The Cool Stewart

Hattie Stewart is a professional doodler. This means that she makes a living doing doodles. Just for that, i respect her. Thing is her doodles are actually dope. Here are some magazines she pimped, Hattie style. You go girl, no use to grow ...


The Tapist

Seems like there is an new artist in the streets of Real City! Love the idea, super graphic and esthetic. I call him/her: the ...


New Lazy Crushes

From Lazy


Popeye Rolex whaaaat?

So 17 minutes ago was released to the internet the news that there is a limited numbered (of course) edition of a POPEYE ROLEX!!!??!! (did i say that a lil' loud maybe? sorry, got a bit excited) From what i've understood, Bamford Watch Department has teamed up with Darren Romanelli to do this DOPE watch. See, i was never a fan of Rolex, that i find very "nouveau riche" and not that esthetic. Plus, they have a reputation of not keeping exact time, so…. But this watch, i love. Yes, somehow, two cartoon muscular arms on an overpriced watch really talks to ...