1000 Days of Drawing

Meet  Chris Piascik. I actually dicorvered his work (not him...i don't know him...and i'm fine with that, really) though my Society6 iPhone cases post. Yup. So now i kinda follow what he's up to and lately, he has been (well, not really "lately,  but for the past 4 years...yeah, a freackin' while!) drawing an illustration a day.He is about to reach 1000 and want to self publish it. I'm down. His illustrations are dope. So.Yeah.Here are some of them as well as his Kickstarter ...


Robot Butterfly

So yesterday i spent to evening with my girl Lisa and her amazing photographer friend Danny. Went to a secret flea market around the city then stopped at Danny's house. This is where i discovered that the robots are EVERYWHERE. Well, not really but they have started to look so real, i got fooled.This video is of this butterfly in a jar....but it actually is a robotFly!Crazy, looks SO REAL. You just have to tap on te jar slightly and the butterfly start flicking and flying in that jar...Amazing and spooky at the same time.- butterfly in a jar ...


My favorite adidas shirt

Yesterday's outfit... My neck bling is a mix of a 200BC gold Cupid, a chinese good luck golden fish, a Rubik's Cube (gift from my girl Leah McFly!) and a necklace made of 200 years old Bohemian glass and a west african bronze pendant.And yes, my iPhone case is a ...


Arts and crafts Sunday at my house

This was last year. I organized a little Arts'n'Crafts sunday with some of my friends. It was dope. We made pendent s and earrings. ...


Looks from the Past

So i was emptying my camera and found a bunch of old looks...so here, months


Little Red Crush

So long story short, i love red and i love dresses.BOUM: shortest blog post ever.- asos


Dum English Astronaut Series

So last week i was at Art Basel Miami.....and it was awesome. And by awesome i mean AAAWWEESSSOOOME. I took a billion pictures and so it will take me a billions years to go though and post. But it will be done, fear not dear friends. Art overload. Beauty overload. Fun and inspiration wet dream.Anyway. You get the idea.So one of the few things i bought there is this limited series (5 of each only for now! Only at the Wynwood walls) necklace. It is called "Dum English Astronaut Series" and is by the great Ron English and the not so great Chris Brown(yeah, very talented ...


Childish Reality

I am happy to introduce to you something beautiful, smart and interesting coming from.... the Jersey Shore.It's a project, an idea translates into a book. "What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? "I don't know if you remember an old post of mine that was quite similar, childrens' drawing recreated exactly in photography: "Wonderland"I just find these simple ways of taking children's thoughts a bit more seriously quite romantic.The Monster Engine by Dave Devries.If i was Pixar or Tim Burton, i would definitely use this process to ...