New MissMe in RealCity

Street artist MissMe hits again. With some seriously political pieces this


Golden Spike Lee

Last time i was in Paris a few weeks back, i fell in love with Nous Sommes' pop culture Collection….. The chains were a lil' big for me but if i had a man, or WAS a dude, i would totally rock a few of these babies… D.O.P.E. (you can find them on Revive's ...


Jesus was a Gynmast

So a few weeks back i went to Prague. Beautiful city, loads of tourists. And then….i saw Jesus. Like for real. Chillin'… Chilling like an olympian. And then i saw Giant guns. And then a real rocking horse. And then soft blue staues. And the an army of arrows frozen in time. And a monster that can't hide under a carpet… Yeah, the AMoYa is a funky ...


Saint Nina Simone

So MissMe made new tees with her Jazz Saint series. Selling like pancakes, out of sizes after 4