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Sean from Texas will tattoo some sick depressive shit on you.

Another Instagram find. Another dope tattoo artist with a unique style. New-age punk meets a depressive pop culture type of cartoon-infused depression. Makes you laugh and sad at the same time. @seanfromtexas ...

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Insanity on crack, aka a guy called Daniels

"I’m a pretty peaceful guy in private, but I adopt a very aggressive approach when it comes to getting shit done and getting shit done right. It’s only natural that it comes out in my music. I’m a product of my environment, so I partially blame Metallica, Mobb Deep, Lil Jon, and Dolly Parton for my aggressive nature. Especially Dolly. She’s the most turnt up of them all." -DJ Snake. As for the FUCKING AMAZING VIDEO, it's a guy called Daniels.  And he is no stranger to the Fucked up and weird. I've put a few of his work as well. Preeeeety insane. and ...

Real Action Pantsula

Do the pantsula!

So i've recently been exposed to a pretty dope type of dance: the Pantsula.                           As one of my friends, a brilliant and curious dancer called MellyMel went and spend a lot of time of South Africa, she brought us back knowledge and love from there. You have probably seen it here and there, if you are in the underground scene or familiar with some of Red Bull dance events or just the "girls" video by Beyoncé... anyway: it's fucking ...


Drag Dictators

I honestly think this series of dragged up portraits of dictators by Saint Hoax is genius. As i do not think there is a better way to attack them and honestly, make them quite fabulous (except Ben Laden and King Fahd, they just looks awful, no matter what) (although Bush is no dictator, no matter how much i hate him, Obama was part of it, but i really don't find he has his place, and Ben Laden , is no dictator, he is just a giant terrorist motherfucker) In the artist's words: After attending a drag show for the first time, I was struck by the richness of this ...


The Real Chanel Supermarket Show

MissMe made her own version of the "oh-so-spoken-about" Chanel show. Ya.


Pigalle SS14

Menswear is slowly becoming as interesting as womenswear....and even more, in my personal opinion. I have been shopping in menswear for the past 3 years now as i find that, more and more, men's collections are better than women's. Pigalle's video also shows how styling for men, aka swag, is becoming more and more creative and free from traditional ways. So. Hot. (plus one of my best friend both is in the video and walked for the i'm kinda proud) PIGALLE SHOW AW 2013/2014 from PIGALLE PARIS on ...

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Young Paris

New York Congo kids. Hopefully their videos will soon be at the level of their sound. Slowly but surely my ...