Scrapture Sushi Sashimi Sisinousaussi

Sooo i discovered this fashion site that features street styles from Asia...Japan i believe. Thing is, i don't speak any asian language (i know, you are dissapointed. It's ok, i'm dissapointed too.) So basically i have nothing to say on this subject except that asian peeps really do like to do shit 400%. Most of them i don't really like but the good ones definatly are fantastic.Inspire, exprire, try, maybe fail, but be fabulous doing it.My type of peeps.- scapture - ...


Haunted Air

As Halloween is soon to be, i realize i have to figure out what to dress as. The whole "i'm-gonna-dress-like-a-stripper-because-it's-halloween" thing is not really catching on to me so i have the traditional option: the scary and bloddy option. More fun.Today, my friend Josh Kobrin posted a link on his facebook that really inspired me. It's about this book called Haunted Air. The book is basically a collection of vintage (1875-1955) halloween photographs owned by Ossian Brown. All of the costumes seem to be hand made and it somehow makes them all even more creepy.Here ...


Oops, he did it again..

Jeremy Scott's new eyewear collection for Linda Farrow is a big Fuck You to the proper and classic fashion world. Just like a dose of Fun-shrooms on your face. And they don't even have the "glass" part of glasses. Haaaa.... I love you Jeremy, too bad you are into boys.- linda farrow - ...


A very stylish man and his very stylish friends

To all my "i'm-not-a-metrosexual-type-of-guy" men: man fashion is quickly evolving into something as refined and various as women fashion... so: time to style up!I think i have a fashion crush on basically all these outfits... and one or two of the guys and girls wearing them.High end style meets black man beauty in New York.- k john la soul ...


A’Shop in the Real City

A'Shop Just finished a gorgeous mural in NDG, Montreal. Quite a poetic piece for 7 dudes reping the Real City.Brrraaaap!- a'shop ...

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My car is like a Museum

Since February 2011, Libyans began to protest against Colonel Muammar Qaddafi’s 41-year-old dictatorship. While this has become some-kind of a civil war mixed with a whole bunch of Western powers getting involved (for all the wrong reasons, but i personally believe it will hopefully be for the better... hopefully), most Libyans are way too scared to talk. And for the ones that would want to, it has become extremely difficult to do so without and internet or communication left. But there are always courageous exceptions. Like Abrahim, a former bank manager from ...


Very Loud Gum

Latest Hubba Bubba Campaign. Simple and aesthetic.


Mexican Hoffman

Here is a sneak peak of Mara Hoffman's S/S 2012 collection.My kinda stuff. (it actually looks a lot like my lady and The Sweatshop earings collections1)- via honestly wtf ...

I just stumbled upon these pictures of the Kenzo Spring 2012


The Little House on the Prairie meets Russia.

This is Ulyana Sergeenko's debut collection. It's beautiful, it's romantic, it's different it's elegant and humble.And the shoes...THE SHOES.Oy.Magnifique.- U S ...


Gang Prison Tattoos

I remember when having more than 2 tatoos was considered pretty badass. Yeah, like forever ago.It seems that, as tattoo culture grows more mainstream, gangs and "bad" guys need to step their game up a whole bunch when it comes to impressing society with their badassness. (i just decided that was a word).This post is quite random as i found most images via google. A friend posted a full body inked gang member picture and it triggerd my google-uriosity.Pretty impressive.No more hiding or erasing your past bad ...


We all dress for the Theater of our lives

"We all dress for the Theater of our lives" - Lynn Del, 78 years old.This one of the many ladies features in this incredibly inspiring blog. Advanced Style is a fashion blog about older ladies. A blog thats says Aging is fantastic and young underaged models are somewhat boring. Ari Seth Cohen, the founder of AS does a beautiful job at putting older folks and their knowledge of personal style back on the fashion map.So for all you 20/30 year old, safe dresser, original style criticizers, flashy outfit haters: you wrooong.- AdvancedStyle ...


Living Rooms

I was in a pretty bad mood today. Half irony-about-everything, half über-tired and annoyed. But the internet took me out of my nonsocial mood, the time to remind me that my desk is not the center of the Universe. As i was doing some pretty predictable image research (seach: living rooms + family ) i had the pleasure to be put in front of some very different types of living rooms. Some that actually took me away from my rainy Montreal City, to show me around our beautifully diverse World.Thank you Getty.(photos: Peeter Viisimaa, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Bruno De Hogues, ...