Bezt of Nailz Right Nowz

So nails are hot right now, i'm not teaching you anything, i know. So here is, according to meeeee, the Bezt of Nailz of Ze Right Nowz. Mega pointy is what's up right now. Get in on it. ( via PrettyNailSwag, GIOGO and my girl Marie's PrettyProject ) By the way, GIOGO's nail show is da bomb: funky beautiful funny gals with style. ...


Pras Yourselves

Meet Bernard Pras. A french artist that might just be the reincarnation of Guiseppe Arsimboldo. Is work is not only spectacular but philosophically interesting and funny. Pras, or the art of doing masterpieces with crap. Question of ...


Geneva Week End Shopping

Beige, Black, Gold and Neon Yellow Obsession. With a new mani. Golden clutch, Viser, Neon Bracelet: H&M Wedges: Schulz Brazil Earings: tiny shop in Naples, ...


Lego Ring

So i got this dope ring at this dope shop. (Bruxe in Montreal) Not only is it beautiful as is…but you can actually built legos on it. Yes. I freaked out too when my friend Oli from Bruxe told me they would probably fit. So i bought myself plain legos (soooo hard to find now, somehow, all legos are part of a specific thing to built…which is dumb, 'coz the whole point of legos is that with plain parts, you could built anything. Anyway…) And i built myself some rings. I change the colors depending on my outfit. People in Naples where digging ...

Capture d’écran 2013-06-14 à 16.19.59

Pretty Paper Waste

…i came across in La Praille,


Fight Like a Man, Dress like a Lady.

La Paz, Bolivia, 2010. A group of Quechua ladies have decided to take the saying "behind every strong man, there is a strong lady" to a whole other level. Almost every Sunday, these ladies (the founder is 40 years old!) fight, luchador-style matches. Some even fight men! It's fascinating to see through this photo-series by Daniele Tamagni, how the tradition is present in this very feminist activity. Daniele says about this series: " I wanted to show the violence, but above all the grace. The traditional aymara dress (multi-layered skirts) have an important role ...



Meet my favourite street artist of all times: Alexandre Farto aka Vhils from beautiful Portugal.His art is beyond anything i had ever seen before.I remember the very first time i came across his art in real life, it was last december while in Art Basel Miami. He had a few pieces in the amazing Wynwood area. Blew me away. (Actually, my first reaction was "Wow, Levi's really copied his technic!"with their go forth wall explosion ad. And then i realized he actually was the one who did the ads. Props to Levi's for not copying but getting the actual artist to do his ...


Fruition will teach ya!

I'm so impressed with the styling. Their stuff is always dope but the styling is off the


Glow in The Dark

Meet Lilyluciole. A Paris-Libreville-Montreal street artist with her own sense of using the streets as canvases. Every single piece she produces is unique and carefully hand glued together. African pattern inspired, it pays homage to African culture and women in a very beautiful and colorful way. Big ...


Ethinic Crush

Bona Drag's new dresse. Love the dresses. Love the