Kid does Bondage

Frank Kozik does a Bondage Labbit. And it's freakin' hilariously


A Million Tattoos

I thought i was a genius when i decided to make my own line of temporary art tatoos…. Turns out i'm not the only genius. Some other geniuses actually have an online shop of our brilliant idea: tattly. Super sweet with a touch of cheese. An hommage to the ever-changing moods of our ...


The Real Life of Barbie.

Meet Mariel Clayton. A canadian (yeeeeeeyahhh!) artist that uses photography and Barbie dolls to scream her disgust of the "perfect (boring) life" these dolls try to show the World though our little girls.   He "scenes" are of the most raw and extreme. As a balance to the extreme the Mattel brand tries to sell us. Real life, the other side.   To the question "Why Barbie?" She naturally replies: Because I hate Barbie. I intensely dislike the stereotype that the “ideal” female fits no current authentic female form. You can’t get to be ...


The Melody that goes on your ears.

New Melody Ehsani designs…… fly as


New Babies

  Meet my 2 new feet babies. They are adorable and


Fu**ck Me Davis Shoes

Here it is, the Ruth Davis Summer 2012 Collection. Fun sneakers and mega high heels. Über girly, über kinky, über fun and über ...



So i've seen one of these images a few years back and without knowing anything about it, i remember loving it. Edgy, fun, original, slightly nuts and very very beautiful. Turns out it was part of a dope campaign for Australian clothing brand Insight51. Images by Dustin Humphrey. Dustin: your work is breathtaking. Call me. ("insert wink and shine-on-teeth ...