HipHop VS the Middle Ages

B4XVI is a project by artist Cecilia Azcarate, highlighting an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century. Turns out not only they didn't invent anything, they are keeping it REAAAAAL old school. ...

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Sean from Texas will tattoo some sick depressive shit on you.

Another Instagram find. Another dope tattoo artist with a unique style. New-age punk meets a depressive pop culture type of cartoon-infused depression. Makes you laugh and sad at the same time. @seanfromtexas ...

Real Action Pantsula

Do the pantsula!

So i've recently been exposed to a pretty dope type of dance: the Pantsula.                           As one of my friends, a brilliant and curious dancer called MellyMel went and spend a lot of time of South Africa, she brought us back knowledge and love from there. You have probably seen it here and there, if you are in the underground scene or familiar with some of Red Bull dance events or just the "girls" video by Beyoncé... anyway: it's fucking ...


Drag Dictators

I honestly think this series of dragged up portraits of dictators by Saint Hoax is genius. As i do not think there is a better way to attack them and honestly, make them quite fabulous (except Ben Laden and King Fahd, they just looks awful, no matter what) (although Bush is no dictator, no matter how much i hate him, Obama was part of it, but i really don't find he has his place, and Ben Laden , is no dictator, he is just a giant terrorist motherfucker) In the artist's words: After attending a drag show for the first time, I was struck by the richness of this ...


The Real Chanel Supermarket Show

MissMe made her own version of the "oh-so-spoken-about" Chanel show. Ya.


Some seriously vintage Super-Heros

Next time someone tells you Star-Trek of the Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles are not real culture, you can just show them these as a serious proof that these mazing stories are as legit as some other crazy superhero-guys that have crazy powers like opening the sea with a stick or turning water into wine.... you know. Amazing series of hieroglyphs-like superhero stories by Josh Ln. #artcrush ...


Bad-Ass Arabic Chicks on Bikes

Part of the latest exhibit of bad-ass marroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj "Kesh Angels" in New York. It goes to show that hijabs and funkiness actually do go together. ...


Ancient Fart Wars

So yesterday, i stumbled upon these very surprising yet very hilarious ancient Japanese Edo period (1603 – 1868) images. All authentic, not modern "twist" not photoshop included. After digging a lil' more, i found the entire scroll (here) and realized it was an entire battle that was depicted on one scroll. With a million fantasticly ridiculous details, from the obvious "best farting attack positions" to " how to kill a cat" to my absolute favorite: "The deadly bag of farts". Yes, these are made and meant for adults. Yet Japanese have always had a very ...


Fuck you Photoshop.

Meet Ted Feighan, or the artist that told all photoshop skills and realistic collage to go screw themselves deep. Real deep. For the sake of original-70s-like-coolness. ...

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The latest YAK

Here is the latest video from this guy Kash Gaines, the eyes and fingers behind YAK Films. He basically travels the world to film the moment's best and most interesting street dancers. Here are some others of his videos, along with the one my girl Néné did (and killed it) and Montreal's own: ...


Watercolor for drunk and high adults.

Stacy Roczich's weird and pretty watercolor creatures say "hi". y


Mucha’s japanese cousin

Haruyo Morita's site is probably the corniest i've been on this year. Yet her art is spectacular. Beautifully drawn traditional japanese ladies, pop colors and a touch of cheese. (actually a lot of cheese) Overwhelming with decorative details that reminds me a little of our own Art Nouveau era. Pop Love. ...


Oh Kae, Oh Kae.

Kae does fun collages. Me likee.


Tilt’s fetish sofa…

Her name is Alix. She is the new kinky yet bold creation of two creative parents: Tilt and Amaze. To sit on it is to wanna fuck on it... DID I JUST WRITE THAT? Guess i did. Ha.   Amaze - Alix by Tilt from amaze-art on ...


MissMe in Brooklyn

New work from MissMe in NYC.


Jay Prince

Meet Jay. Jay Prince that is. A super talented, super underground young hip hop independent artist from London. He just released his latest sound: Feel Good. Keep a eye on him...i mean, if you like real hip hop of course. You can download his EPs here. How cool is that. ...


The Intouchables

Beautiful campaign by Erik Ravelo for "The Right to Childhood". Strong images that denounce the abuse of our future by evil forces created/part of our society. Children crucified on the cros of Fast Food, Pedophilia, Nuclear, War... Made in FABRICA. ...


Baitogogo in Tokyo

Love this. Since Fame Mag wrote the description so well, i wont even try to re-write it. Copy-paste. Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira, creates a voluminous installation of wood inPalais de Tokyo, Paris.The vast structure which appears to grow out from the supportive columns of the room conquers the space. Constructed from a mass of twisting and turning tapumes – wood used to fence construction sites in Brazil – the installation evokes the characteristics of a living organism. Using materials collected from the urban landscape, Oliveira’s work ...


Dr. Woo

Here is another of my Instagram discoveries: Dr.Woo from Cali. This is not your average tattoo artist . This guy seems to have some-kind of out-of-space needle as i have never seen such delicate and detailed tattoo art in my life. It' so good, he make some of these corny-ass "fake bracelets" tatts or d"i love my dog" tatts look freakin' impressive. Serious skillz. Follow him here.   ...


Egypt’s freedom walls

Yesterday, History happened again. In the religious center of the monotheist world, another autocratic leader was taken away from power. Weather it will be for the good of the people and their true revolution, we still don't know as it was once again, the Military that did the coup "in the name of the people"... I am staying hopeful and want to believe that they will conduct democatic elections that will be not only clean but with leaders that truly represent all of Egypt.   While the World keeps it's fingers crossed, the revolution has been written ...


A japanese perv that can draw…

Meet Shintaro Kago, a 44 year old japanese sicko that luckily for society, decided to draw his fantasies instead of becoming one of our time's most fucked up serial killer. Jokes aside, i actually love his style (called Fashionable Paranoia). Like a if a japaneseCare-bear vomited rainbow one some old perv's sexual-scato-cannibalism dream. I actually can't figure out a way to better describe it. Bon appétit!   ...


Woman, street artist and living in Kabul.

Last week, i took "crashing an event" to a whole other level: the level of twisting your destiny for an hour. One of my girls that works in the swiss national TV station forwarded me an email about a small exhibit organized by a local feminist organisation ( "Terre des Femmes") about this young woman graffiti artist from Afghanistan: Shamsia. Now these words just sounded so magical yet surprising together, i just had to go check out the press event i obviously wasn't invited to. So i did. And i didn't only show up, i was right there, in the front, ...

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Papa Can You Hear me?

Total crush. On the music, on the art direction, on the dancing, on the concept, on the lyrics. It's nice to see that sometimes the mainstream music mafia industry sometimes brings us actual art. Stromae, our generation's new Brel, taks on the subject of the father. Or more specifically the fatherless child. In a visual mix of Edward Scissorhands and Katie Perry's decorator, this volontarily fake-bubble-gum-looking set portays the hard contrast of a dreamed definition of the father and the reality of him being un-real, an invention of the child's ...

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Ink Dopeness

Instagram is a funny tool. Very addictive, midely distracting and sometimes, a real window to talents you would have never known. One of these talents is this YueWu dude. He basically looks like the chinese version of Theophilus London with a gypsy dentist (gold teeth) and a very Wes Anderson-like sense of humour. Yesterday, he posted the video he and this other french guy (yeah, he seems to be from paris) did for the new Ed Banger compilation. All in ink and pencil, this is actually a little gem. (with other amazing illustrator from Paris ...


Mischief Champoin

One hilarious australian chick.


Better than planking.

Remember planking? Well if you don’t it’s ok, it was one of those pretty wak internet craze that really is not worth more than 7 minutes of your curiousity and maybe a Facebook post.   Thing is, here is the proof of how sometimes, the same idea (immobilizing your body in an akward position in an unusual setting) can either be "meh" or true art. This performing troop has been doing these urban living canvases since 2007. (yes, i know, i’m like freakin’ 6 years late) and their name is Bodies in Urban Spaces (boring name) They are choreographed ...


Do you MissMe?

MissMe. Miami, Geneva, Montreal.


Music from trash…

This must be the most beautiful story i've heard this entire year. Yes. Brought chills to my soul and water to my mascara. Cateura, Paraguay is a small town that survives on other people's trash. First by sorting it and reselling it, but also in the most beautiful and inspiring way possible: making magic from society's waste. Over there, "people realize that we shouldn't trow away trash carelessly" "well, we shouldn't throw away people either"… Creating musical instrument with garbage and creating a children's orchestra to learn how to dream ...


Dopest tattoos i’ve seen in a while.

From Guy Le Tatooer to Valentin H. and a  few more i don't know the name of… True art. More Here. ...



Bought this little baby the other day. Felt like sharing. Oh yeah: it's an erotic cartoon…so…it's graphic. You are ...


Papiers Ordinaires

Voici une petite découverte qui en est une grande: 2 soeurs parisiennes qui dessinent. Ancrée dans la culture urbaine elles nous montre une France (à travers des symboles ré-appropriés) à l'identité national évoluée. Comme un miroir que notre pays peine à regarder, il est en réalité bien plus beau que beaucoup semblent craindre. Je me demande même si Kehinde Wiley ne serait pas leur parrain…. Paris to the USA to Peru: color is beauty. Le Quartier Général: Delphine et Élodie ...


Flying Houses

Now this is what happens when someone dreams about flying houses all the time and has mad photo and photoshop skills. Or maybe he's just fly…OH NO SHE DIDN'T! The work of ...


MissMe all around the World

It's been a while since we shared MissMe's work. And she has been B-U-S-Y. From Montreal, to New York to ...


New MissMe in RealCity

Street artist MissMe hits again. With some seriously political pieces this


Jesus was a Gynmast

So a few weeks back i went to Prague. Beautiful city, loads of tourists. And then….i saw Jesus. Like for real. Chillin'… Chilling like an olympian. And then i saw Giant guns. And then a real rocking horse. And then soft blue staues. And the an army of arrows frozen in time. And a monster that can't hide under a carpet… Yeah, the AMoYa is a funky ...


The Cool Stewart

Hattie Stewart is a professional doodler. This means that she makes a living doing doodles. Just for that, i respect her. Thing is her doodles are actually dope. Here are some magazines she pimped, Hattie style. You go girl, no use to grow ...


The Tapist

Seems like there is an new artist in the streets of Real City! Love the idea, super graphic and esthetic. I call him/her: the ...


Kid does Bondage

Frank Kozik does a Bondage Labbit. And it's freakin' hilariously


The Real Life of Barbie.

Meet Mariel Clayton. A canadian (yeeeeeeyahhh!) artist that uses photography and Barbie dolls to scream her disgust of the "perfect (boring) life" these dolls try to show the World though our little girls.   He "scenes" are of the most raw and extreme. As a balance to the extreme the Mattel brand tries to sell us. Real life, the other side.   To the question "Why Barbie?" She naturally replies: Because I hate Barbie. I intensely dislike the stereotype that the “ideal” female fits no current authentic female form. You can’t get to be ...


Pras Yourselves

Meet Bernard Pras. A french artist that might just be the reincarnation of Guiseppe Arsimboldo. Is work is not only spectacular but philosophically interesting and funny. Pras, or the art of doing masterpieces with crap. Question of ...

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Pretty Paper Waste

…i came across in La Praille,



Meet my favourite street artist of all times: Alexandre Farto aka Vhils from beautiful Portugal.His art is beyond anything i had ever seen before.I remember the very first time i came across his art in real life, it was last december while in Art Basel Miami. He had a few pieces in the amazing Wynwood area. Blew me away. (Actually, my first reaction was "Wow, Levi's really copied his technic!"with their go forth wall explosion ad. And then i realized he actually was the one who did the ads. Props to Levi's for not copying but getting the actual artist to do his ...


Glow in The Dark

Meet Lilyluciole. A Paris-Libreville-Montreal street artist with her own sense of using the streets as canvases. Every single piece she produces is unique and carefully hand glued together. African pattern inspired, it pays homage to African culture and women in a very beautiful and colorful way. Big ...


New MissMe in Real City


Au Vieux Panier Marseillais

Remember Hotel Fox? Yes yes, you know, this Copenhagen hotel that had each of it's room decorated by pop artists. Anyway, it is dope and has had more design press on it than if Helevtica and Frutiger had a gay wedding…so you should know. Well, the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseilles (France) is kinda doing the same concept (it's a dope concept, so they should)… And one of it's room, called "the panic room", was done by graffitti artist Tilt. Love it. (photos by ...


MissMe loves Jazz

Meet MissMe. Meet some of her heros. A series called Jazz Saints that bring some of our masters to the "hall of fame"of music religion. The intention was to mix portraits with an interpretation of classical Orthodox Icons. But to each his own: Georges Gershwin has his famous cigar and piano, Miles Davis, his beloved trumpet, Sarah Vaughan, her classic mic, Nina Simone a black power medallion and Billie Holliday, the first lyrics of the very important "Strange Fruit" first sang in 1939. Like a silent homage and reminder of where some of our music and culture ...


Bitch is crazy

…and hungry. Monica Cook is one weird lady.Her drawings on paper are so creepy, i actually didn't post them. They remind me of a modern time Bosh, but only the Hell side of the paintings.Weeeeeeird. But hey, the girl can paint!- monica cook ...


Fabian Ciraolo cosmic sparkle dreams

Fabian Ciraolo is a man from the 80s. The drug-dream-powered-cosmic-sparkles-pop-icon-obsessed-80s. Oh, and he likes pink too.- f c ...


Dum English Astronaut Series

So last week i was at Art Basel Miami.....and it was awesome. And by awesome i mean AAAWWEESSSOOOME. I took a billion pictures and so it will take me a billions years to go though and post. But it will be done, fear not dear friends. Art overload. Beauty overload. Fun and inspiration wet dream.Anyway. You get the idea.So one of the few things i bought there is this limited series (5 of each only for now! Only at the Wynwood walls) necklace. It is called "Dum English Astronaut Series" and is by the great Ron English and the not so great Chris Brown(yeah, very talented ...


Childish Reality

I am happy to introduce to you something beautiful, smart and interesting coming from.... the Jersey Shore.It's a project, an idea translates into a book. "What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? "I don't know if you remember an old post of mine that was quite similar, childrens' drawing recreated exactly in photography: "Wonderland"I just find these simple ways of taking children's thoughts a bit more seriously quite romantic.The Monster Engine by Dave Devries.If i was Pixar or Tim Burton, i would definitely use this process to ...


McDowell, no, not the one from Coming to America.

Meet Dave McDowell. A MAD painter from Virginia that claims to be from the Pop Surrealism movement. His acrylic pieces reflect a tormented vision of our american based pop culture.  Like a crazy bad-trippin' Bosh and Dali inspired Pop Nightmare. As weird as they seem, they somehow do reflect a certain type of our reality. Yes, a lot of our TV culture is trash. - his blog ...


A’Shop in the Real City

A'Shop Just finished a gorgeous mural in NDG, Montreal. Quite a poetic piece for 7 dudes reping the Real City.Brrraaaap!- a'shop ...


Swatch X KidRobot

8 watches, 8 designers, 8 dunnys. Gary Baseman, Jeremyville, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Tara McPherson, SSUR, and Tilt. Dope. - swatch - ...


Lesson of the day.

Made i poster to help me remember this.


En Masse

Yesterday i walked to work. Takes about an hour and i get to walk though empty sunny streets alone with my own soundtrack. I also get to see new streetart. Here is a new piece by the Montreal collective En Masse. ...


Bosco is high. I think.

Meet Bosco Mattel. A photophop artist that just might have a crush on a certain Salvatore..... - boscomattel -


The Rodrigo Series

A while ago, i decided to make my friend Rodrigo my muse..... for a few photoshop


My body is a canvas

Amanda Wachob is a New York tatoo artist that treats body ink like liquid paint and her needel like a paintbrush. Technique and vision, what can i say. - amanda wachob - ...


Music to my eyes

Street Art by OaKoAk,


Joël’s sweet paintings

I love Joël Penkman's art. He seems to be a sweet painter.- j h


Paper Porcelain

Porcelain inspired paper cups by Rebecca Wilson. You won't want to throw them away.Love.- rw


I Have Pop

Meet I HAVE POP, an internationally operating creative studio based in Amsterdam, that has a thing for fun smart simple installations. Here are 2 of their projects, both being about sneaks, both using unusual materials for shoes. The first series of kicks is made out of the cardboard boxes it came in. As for the second series, it's actually a more complex idea: "Between june and november 2004, 10 pairs of concrete dunks were made and secretly placed in front of various stores in North America and Europe. The stores were selected on their involvement with popular ...


Painting Reality

Berlin 2010.......500 liters of waterbased environmentally-friendly paint was spilled on Rosenthaler Platz and turned the weels of 2000 cars into paintbrushes. This colorful guerilla piece was imagined and led by Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, IEPE & the anonymous crew I just love the multiple meanings one can take out of such a collective piece of art...   - iepe ...


Todd James is naïve

Here is a serie of painting from the bubblegumy Todd James. He usually draws nakes giant brested pink girls but in this series, he decided to paint serious current topics (like the Somali Pirates or the Afghany War) like a 5 year old would paint a princess.Oxymoron with a lots of colors. And no, that's not me calling him a ...


Comic Grafittis

I came across these beauties while we were scouting for our photoshoot location a few weeks ago.In Old

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Cyriak is a Genius

Meet the genius Cyriak. An After Effects dominator that shows you what it would be like to see the World on the coolest drug ever invented. Aecher would be ...


I Tongue U

A few month ago i went crazy. And i made an entire album like this. Yup. I just found it hillarious and somewhat smart somehow. No, i don't take ...


Little Italian Street Art

I came across these pieces while walking in Little Italy today. Same artist and his posters are even numbered! BUT i don't know who he/she is... Except that he/she seems to have a thing for miss Gaga ...


UnderPressure Graffiti Festival

As i was walking down the warm streets of Montreal last night, i came across some beautiful new grafs (one of them in memory of murdered Montreal Hiphop artist Bad News Brown) and sidewalk art to promote the upcoming UnderPressure Graffiti Festival in our beloved Montreal. August 13th and 14th!Happy.- under pressure ...


Andy’s appartment

This is illustrator Andy Smith's show.It looks like a pretty appartment with handwritten messages that might make you smile....or not.Anyhow, it's called Sunny Side Up and is currently running at Bristol's Soma gallery until the end of August.Sweet.- andy ...


You must see life though the eyes of a child.

When immaturity is beyond being wise.In Toronto, curated by Sean


Ô Bansky.



Did you ever look at your childhood drawings and wonder what kind of wonderful world was in your head to create such original and crazy, yet ancered in somekind of reality drawings? WellYeondoo Jung has done the beautiful excercise of taking some children's drawings and recreating the setting in photography."Il faut regarder toute la vie avec des yeux d'enfants", 1953. Henri Matisse- yj ...


One crazy motherf**cker.

Meet Jim Stoten, or Where is Waldo on crack, with a british accent.- jim



Meet Raul Zito, a very unique Brazilian artist that combines photography and street art. Pruuuty. - pz - ...


anonymous beauty.

I found those on the net...but i can't find who made them.Anyway, i find these images deeply


Tortured Candy Pop Lady

Some crazy disected pop sculptures by Three Studios from Fukushima.....yes Fukoshima...now that's the nuclear central that is in the situation that we know...i find those sugar coated melted pop dolls sculptures in stunning contrast with the tragedy that occured.... Careless and free no more.- three studios ...


Simply adorable

Tang yay hoong.Yes, that's his name.Don't juge


From a giant arm to a helping hand

Beautiful and spectacular mural by Over Under and No Touching Ground in Brooklyn. Inspired by one of the artist's real tatoo to bringing the reality of Japan's recent disaster on the walls.True Art.- ntg -- o u ...


The Walls of the Revolution.

2011 seems to be the start of a new World. With History happening before our TVs, we all looks and hope for the populations to find freedom and a better future in peace with one another. As i've been looking and reading the news A LOT these past weeks, i have collected a few very interesting pictures: Political Street Art. As i am a big fan of street art as a urban disipline and voice, i find these pictures very interesting. The 1st picture is from Libya, the 2nd two, from Egypt (we all know facebook played a major role in getting the uprises organised), the 3rd ...


New Bansky

Two new Banksy in LA. Both brilliant. I especially like the piro-Chalie Brown...it's evil and funny because he's painted on a burned ...



My collegue Talia introduced me to those by saying: "omg, you've NEVER seen those??" Yeah, i felt like a loser that lived in a cave. Little did i know that Craig started doing those only 2 months ago: not such a big loser after all. Craig explains his artistic approach in a very simple way: "It had to be done" (if you are completely obsessed with Miss Gaga) and somehow, this makes sense. Like a smart lil' methaphore of someof our tv stations and magazine, thoses Gaga Dollard Bills are pretty cool. And hey, Gaga makes money even ON money, thoses 1dollard bills are ...


Pretty Japanese Porn

Meet Toshio Saeki, or the man that has the most colorful yet sometimes disturbing erotic fantasies.To the style of tradiational japanese erotic art, he adds a modern manga-like fantasies and colors, for the pleasure of our eyes and minds. Some of them get quite disturbing, but mostly i find them beautifully detailed, in the raw-est way.Like an oriental modern day Rousseau meets le Marquis de Sade, he explores his fantasies on the most honest way.- toshio saeki ...


Hip-Pop painting

Like BET's 106&Park in gouache, from Lil'Wayne to Kid Cudi, Mwanel Pierre-Louis is painting them. This very young LA painter pays tribute to the Hip-Hop artists of his generation.Pretty dope.- m p-l ...


Underwater Museum

Mexico.....a crazy and romantic project: an underwater Museum. Yes...you read right. "The Museum aiming to demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science forms a complex reef structure for marine life to colonise and inhabit. Each of the sculptures is made from specialized materials used to promote coral life" One of the 4 pieces "exposed" is made up of 400 life-size figures in a silent lively scene... it is called The Silent Evolution. Like an underwater Pompeï or a romantic eye on a doomed Future of humanity... Breathtaking and ...


Cute little serious matter

Os Gémeos paint cute little caracters that talk about big serious things.In Sao


If Freud’s son was a drug-addict painter….

Brecht Van Den Broucke is a weird guy from Belgium. I know, aren't most guys from Belgium weird? No. That's just racist; their language is weird, not them.(Flamand, not French, French is awesome) Just try saying his name out-loud without sounding like you are insulting someone while vomiting? I know: impossible.Anyway, he also draws. Well, that's kind of his main thing..He has a very smart and critical eye on our "developed" societies, and depicts it all in a surealist yet naïve style of painting.He also seems to have quite an opinion and fasination about ...


Sean makes money with colagene.

Meet Sean Freeman, a brit that found a way to make words speak for themselfs.- colagene



It's holiday season again. And with it all the beautiful AND the annoying tings we are socially told to do. One once them being sending holliday wishes by mail. Instead of the usual, oversugarcoated cheezy-as-hell Xmas card you usually get from your aunt of cousin in-law, at least you can show them how it's done, the cool way.justafewcards.com is a cute little site with cute little cards and sweet, non cheezy notes.Holliday cards with a cool twist.- justafewcards ...


D*Face baby!

Meet D*Face.See his work, love his vision.I really don't see how it could otherwise. I fell in love with his caracters...so i guess it means i'm a bit in love with him. in his words: " wanted to encourage people to not just to 'see', but to look at what surrounds them and their lives, reflecting our increasingly bizarre popular culture, re-thinking and reworking cultural figures and genres to comment on our ethos of conspicuous consumption. A Pandora’s box of bittersweet delights - sweet and sugary on the surface, but with an unfamiliar, uncomfortable, ...


Cute spanish speaking devil.

Ricardo Cavolo's art is cute...it has this child-like naive look that will make us girls go: awww!But make no mistakes, Ricardo is no innocent kid. His cute little caracters takes a whole new dimention once he starts tatooing them on people. Yup, naive looking bad-ass tatoos.Visual oxymoron.- ricardo ...


Maria Mariaaaaaa!

Meet my parents favourite painter: Maria Personnaz.She lives in Switzerland and has single-handedly taken over every single wall of my parents offices.She paints things around her, from her house to her travels in Vietnam. Her unique color palette and modern angles mixes with a beautiful traditionnal technique truely makes her work remarquable."Et la lumière fût".- mp ...


Jonny Sushi

Meet Jon Fox, a UK born artist that paints, draws and sketches funny creatures.Although his official description of his work sounds really deep and interesting ("His work often addresses the conflict of emotion: 'heart against head'. Many of his characters occupy a world of tension and turmoil battling with their own significance while the looming presence of a larger restless energy is at work around them.") , my feeling is that he watched too many japanese animés. Ok, never too many, you're right, but a hell lot because all his creatures look like they visited ...


Peter Shmelzer is a sick, sick man.

Peter Shmelzer is a sick man. He also is a sick painter. Sexy pop-culture nightmares come to life under his talented brushstroke. See for yourselves.....and if you're like me, after the 1st "wow" you'll ask yourself: "What in the World did his parents do to the poor guy??" - peter ...


Brian likes bad girls.

Brian Viveros likes bad girls.Like reaaaally bad: dirty-war bad.His war-pin-ups never go without a cigarette and perfect eye-makeup, 'cause everybody knows us girls might sweat and get muddy, but never does our makeup look bad.Priorities girls, PRIORITIES!Here are some of his lead fantasy ladies from his Dirtyland exibit.Sex, War and Tobacco.Oh yeah, he somehow, in the middle of that, has a thing for Mickey Mouse....hugh.- his exibit ...


Pretty Ladies on men’s arms

As i was looking though some tatoo artists here in Montreal, i stumbled upon this Vero chick. Unlike most tatoo artists that tend to do the same stuff and the same styles, she really stud out.I'm not a big fan of portraits-tatoos personnaly, but i couln't not be impressed by how well and delicate her art is.Pin-ups with ink.- vero at tatoomania ...


Eat like a pig and be beautiful

Meet Lee Price, an american artist that seem to love to paint women in their intimacy while pigging out.Her ultra-realistic technique contrasts beautifully with the angle and subjects of her paintings. It's like Lee is trying to tell us something....something like: eating junk like a junkie is beautiful.:D(By the way, i can't say this for sure but having seing a picture of Lee herself, i'm pretty sure these are self portraits...again, i don't know if she want's to tell the World: this is my pussaaaay! But then maybe she doesn't care.)- lee price ...


Mike is a funny guy.

Meet Mike Mitchell.He's funny.Haha.- mm


Churros con Borrasca

Meet Buruclin Borrasca (Boroklyyyyyyyn! ...sorry.), a spanish dude who's name is as twisted on your tongue as his art is twisted on our eyes. His take on pop culture is a unique blend of a 14year old boy's humour and quite smart and mature observations on our modern society.Well let's just say he has a great sense of humour. That's right, he makes me laugh inside.- bb ...


Can you say Liquen with a spanish accent?

Meet Liquen, a spanish artist with a very twisted sens of humour.Sweet and a bit darker than your usual sour.- liquen


Slimer’s girlfriend

On Viger street, next to my work.Cute and sloppy.Hey


Sick Elegance.

Meet Achraf Amiri, an illustrator from Beligium that probablly eats his waffles with Absinthe shots. Creepy and beautiful, he has a way of portraiting the fashion world on it's "not-so-good" profile, witout loosing any of it's elegance. Sickly fasinating. - achraf ...


Not your average balloon-birthday-clown

Meet Jason Hackenwerth.A freackin' crazy artist that has a heavy twisting-ballons trauma.Or maybe he just can't paint...not sure...but he's a beautiful artist nevertheless.Halfway between japanese-animés colorfull monsters and buddhist non-permanent sand art, Jason Hackenwerth will blow you mind.Yes, i said it: blow you mind.- jason hackenwerth ...


When acid meets patchouli

Meet Alia Penner, a young free spirited illustrator that brings the bohemian back in style.Acid meets patchouli in the 21st Century.-alia ...



Meet Dan Bergeron, aka FauxReel, a Toronto based street artist that creates giant faces that seems to have been imprinted in the walls of the City's life.Giant, modest, real.If you happen to be in Toronto, check out his exhibit opening tonight at 11pm!( Faces of The City / SEPT 10th - OCT 03rd, 2010 )Show&TellGallery: 1161 Dundas St. West- db -- showandtell ...


Behind the scenes….

"GRAFFITI SESSION WITH POSE AND WITNES" as posted by 123Klan.- 123klan blog


123Klan in my hood!

Latest 123KLAN artwork.... 2 minutes form my work!Yessss.On Longueil street, corner of St Paul in Montreal.Real Art in the Real ...


À la Japaneeeese.

Meet N-A-M. A japanese collective of artists that take graphic art and photography to another level. Brutal elegance. - nam - ...


INSA likes butts.

Meet INSA.A boob-butt-heels-sneaks obsessed street artist that turns most truckers and rappers fantasy of a woman into pop-street-respectful art.- insaland ...


The Gates of Love

Meet Troy Lovegates (aka Derek Mehaffey aka Other).A Toronto based artist and street artist with a unique romaticaly bold style. He has a way to mix beautifully painted faces with very graphic and naive bodies and worlds.....Once again, Canada's got craaaaaaaaazy talent.The Lady would love to see the Gates of Loves in Montreal, just sayin' .- troy's photostream ...


Tape and The City

Meet Aakash Nihalani, or as i call him: amazballs with tape.He is proof that you don't need to know how to draw or paint to be a great street artist.From Vienna to India though NYC.Booom.- aakash nihalani ...


Le Chant des Morts

Last week i was pretty silent, i know. The reason being that i was in NYC for a dance competition called StepYaGameUp and so went to the Big Frekin'Apple for a few days. The highlight of my week wan't the dance battles but a Museum. Not any museum but the one and only MoMA.Words aren't enough to descibe the importance and beauty this museum has all under one roof. My 4 little hours there took me on a strong emotional journey. Best 20$ spent EVER!One of the pieces that touched me was Le Chant des Morts by Pierre Reverdy, illustrated by no other than Pablo ...


Sunny Sunday Walk in the Real City.

...i came across a beautiful piece of street art.Thanx Gola.- gola


Les habits ne font pas les moines…

Meet Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Together, they are Guerradelapaz.Both native from Cuba, their signature technique being "sculpting" with old clothes. They play on the unusual mix of mass-produced objects and the higher messages and critic of our western society.They use our everyday clothes to show us another message than mass consumption.I personally really like the Military series. It's funny how empty clothing can reavel such a strong human presence.. can't help but bringing back the chilling image of the piles of glasses and shoes at the Holocaust ...



Meet Nomadé, an LA street art collective that seems to have a roman fetish.But hey, i'm not gonna complain about peeps glueing/painting half-naked muscular men in skirts around Cities.....!- nomadé facebook fan page ...


Bjorn Again.

One of the few good things i will take with me from my Amsterdam experience (i went there 4 work the last 3 weeks) is the name of this artist: Björn Copeland.His name is unprounancable as his art is interesting, he manages to mix old 80s style collages and a techological kinda look.Oh, yeah,the man also dressed a goat up for art... i feel that is something worth mentioning.- bjorn copeland ...



Meet Grzegorz Domaradzki aka Gabz, a polish Illustrator that finds his colorfull inspiration from other things than patatoes and Vodka.Graphik and organic.- gabz ...


Teeth Cake

"Cakeland is a series of sculptures and installations resembling perfect delicious cakes". That's one way of descrbing it, the other being: THIS IS MESSED UUUUUP!! Cake-like sculptures with teeth!!!!AAAAAAhhh!Well at least it's one cake that won't make you hungry.- cakeland ...


Hisashi Cantpronouncehisname

Japanese-born Hisashi Tenmyouya is one of most talented artists i've come across.His pictures are a skilled blend of traditional Japanese motifs, themes and culture, and modern street and pop element of the western world.From Ancien traditional japanees ghost-stories to tranformer-like futuristics robots, to even breakdacing posing kimono-wearing crews.'Nuff said, see for yourselves...this guy is dooooooooope.- tenmyouya hisashi ...


The Vador Project

This is The Vador Project. Funny enough, it's not brand new at all eventhough i knew nothing about it.What happens is that each year for the past 4years, a bunch of artists were asked to customizea a real size replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet. Now is the final chapter of a 4 chapter story.The helmets are going to be the heroes of a ten-day exhibition in July, then sold during Freeman’s Auction in Philadelphia.There is also a book made featuring the entire family of Vadors!- the vador project ...



Horst Gläsker likes colors.This 61years old German born artist seems to have a way of keeping a happy soul and vision of things. He paints, sculpts, photographs, creates live lights performances but what really blew my mind is his "art in architecture".I want my terrasse to be painted by him. I believe it will make my whole world a happier place.- h g ...


Breakbot i love you.

My crush of the week! Breakbot. LOVE the video, LOVE the



Meet Specter. A truely spactacular street artist that mixes deep social messages with breathtaking executions. From, bad food habits to the social forgotten, Specter talks to our city walls.Here are a few of my favourite of his pieces, from New York, to Siberia.Romatic and bold.This guy must be something in bed!- specter ...



I know, i've posted on my dear Mr. Wiley already, but as a defence, it was really on the collaboration he did with Puma.This time i just want to post some of his paintings and photomontages.'cause they are so beautiful and colorful and original and.... well, you get it.Hip hop meets classical painting technics, a touch of romantism and a hint of traditional west-african patterns.... yum.- kehinde wiley ...


Marge wears Chanel.

Another of my Loved&Found stories. The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista for Harper’s Bazaar August 2007. What more can i say? Brilliant, Pop and dearing. I love ...


He has an opinion.

Yes he does.Sam3 (i'm guessing samuel) from Spain thinks and shares his thoughts though art. Street painting mostsly and a few urban art piece on today’s society. His blog’s name says it all: AGENCY OF URBAN SUBCONSCIOUS. His murals, are especially stunning and his style very spanish.Pretty. Smart.- sam3 ...



In how many ways can someone portray himself?........a lot.Here is the work of Levi Van Veluw.The point? I'm not quite shure.Check is site out: there are more, like a loooot more. Again, i'm not quite sure why..- levi v v ...


Another Loved and Found Story!

I fell in love with him....actually with them.They were so different and colorful, they looked so good....Funky yet elegant, it was love at first sight.And then.......they dissapeared...i couldn't find them.....i cryed, i hoped, i dreamed....And today.................I FOUND MY BELOVED ILLUSTRATIONS AGAIN!!!.....Actyually, they're really Samuel François' Illustrations. But i'm really glad i could trce them again because i truely love them.Let me introduce to you, my latest Loved&Found Babies.- samuel françois ...



Meet Dawn, a beautiful artist that has the magic ability to translate the rawest emotion into folded paper.From homesickness to a child's dream of travel....It's like Time has stopped ..- dawn ...


Hijack a building!

A Lisbon building that was taken over by the brazilian brothers Os Gemeos (São Paulo) & Blu (Italy).Fucking nice.- os -- blu ...


It’s getting hot in here..

Global warming is a lil' abtract for you? Kawano Takeshi made some sculptures to help the dumb (republicans?)understand.....- kawano takeshi ...


Favela painting!

Now here is an amazing groupe of people: the Firmeza Foundation. They are basically a group of people that decided to use street art as a way to make the life of the inhabitants of brazillian favelas more beautiful.Here is the Foudation moto:The Firmeza Foundation supports the creation of striking artworks in unexpected places. It collaborates with local people to use art as a tool to inspire, create beauty, combat prejudice and attract attention.Here is what, good will, good people, good heart and talent does.Truly inspiring.- favela painting ...


Mais il est Zhou!

Meet Zhou Fan, a 27 years old chinese artist that seems to make vomit-like images and cahos esthetic...! But more seriously, read his statement.... it is quit special."A series of my paintings is based on dreams that I had as a child of many many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachures and became mushrooms. These dreams had a strong impact on me, and I remember them vividly. Somehow I feel that it is easier to focus on dreams than reality. In one particular painting, there is a boy crying because he keeps things ...


I don’t read japanese.

Meet Toshikazu Nozaka, a japanese artist that masters the art of mixing traditional japanese paintings and skateboard-tatoo modern culture.Since his bio is in freakin' japanese, that's all i can eally say about the guy.Oh yes, his stuff is super cool.- toshikazu nozaka ...


Mr Ross, you’re making me uncompfortable…

Meet Kirton Ross. A slightly perverted guy that paints pretty things. (and also happens to be a quite talented and successful fashion photographer)I agree, it's kinda sexy.....ok, it's really sexy.- k ross illustrations ...


Itsy bitsy tiny street art

Meet Slinkachu. A british artist that sees small. Real small. He installs tiny little charachters in funny satirical situations all around city landscapes. He even started painting graffitis on snails!!! For some, small says big. - slinkachu's blogs ...


A Quinn on qurack.

May I present to you the british sculpture artist Marc Quinn.I personnally came to know of his work though his giant marble baby sculpture i found amazing, both for it's modernity and classic elegance.Turns out most of his art is waaaay less romantic and elegant.He apparetly is most famous for his own sculpted portrait titled Self (1991)."Self is a frozen sculpture of the artist’s head made from 4.5 litres of his own blood, taken from his body over a period of 5 months. It is kept and displayed in a refrigerated case and was sold to a US collector in 2005 ...


I stole a Jane Doe.

I saw this beautiful yet simple kinda semi agressive drawing on Hello Again's blog......but it has not author or ...



Friday night was MassiveArt, a giant multiple platform art exibit at SAT. I exposed 2 of my photographs along with dozens of other photgraphers, painters, illustrators, animator (2d and 3d) and other types of artists. Among them was a collective called Skin Jackin, a french collective of pencils funky tatoos artists. They basically "paint-tatooed" who ever wanted. Their style is bold, colorsfull, funky and irreverant. Here are some of their "materpieces" (full body art) - skin jackin ...


Stick some Fafi on your bedroom wall!

Here is a link i've been wanting to post for a while. Domestic.Last night, some of my friends passed by to chill ,shmoose and do some arts and crafts.One of my girls pointed out the funky face sushis is have on my kitchen wall and said that Omer DeSerre has some wall vinyls too......WROOOONG!Well, they do, but they are boring and cheezy.So here 4 you my sweet Nubian Néné, here is where you should buy some cool wall vinyls if you decide to get some!Featuring popular illustrators and artists, from Fafi to Jeremy Scott, Ladies and Gentelmen!Here are some of my ...


Half illustrator, half escort.

This morning started a little ruff: i bumped my little toe on the corner of my table (hurts like hell) and nearly lost an eye, litterally 4seconds after, trying to open the cabinet door...Anyway, went to work nevertheless and managed not to get run over by any drunk morning drivers.As i allredy told you, as an Art Director, i get a very impressive load of crap in my email everyday, composed usually of talentless photgraphers, idiots agents that spam the shit out of my inbox with their 3rd class illustrators and and some plain old passé-artists.And ...



Last week end, i went for a nice traditional iranian bruch with my girls. We then walked around the Real City and ended up in a bookstore, one of my favourite sunday afternoon activities! While browsing the endless worlds that thoses thousands of books are doors to, these ladies9art books) cought my eyes. The reason being not only because they are bautiful, butreally because they are Taschen books that don't look like Taschen books! Their covers are entirely hand drawn which is a million miles away from their traditional, one full page picture with sans-serif ...


Granby baby.

Here is the work of Matthew Belval. A Granby born artist that is curretly showing in Montreal. He is still pretty unknown but his talent promises big, if he plays his cards right. EXPOSITIONDIM 9 - SAM 15 MAI 2010 Galerie Crystal Racine1701, Rue Gilford, Montreal (métro ...


Carlito drew in my hood.

Here was a nice surprise when walking to work 2 weeks ago. (yeah, took time to actually post about it!.. and now it's almost gone)Carlito had made a little art piece on a wall and door. His style of drawing is the same, but the addition of stencil and pop culture icon Pinnocio and the CocaCola logo made it different from his usual stuff. (as well as the skull and arabic calligraphy!)It was such a treat, made my day.On McGill street, right before Wellington.- carlito's website ...



  Meet Gaia. A Brooklyn/Baltimore based street artist of only 21 years of age! (lets just hope he doesn't die at 27, the genious-die-young curse...!) His work is impressive. Not only is his street art very respected but he also has an impressive resume having exhibited in art fairs and galleries through out Brooklyn, London, D.C, Miami and Los Angeles. He has developped a unique style that combines a classic "Beaux Arts" touch with unusual themes and technique (sticking half-animal, half-creepy-human-creatures in the most random, trashy places). And for ...


You should sculpt when you’re drunk.

Drunk? I should probably say "high", ot better yet " totally waisted"!Here are some work from scultors David Cerny, Maurizio Cattelan and the last one from Charles Robb.Insolent, provocative and yet elegant....!!Inspiring!- david cerny -- maurizio cattelan -- chales robb ...


Kosher paint

Meett K74, a street artist from TelAviv.K stands for kosher......kosher street art baby!I wonder how the rabbina sees that...He needs maturity and more experience but me? I love it.- k74 ...



This is Lino.One of thoses illustrators young design students consider like a visual hero.When i was in University (UQAM, graphic design), we ALL adooored his work and collected every single piece of poster or card he had done.And let me tell you we cherrished it like a tresure.I personnaly remember the series of posters he did for the Theatre de Quat'Sous (mtl) along with Mario Mercier from Orangetango.It was love at first sight.His unique style, ruff, bold yet delicate in his themes are what made us love Lino.Oh, yes, and he is from Montreal!- lino ...


Djan Pole.

I like Jean Paul Thurlow. Not just because his name sounds like a quiet yet crazy character in a brit movie, but because he draws pretty things. By pretty things i mean beautiful magazine covers. In his words: "This is an attempt to remake cover art for every great magazine I own (+ a few record covers soon). Covers is an hommage to the creative men and women who produce such disposable perfection.With each Cover I take a perfect mass-produced object and turn it into a fucked up one-off. Don't expect perfection here, that's not the way I see beauty in the ...


Detail me pretty.

Meet Tyler Rauman.A very attached to details and things or this nature montrealer.Actually, i love his posters.All hand drawn. All colors, All details.Yumm.- tyler's blog ...


Old sushi, new sushi!

Yumiko Kayukawa draws girls.Actually, she seems to draw A girl, the same one...unless she intends to suport the stereotype that all janaese girls look the same (but i wouldn't think so.... :P )Here paintings are a clear mix of a jananese traditional type of art, shapes and colors, and japanese moderne pop culture. Like a asian fafi, she likes her lady sexy and pretty. She seems to be very manga influenced as well as we find some clearthemes of japanese anime like giant animals being treated like a human beings.They probably even talk about boys ...


Colors from Barcelona

Meet BTOY, a barcelonian duo composed of Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer, that has colored streets all over Europe with their beautiful faces.Well, not their faces but rather some famous ones like Judy Garland, Liz Taylor or unknown ones from mutliple places and eras. Their unique way of placing these portraits has something romantic about it, like old wondering souls appearing to us in the most unusual places.Me love a lot.- btoy flickr ...


From the street to the Gallery

Some inspiring work by Irish hiphop and beer lover Conor Harrington.Me love.- conor's blog


Take me back to when…

How amazing would it be if a fashion magazine would dare to go back to those old-school covers?I would sooooooo buy it!Those are by Helen Jameson.- oh joy ...


Butter Chicken and Bacon.

The making of Ben Slow's Brick Lane on Hanbury Street in London (apparently also known to have been the scene of Jack The Ripper's second murder...!)Beautiful. (the painting, not Jack's shit!!)- ben slow's flickr ...


When i grow up….

...i wanna color in my own wall of my own house.The amazing idea (every kid probably had at some point) came to life thanx to illustrator Jon Burgerman!Amazingness!!!!- buy here ...


Lisa, lisa, lisa…..

Meet Lisa Czech.A funny, original and satiric artist from Montreal(?).She makes a lot of super cool black and white posters for bands and that's pretty much all i could find out about the lady!She is currently exposing some of her art at the Monastiraki boutique / gallery.- lazy eye ...


Bernard’s Murals

Beautiful murals on Bernard


West lives east

Meet Nathan Brown, a Vancouver born artist living in Montreal. Discoved his art when i discovered Monastiraki where his art is currently exposed. Canada got talent! - nathan alexis brown ...


Beautiful junk museum

Today was a good day. I went for brunch with my cousins on Bernard and i discovered 3 amazing unique shops.Here is the first one: Monastiraki.A shop, treasure hunting palace and gallery.The shop/gallery as a whole is a work of art. The owner seems to be a passionated art lover that sees beauty in the most common of objects. He collects and associates the most ramdom things for a fasinating result!One of those places you could spend an entire day in and not be bored!(excuse the poor quality of the pictures as i took them with my iPhone...!)5478 St-laurent blrd.- ...


Triangle of heaven

Meet Triangulo Dorado, a group of argentinian street artist composed of Santiago Panichelli (Nemer), Pedro Panichelli (Hombre Tiki) and Francisco Ferreyra (Lema). they descirbe their work as pieces that express feelings and deep internal reflexion. as for me, i love their work because they bring a touch of traditional south-american style of painting and mix it beautifully with a more graffiti approach. Their big portraits are my favourites as the recognisable face or people are painted in such a graphic, elegant way on supersize canvases that are the walls ...


Isaac the urban Prophet

Let me introduces to you Isaac.Isaac Cordal.This unusual street artist / urban prophet creates touching and sometimes disturbing scenes with cement figurings he installs (glues) around European cities. He manages to touch us in the most humain and organic way though the most dead of all materials.Simple, true, real.- cement eclipses ...


The Adams Family’s first cousins.

Meet the Loufovsky, an unordinary surrealist family.Anatole, Augustin, Dimitri, Églantine, Isidor, Ivana, Micha, (...) and Oscar, all have their portrait exposed at Ex-Centris in Montreal until the 30th of April.Montreal photographer and "dreamer-on-drugs", Cédric Varial has created the Loufovskys. He has imagined their lives, dreamed their loves and their frustrations. He has created an improbable timeframe where this imaginary family could live.Dark and fantastic, the Loufovskys are kind of our nightmares-selfs pat lives.- loufovsky ...


A greek who likes to paint on walls…

Meet Dimitris Taxis. A 26 year old very talented greek arist. His art makes you stop and maybe think a bit. About others, About a certain pain. About human life. This is just the beginning of his painting-on-public-proprety-without-permission. And we're glad.   - dimitris taxis ...


Banksy’s Movie

Until 2 days ago, we had just a few tiiiiiny teasers of the very talked about Banksy Movie: "Exit Though the Gift Shop"A movie he made with French improvised documentor Terry Guetta, who happens to be Space Invador's cousin.The movie is about Street Art. Street artists,created this "hybrid form of graffiti, using stickers, stencils, posters and sculptures to make their mark by any mean ...


Smart Skull

Meet Numskull.Couldn't find much info on the guy so that's that.His art is dope though. DOPE!He has a smart funny way of showcasing our childhood heroes though mature street art.- numskull ...


Take my breath away

How do i start this post...when i actually stopped breathing for a bit?....meet Daniel Arsham.He is an artist. An amazing artist.He works from 2D to 4D (3D + movement) with emotion and elegance....See for yourselves.....You're welcome.- daniel arsham ...



A dialogue between mobstr and the Newcastle City Council back in 2007.- mobstr


A Brit with issues

Meet George Morton-Clark.I believe he could have been a very good psychopath, but he decided to be a painter instead.- g m c ...


A man and a woman

This is Various&Gould, aka Aisha Ronniger and Roland Piltz.Street "raw" artists from Germany.I absolutely LOVE their work.- various&gould ...


Legos ain’t just for kids.

You can be an artist and not know how to draw or paint or take pictures or act or even dance. You can be an artist if you can built stuff in legos. Like real big imperessive stuff.Meet Nathan Sawaya.He builds crazy surpisingly touching sculptures in lego. Dozens of thousands of lego pieces.His appartment must be a mess.Exhibition at the New York Agora Gallery from March 23-April 13, 2010.- nathan sawaya ...


What Up Val!

Meet Valerie. Valerie Phillips.She takes pictures for a living, fun pictures.Pictures that seem really personal and real. She photographs teens like if she was a teen herself. With the rudness, nonchalance, clumsyness of raw teenagehood. With the naiveness and cuteness of childhood.It's raw, it's real.- valerie phillips ...


Well written

Here is another of those great yet little known jobs: calligrapher.All those pretty ads/logos/book-covers with the beautiful hand written text...well it's someone's profession to make it so beautiful.Here is some of Alison Carmichael's work.I like. A lot.- alison carmichael ...


Natures Mortes

Now here is a fasinating yet very little known profession: interior stylist.All those beautiful interor design magazines we drewled on, all these celebrity houses we admired, even so many high-end fashion shoots we couldn't take our eyes of... well it is mostly because of people like Irina Graewe.See, her job is to take the simple and common, and transform it into the magical and dreamy.Like a modern satin-paper wizard, Irina is a master in the Unperfecly Perfect.Here is a little medley of my favourite of her "paintings".- irina graewe ...



This is Lucong. An american painter thats really likes to paint girls.His style is not without reminding us of the 18th Century Romantics.Beigy tones, soft milky skin, empy yet deeply romantic eyes and a time-stopping brush that gives Lucong his uniquness.Like a silent love song to their ears.- lucong ...


Mugs shots from your kitchen table

Just a month ago, i was in a Miami store called Base. Love the store but it's really expensive so i buy what i can afford: magazines or a book. Bought this cool illustration book called "Edgy Cute".this artist must be my favourite out of all of the talents featured in it.His name is Chris Crites.His work is all the same: he paints(beautifully) on used brown paper bags. Criminals and "bad guys" on used regular brown paper bags.In his words:"The characters and crime scenes looked like surreal glimpses into the history of human interaction. (...) Portraits of people who ...


Alice is a schisophrenic

Lewis Caroll's famous and crazy Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been fasinating children and adults alike since over a century.Here are some of the movie posters of the so many adaptations of the masterpiece, the very first one dating from 1903! (my grandma's birthyear!)To think that Caroll was completely high when writting it should be one of the main points of the freedrugs advocacy.I'm saying this and i don't do nor even like drugs, so....yeah, i'm impressed with the ...


A boy named Meggs

Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne (Australia) Meggs’ work has very obviously been influenced by the cartoons and comics of the 80’s.Frustrated graphic designer, he decided to leave the agency world for the more free and raw world of graffiti. You can now see his art from the streets of Paris,Tokyo and London.He paints, spray-paints and draws, as he self descibes his work: art / aerosol / design.Enjoy.- meggs ...


You don’t have to be a snowboarder…

....to wear snowbording gear! Or at leat that's what Pharell believes! He's been wearing those (very cool) snowboarding shoes all over and there was no snow around what-so-ever.Part of the new Nike Snowboarding collection, designed in collaboration with the snowboarder Danny Kass and the illustrator ...


Shit shoes

What happens when a museum, showing an exibit of a famous african artist known to use elephant excrement in his paintings, asks a funky shoe designer to design a pair of shoes for the event? Well, this. Sexy high heels in a elephant-shit-like platteform sole. And it's actualy stunning. - tate brittain - - chris ofili - - insa heels ...


How i met Mickey

On my way to work this morning, i met Mickey.He was just being his old smiling self and he very quietly accepted to pose for a picture.Actually, i quickly realised he wasn't the Disney one; He was the Produkt one!Basically his twin brother with minor yet very real mental illness.Here is my new friend and some of his cousins of the Produkt (Montreal) ...


Buy pattern

Patternity is a blog about patterns. Well, it really is obsessed with patterns!She even SELLS patterns!- buy patterns


Sit on a tank

Here is Pharell's new chair creation. A tank chair.Love him, but the chair?? Well i guess the person who produces those chairs love him too...And no, it doesn't bounce.At Colette from March 22nd to 28th and then at the Emmanuel Perrotin gallery from March 30th to April 24th by appointment.Oh yeah, and this joke is ...


Prepare to be amazed…!

Alexa Meade will make you doubt your own eyes.Look carefully at those pictures and you'll realise that the people painted are not only 3D but living people that were painted on.She makes you feel like you just jumped with Mary Popping into a painting in your granma's house."I paint representational portraits directly on top of the people I am representing. The models are transformed into embodiments of the artist's interpretation of their essence. When captured on film, the living, breathing people underneath the paint disappear, overshadowed by the masks ...


And the Time stopped

Beautiful elegant series of photographs by Julia Fullerton-Batten.Stopped in their in movement, these women seem to be suspended in time forever.Like modern day Sleeping-Beauties cought in their jumps for a thousand years.- julia ...


Prison and Art

This is Halden Prison in Norway.It's a prison and it looks cooler than most people's appartment.I know: WTF??!?These are not Banksy by the way, but pieces of art reminiscent (rip offs?) of Banksy.- my modern met ...


Just fell in love and it didn’t even hurt

This is, i think, officially one of my favourites painters today.Like a painting Robert Doisneau, he paints what is around, not trying to stage things that aren't, but rather showing how the most random scenes can be beautiful.Houston-based artist Kevin Peterson makes us want to find all thoses thrown away, not "interesting" enough photographes of ours and frame them.Oh, and did i mention "HE'S AN AMAZING PAINTER"??Yeah.- kevin peterson ...


Hand painted horror

In our western world, we always refer to "hand-made" as a quality luxurious thing. But the reality, in a lot of countries, is very different. It's the opposite to be exact.It is way cheaper, in Vietnam to have the locals hand-sow little bags, than to buy an expensive machine and have workers do it. Or in India to have a local painter pain the billboards ads, than to have the tools to print such a large paper.It was no different in Ghana in the 80s.Back then, video cassette technology made it possible for “mobile cinemas” to emerge and travel around the ...


Sexy is black and white.

Amazing music video by Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau for Sebastien Tellier’s song ” look ...



This is the work of Ruud Van Empel. His painting or somewhere between Le Douanier Rousseau and a 60s photoshoot for a children fashion magazines.The environment is so perfect, it's a little scary. Like those "perfect" people in horror movies that end up turning to be the most fucked up ones.Beware of those cute little adorable eyes.......Boooh!- ruud van empel ...


Macho Men

I met Team Macho in 2007 when they came to do our blackboards at work ( sidlee collective ) Team Macho is a collaborative illustration and fine art group composed of 5 crazy gentelmen: Lauchie Reid, Chris Buchan, Nicholas Aoki, Jacob Whibley, and Stephen Appleby-Barr.They all live together in a studio in Toronto (Canada, yeeeey!!) and always work together on their pieces. Basically, as they explained to me, one starts something and then leaves it for the others to finish....well they didn't say "finish" but rather "mess up". They also love, like Hitchcock, ...


Another naked lady

She takes her clothes off but she doesn't dance nor looks at you.She is a nude model and i drew her.Sorry


Sherperd’s loverly pie

As i was in Miami last week end, I was fortunate enough to pass by a giant mural of none other than my husband in another life: Shepard Fairey. I got super exited the one time i passed by an original piece of his in NYC so can you imagine how crazy i got when i saw this. It's like seeing a Picasso in a hidden room in a public library. A gift to society.This mural was part a a mutli mural piece by a few street artists during last Art Basel.A true message of global piece though famous( like burma's Aung San Suu Kyi) and unknown faces (mostly women)though his signature ...


Rihanna gets rude

I don't know if you've seen Rihanna last RudeBoy video but it's beautiful. Probably as beautiful as her lyrics are vulgar. But hey, it's club music and the more grindy the girls get, the better, right? Anyway, the images are like a succession of art pieces, like a big mix of Wahrol, crazy 80s graphics, pink lipstick and Poivre Blanc. Like my girl Leah McFly said tonight, she going back to her roots with a detour trough MIA's ...


German Rubber

This is Hans Hemmert. A german artist that likes to blow stuff and use rubber.....and it's pretty


Now that’s a surprising surprise!

This morning, like every 2/3 weeks, i went to empty my mailbox at work. The usual crappy overpakaged self-promotion and a few "too well printed for the quality of the work" photographers poscards. Recycle!!!!!...and then....a simple postacard with a surpisingly pretty cool illustratin on it. Simple, just a web adress in the back. Loved it.So i'm posting the artist. His name is Mike Bertino. Illustrator/painter, comic book meets skaterboy humour and fluorescent colors.I think they should hire him to draw an anime about Beavis and Butthead going to summercamp with Daria ...



"Hello, my name is SHOHEI. I draw a picture with a ball-point pen."That's all it says on his site. I guess we don't really need to know more.Manga meets refined graphic black and white (and red) art, this artist is (excuse my french) fucking ...


His name is Frogg, Grape Frogg.

No joke! It's kind of an awsome name actually. Half fruit half animal, he is like a mix of normal and magic fairytale. Well, i really don't know much about him (all i know is that he is Russian and he speaks spanish...) but his name and his work certainly is breathtaking. Frogg takes some boring objects of reality and stages it in the quiet craziness of his imagination.I call it ...


A chicken worth an exibition

This is the tasty work of Amsterdam based artist Joe Holbrook. This 21 year old painter likes to use classic painting techniques to portray very modern trashy-everyday-young-party-kid's scenes of life. It's our saturday night drunken outburst or our amazing trashy hangover food.Beautiful.The shows running till the 31st of March at the SID LEE Collective Gallery in Amsterdam ;open from 10am-5pm Monday to ...


Open your eyes, you might see.

Next to the St Denis / Mt Royal corner in Montreal. A beautiful piece of art. A common work of differents street artists with different styles. So different it's inspiring how beautifully it all merges ...


SciFi in a kadelioscope

If your in Paris right now, you're lucky. Not only becasue you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the World but because you can go see Crystals And Lasers. A colorful graphic collection of art by Matt W. Moore. Showing at the Since,Upian Gallery 'till March 12th.Street art meets design meets parisian bougie gallerie posers.Heck ...


If a monk on opium could draw….

Who ever said black and white is passé? Never boring Iain Macarthur prooves black and white is never ...


Totally useless yet totally adorable


Montreal’s got Talent!

My good friend Gene from HVW8. Amazing artist, nothing more to say.


When avant garde meets old-school techniques

A gaphic eye and a naïve type of sense of humour, this is



Work from NED. Simple and poetic. Love