Space powder for the Mexican.

Ignacio Torres is a young mexican art director that has a very intellectual way of explaining his projects. These pieces, for examples are explained this way: "humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a stars death." I would have just named them Pretty Sparkly Space Cloud. But then again, i'm not Mexican. - it ...


Absolutely Colorful Things

Founds these beautiful mega-color images on Anna Spiro's blog. Alsolutely beautiful things, yup. - abt -


Number 1 or nothing


En Masse

Yesterday i walked to work. Takes about an hour and i get to walk though empty sunny streets alone with my own soundtrack. I also get to see new streetart. Here is a new piece by the Montreal collective En Masse. ...


Bosco is high. I think.

Meet Bosco Mattel. A photophop artist that just might have a crush on a certain Salvatore..... - boscomattel -


Dear photograph

Just discovered this amazing blog. Super simple concept yet extremely deep and emotional outcome: take a picture of a picture of the past into the present and write a little text starting with the words "Dear photograph". It's like the scene from Back II the Future, over, and over again.... - dear photograph - Here is my favourite one: Dear Photograph, If I could turn the corner in 1942 and walk right into my mother, I’d ask her “May I walk beside you one more time?” Love, Your Daughter Dear Photograph, Thank you for everything we had. @jonathanstampf ...


The Rodrigo Series

A while ago, i decided to make my friend Rodrigo my muse..... for a few photoshop


My body is a canvas

Amanda Wachob is a New York tatoo artist that treats body ink like liquid paint and her needel like a paintbrush. Technique and vision, what can i say. - amanda wachob - ...


80s Leopard Nails


Le cotton de la Corne

Ethiopia. Old land. Culture of traditions. Christian Kings and Jewish Queens.Here are some cotton traditional fusion scarfs from Lemlem. Lemlem was created by supermodel and World Health goodwill ambassador Liya Kebede to help local craftmen and craftswomen keeps their jobs and promote Ethiopian Culture.- lemlem ...


Help Somalia

Made a lil' profile pic. Use and share it.donate here:


Big Ass Light Earthings

Patricia Field my girl. I really wanted the MYOB black and white ones but the online store doesn't seem to work.. booh.In cloth and ...


Music to my eyes

Street Art by OaKoAk,


Joël’s sweet paintings

I love Joël Penkman's art. He seems to be a sweet painter.- j h


Paper Porcelain

Porcelain inspired paper cups by Rebecca Wilson. You won't want to throw them away.Love.- rw


I Have Pop

Meet I HAVE POP, an internationally operating creative studio based in Amsterdam, that has a thing for fun smart simple installations. Here are 2 of their projects, both being about sneaks, both using unusual materials for shoes. The first series of kicks is made out of the cardboard boxes it came in. As for the second series, it's actually a more complex idea: "Between june and november 2004, 10 pairs of concrete dunks were made and secretly placed in front of various stores in North America and Europe. The stores were selected on their involvement with popular ...