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Crazy motherfuckers with an accent

…and a amazing sense of esthetics. They school the very self-loving-plastic-and-calculated-world-of music about the meaning of art-that-doesn't-give-a-fuck. As for the "fatty boom boom" vid, i heard that the reason their make fun of Lady gaga, is that she had supposedly asked them to open for her on tour and not only did they tell her to go fuck herself, but then did this video where they trash The Gaga. Ha. I think it's safe to say that their videos are my favorites of all ...


Charlotte Olympia doesn’t care.

Stumbled upon her adorable clutches, while spending money i don't have, on the Net-a-porter sales site. Kid at Heart would be the boring way to put it, but you get the idea: Charlotte is fun and seems to not give a flying fuck about high end bag design conventions. Me ...


Five on Head

So i'm currently obsessed with these 5 panels caps. I know: like everybody else. Here are my little favorites of the moment. Oh yeah, i have to give props to my friend Jay Smith for introducing me to Norse Projects. Although he did it in his usual "sweet" way: "Guurl i got to update your swaaag" (yes, he still uses the word "swag") i still appreciate the introduction to a dope brand.(you can find a lot of these on his shop here ...


Mara Hoffmann likes it wet

Mara Hoffmann does the dopest bathing suits. Yes, i know, old collection. I don't care.