485 boys dressed to honor Gandhi

64 years ago yesterday, was the day the great Gandhi was assassinated.That day, also known as The Black Day of Sorrow in India was declared as the Martyrs Day.In Kolkata, this year's ceremonie had a little something special as 485 young boys flooded the streets, all dressed like the Mahatma Gandhi, to participate in a giant Peace March. The children participating were all from poor or single-parent homes. The walk was themed “Rise Up,” and was organized to support Gandhi’s ideals of truth, justice and nonviolence. (they also happened to break a World Guinness ...


MissMe loves Jazz

Meet MissMe. Meet some of her heros. A series called Jazz Saints that bring some of our masters to the "hall of fame"of music religion. The intention was to mix portraits with an interpretation of classical Orthodox Icons. But to each his own: Georges Gershwin has his famous cigar and piano, Miles Davis, his beloved trumpet, Sarah Vaughan, her classic mic, Nina Simone a black power medallion and Billie Holliday, the first lyrics of the very important "Strange Fruit" first sang in 1939. Like a silent homage and reminder of where some of our music and culture ...


Valentine is not always that romantic.

Funny Valentines cards for the "not-in-love-yet" types.-lazy oaf


Iris van Herpen X United Nude

These babies are basically "just for show" litterally. There are only 4 pairs done, and only for the fashion show. By holy-sh**t are they beautiful."The curved heels took shape with computer aided design and were then by way of rapid prototyping printed in 3D and laminated with carbon fiber for strength."- united nude ...



So 2 weeks ago i stumbled upon (yes, it took me 2 freakin' weeks to post this…i know: lame) some images of origamis made with bills…..well, not just plane olds "look, i made a boat" or "hey, it's a flower" boring origamis. No these had the interesting feature of using the bill to stage the face. The result is honestly pretty fun.(as for references, i had the hardest time trying to figure out who was the 1st one to do it as a lot of peeps copied the idea…so, basically, i have no clue who started this but i'm preeeeety sure he/she was ...


Why not wear flames and Cadillac lights on your feet?

Here are some of the heels of the Spring 2012 Collection for……Prada. Yup! Seems like Jeremy Scott, DeCastlebajac and Nikki Minaj are Haute Couture now!One thing is for sure: the Pink Ladies got a shoe to honor ...


Vans likes Kiddies

Love some of the new Vans models for kids. Kinda want the shark one.- vans


Katy Perry is gonna have an orgasm.

One of my facebook friends just posted this video….. it's a color-overload-bubble-gum-LSD-trip from Asia. The music is horrible (sorry Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!) but i found the graphics, somehow fun….. for like 2 minutes. But fun nevertheless.Watch it once, not more. And turn the sound down. Enjoy ...


Bitch is crazy

…and hungry. Monica Cook is one weird lady.Her drawings on paper are so creepy, i actually didn't post them. They remind me of a modern time Bosh, but only the Hell side of the paintings.Weeeeeeird. But hey, the girl can paint!- monica cook ...


Fun Feet

"like"-lazy oaf


Sucker for Soccer

Meet Zoran Lucić, a designer and illustrator from Bosnia and Herzegovina that has designed dosens of posters dedicated to some of the best soccer players in the World. I don't care for soccer but i must admit these posters are pretty dope.- all the posters ...


Fabian Ciraolo cosmic sparkle dreams

Fabian Ciraolo is a man from the 80s. The drug-dream-powered-cosmic-sparkles-pop-icon-obsessed-80s. Oh, and he likes pink too.- f c ...