Au Vieux Panier Marseillais

Remember Hotel Fox? Yes yes, you know, this Copenhagen hotel that had each of it's room decorated by pop artists. Anyway, it is dope and has had more design press on it than if Helevtica and Frutiger had a gay wedding…so you should know. Well, the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseilles (France) is kinda doing the same concept (it's a dope concept, so they should)… And one of it's room, called "the panic room", was done by graffitti artist Tilt. Love it. (photos by ...


Dessert For Breakfast

Here it is, it is now official, The Lady and The Sweatshop now has a sister blog: Dessert For Breakfast! Now let me tell you a few words about this new blog: DfB is a collective of  smart, funky and sexy ladies that share their thoughts and experiences about sex. Basically reacting to the big gap our society STILL has when it comes to real Women Sex Talk. And i'm not only referring to our mothers and political authorities, but really to Reality TV and women's magazines. Enough of this Snooky-Kim K-Paris-Britney vulgarity. And enough of these Cosmo Mags ...


Pointy Nails

So i've been doing pointy nails and half-colored pointy nails for a year now and just realized i had never posted them….So here are a few, with my manucure of the day ...


Playmobil Jewelry

So I went back to my Sweatshop the other day…. and used up a bunch of the vintage Playmobil people i had just purchased at the flea market. Tahdaaah. Because i believe jewelry made with a toy that brought joy to a child has way better Karma than a stone that was taken from a mine in the most horrible human ...


Are you afraid of heights?

Maybe…but these seem worth it. - nasty gal