The Cutest Candles

The cutest DIY or How to Pimp Your BDay cake with style. (via the sweetest


Pretty Protection

I love my iPhone. Like i LOVE my iPhone. I had mine stolen a few months back and i was forced to buy a blackberry (cheaper). It was hell, even the bbm function did not make up for everything amazing about my lost baby. So i got the new 4s and i finally got my life back. And as we all know, our phones are now the new fashion accessory to pimp, bling, decorate. So here is so far the coolest iPhone case site i've found: Society6.My personal favourite artists are Boneface's beat-up superheroes, Chris Piascik's fun types and Kate Kosek's beautiful patterns.- society6 ...


Versace for HM : Donatella copied me.

So i don't wanna say that Donatella copied me but come on now!!! I designed these patterns 9 months ago on my nails yo!!!! Can i get SOME credit ...


Ever’s Rainbow People

Meet Ever, a Buenos Aires born artist that paints giant scale rainbow portraits in the streets. His style is extremely esthetic and mixes naïve and surrealist styles with modern illustration, which is quit powerful when used on portraying Mao.Ever however, is not how his mother called him. it could have been, but no; she really called him Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada. I agree, it's a little less catchy than Ever. - ever - ...


Fly Baby Fly

2 weeks ago, 3 Men made me feel more special than anybody has ever done before. 3 Men that have given me my faith in my talent back. 3 Men that have shown me what true friendship can be. 3 men that i will love ...


Jeremy likes to tell you what time it is

And so Jeremy Scott did a few more watches for Swatch. And so i really like them. And yeah, that's


McDowell, no, not the one from Coming to America.

Meet Dave McDowell. A MAD painter from Virginia that claims to be from the Pop Surrealism movement. His acrylic pieces reflect a tormented vision of our american based pop culture.  Like a crazy bad-trippin' Bosh and Dali inspired Pop Nightmare. As weird as they seem, they somehow do reflect a certain type of our reality. Yes, a lot of our TV culture is trash. - his blog ...