When Street Art becomes a Tee

Montreal street artist MissMe has just launched a t-shirt line. Wear Saint Bille Holliday and Saint Miles Davis and educated a few peeps about the origins of their iPod's music. Or go shock your mother with a pretty explicit self-pleasing Betty Boop. Hand printed in Montreal yall! Hell ...


Lazy Glasses

I loooove them. All. Thank you Lazy


Underwater Ink Trip

So THIS is what snorkeling in a pool full of paint looks like! Here is the humbeling work of Italian photographer Alberto Seveso. Kinda reminds us all that true beauty is everywhere, and usually in the more simple things, like liquids and not in a store on 5ht ...


Pantone Visa Cards

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! These are SICK. Ok, breaaaathe….. As i was surfing the Pantone website to buy new chips, i see these. And then i almost had a heart attack. Yes, i'm a little crazy freaking out about a card instead of what it could buy me. Oh ...


New MissMe in Real City


Patricia’s Bones, Fries and Boys

For the funky boys that would have the balls and the swagg to be able to rock these. (at Patricial Field


Pointy Leopard Barbie Nails

Girly and wild, guess that's my mood


I wear my heels in the slush.

So Montreal weather has been quite wet lately. Canadian Winter + Global Warming = Slush. I've had enough of either wearing my rain-boots everyday and the whole walking like a dyslexic retard in heels to avoid the slush really got me annoyed. And that's when i saw them in a window….winking at me…… Hunter rain-boots with heels that actually looks funky. I wear them everyday, with skinny jeans or baggys… and i'm ...