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Tits ‘n’ Kicks

A few weeks back, as my hormones were dictating me to do some "sexier than usual" instagram post, i came up with a creative idea to showcase my brand new kicks and to satisfy my exhibitionist mood of the moment. Needless to say i got a lot of "compliments" from both men and women but a bunch of my girls also encouraged me to do a series. So i did. With my iPhone and a few of my favorites sneakers. Ha.          ...


Blacklisted M.I.A. Documentary trailer.

M.I.A. hits again. And hits hard. Like the badass version of the corny-ass Beyoncé movie, M.I.A. did her own documentary/ promotional stunt /confession /whatever-you-wanna-call-it movie. Thing is, it is rooted in a very touchy subject since 2001: muslim-based terrorism. See M.I.A. is from Sri Lanka, an island south of India where Singhalses and Tamil have been fighting since 1983. The Tamil Tigers are the armed force of the muslim minority there and are responsible for an enormous number of assassinations, suicide bombing and multiple war crimes... and her ...


Egypt’s freedom walls

Yesterday, History happened again. In the religious center of the monotheist world, another autocratic leader was taken away from power. Weather it will be for the good of the people and their true revolution, we still don't know as it was once again, the Military that did the coup "in the name of the people"... I am staying hopeful and want to believe that they will conduct democatic elections that will be not only clean but with leaders that truly represent all of Egypt.   While the World keeps it's fingers crossed, the revolution has been written ...

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Crazy motherfuckers with an accent

…and a amazing sense of esthetics. They school the very self-loving-plastic-and-calculated-world-of music about the meaning of art-that-doesn't-give-a-fuck. As for the "fatty boom boom" vid, i heard that the reason their make fun of Lady gaga, is that she had supposedly asked them to open for her on tour and not only did they tell her to go fuck herself, but then did this video where they trash The Gaga. Ha. I think it's safe to say that their videos are my favorites of all ...



Bought this little baby the other day. Felt like sharing. Oh yeah: it's an erotic cartoon…so…it's graphic. You are ...


Fight Like a Man, Dress like a Lady.

La Paz, Bolivia, 2010. A group of Quechua ladies have decided to take the saying "behind every strong man, there is a strong lady" to a whole other level. Almost every Sunday, these ladies (the founder is 40 years old!) fight, luchador-style matches. Some even fight men! It's fascinating to see through this photo-series by Daniele Tamagni, how the tradition is present in this very feminist activity. Daniele says about this series: " I wanted to show the violence, but above all the grace. The traditional aymara dress (multi-layered skirts) have an important role ...


Dessert For Breakfast

Here it is, it is now official, The Lady and The Sweatshop now has a sister blog: Dessert For Breakfast! Now let me tell you a few words about this new blog: DfB is a collective of  smart, funky and sexy ladies that share their thoughts and experiences about sex. Basically reacting to the big gap our society STILL has when it comes to real Women Sex Talk. And i'm not only referring to our mothers and political authorities, but really to Reality TV and women's magazines. Enough of this Snooky-Kim K-Paris-Britney vulgarity. And enough of these Cosmo Mags ...


African burquas

Meet Phyllis Galembo and her beautiful creatures. "Phyllis Galembo’s interest in the masquerade traditions of Africa and its diaspora began twenty five years ago, with her first visit to Nigeria. Since then, she has travelled widely in west and central Africa, and regularly to Haiti, making portraits that document and describe the transformative power of the mask." I am simply blown away by these costumes' creativity, colors and power. Like a colorful jump into a strange dream. Art is a circle. I strongly encourage you to look at the rest of her ...