosenthaler Platz and turned the weels of 2000 cars into paintbrushes. This colorful guerilla piece was imagined and led by Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, IEPE & the anonymous crew I just love the multiple meanings one can take out of such a collective piece of art...   - iepe ...


Todd James is naïve

Here is a serie of painting from the bubblegumy Todd James. He usually draws nakes giant brested pink girls but in this series, he decided to paint serious current topics (like the Somali Pirates or the Afghany War) like a 5 year old would paint a princess.Oxymoron with a lots of colors. And no, that's not me calling him a ...


Maria Felix

I just discovered María Félix.This Mexican actress (April 8, 1914 – April 8, 2002) has style like i've rarely seen on any woman.Attitude, strengh, class, freedom and feminity all in one. Basically, this is what i plan to look like when i'm ...



I remember i used to love this blue plastic visor is had in the 90s......i really thought i was the shiznit. As i stumbled upon these sleek babies, i do believe i would feel as awesome if wearing one of these. By Fleet Ilya yo. - fleetilya ...




Graphic crush

Love!- nasty gal


Burma Nostalgia

Last Winter, i was blessed enough to travel to the beautiful Country of Burma (Myanmar). Tonight, i really want to go back.Here are some pictures i took ...


Comic Grafittis

I came across these beauties while we were scouting for our photoshoot location a few weeks ago.In Old


Anorak Cases

Saw these on St Laurent (above Laurier) last week, so cute!- anorak


H&M Picnic

Ooooouuuuuhhhhhhhh! Beautiful and cheap, me love. - h&m picnic


Queer Love

Meet Molly Landreth, a talented photographer who likes to expose a part of our society that a lot of us like to ignore the existance of. Look at another image of true Love. - ml ...

Capture d’écran 2013-06-17 à 16.20.33

Cyriak is a Genius

Meet the genius Cyriak. An After Effects dominator that shows you what it would be like to see the World on the coolest drug ever invented. Aecher would be ...


I Tongue U

A few month ago i went crazy. And i made an entire album like this. Yup. I just found it hillarious and somewhat smart somehow. No, i don't take ...


Little Italian Street Art

I came across these pieces while walking in Little Italy today. Same artist and his posters are even numbered! BUT i don't know who he/she is... Except that he/she seems to have a thing for miss Gaga ...


Boyfriend shorts for Jamaica Day

Yeah, i figured i was going to camouflage my butt a bit when going to jamaica Day yesterday at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. No need to provoke no wondering ...


My new watch + my new nails

I found the Jeremy scott for Swatch wing watch: soooo happy! and only 75$Can! As for my nails, i like to think they are native american neon art. But hey, maybe that's just my own ...


UnderPressure Graffiti Festival

As i was walking down the warm streets of Montreal last night, i came across some beautiful new grafs (one of them in memory of murdered Montreal Hiphop artist Bad News Brown) and sidewalk art to promote the upcoming UnderPressure Graffiti Festival in our beloved Montreal. August 13th and 14th!Happy.- under pressure ...


When less is more

Design-wise, it usually works. Art by natrepo. (via my friend Josh) - antrepo


Jeans + Jeans

I was emptying my camera card and found some pics of an outfit i wore a while back... But i still love it!Pin Up hair + boyfriend jeans + bottom to-the-very-top-jean-shirt = ...


Enigmatic Meaning of Dreams

"The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams" is the title of this beautiful photo collection by Alessandra Sanguinetti.Beauty in the raw. Dreams in the dirt.- alessandra sanguinetti ...


Matt the Bitton

My friend Mathieu Bitton asked my to make him a portrait.So i did.The original picture taken by his friend and my HusbandWhenIwas14: Lenny Kravitz.Basically, it's like a double portrait.- mathieu bitton ...