Sleep with the greatest

I just came back from a sweet little few days in Miami and, of course, i went shopping. It wasn't Art basel or anything but i got myself a Picasso. Not the usual kind, no. One i can shlep around and cuddle with at night. Yes, i sleep with Picasso. But i do plan on buying myself some more sleeping buddies, hoping for them to maybe inspire my dreams with crazy colors and magic ideas. From Gandhi to Freddy Mercury, from Shakespeare to Biggie Small. Come on now, these are maybe the only way we could ever afford a Kahlo or Picasso. More here. ...


Wax Wishes

So i just came back from senegal and my african print obsession just got worse. had a bunch of clothes made with Wax (also known as "pagne" african fabric) and found myself surfing the web for eve MORE stuff... like wax made stationary. (all images from Etsy: just type in Wax cards) ...


1910 Ballet Swag

Jewish Russian artist, Leon Bakst (1866-1924) has designed some of the most breathtaking and magical ballet costumes i've seen. Not just the costumes but his drawings are just so inspiring... I wish i could dress in them. Like now. Around the city. And be fabulous. Fun fact: It were his Sheerazade" costumes that inspired the great Poiret "Oriental" look in the early 1910s. Second Fun Fact: Marc Chagall was once his student.   Details my friends... details of the imaginations.     ...


At Ralph’s…

As Ralph Lauren celebrates the 30th anniversary of his beauuuuutifuuuuul home collection, Architectural Digest did this photo-shoot of some of his personal living spaces.....and it's gorgeous. Of Course. Shotgun on the Tepee!! (as if!) ...


Tilt’s fetish sofa…

Her name is Alix. She is the new kinky yet bold creation of two creative parents: Tilt and Amaze. To sit on it is to wanna fuck on it... DID I JUST WRITE THAT? Guess i did. Ha.   Amaze - Alix by Tilt from amaze-art on ...


Au Vieux Panier Marseillais

Remember Hotel Fox? Yes yes, you know, this Copenhagen hotel that had each of it's room decorated by pop artists. Anyway, it is dope and has had more design press on it than if Helevtica and Frutiger had a gay wedding…so you should know. Well, the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseilles (France) is kinda doing the same concept (it's a dope concept, so they should)… And one of it's room, called "the panic room", was done by graffitti artist Tilt. Love it. (photos by ...


Robot Butterfly

So yesterday i spent to evening with my girl Lisa and her amazing photographer friend Danny. Went to a secret flea market around the city then stopped at Danny's house. This is where i discovered that the robots are EVERYWHERE. Well, not really but they have started to look so real, i got fooled.This video is of this butterfly in a jar....but it actually is a robotFly!Crazy, looks SO REAL. You just have to tap on te jar slightly and the butterfly start flicking and flying in that jar...Amazing and spooky at the same time.- butterfly in a jar ...


The Cutest Candles

The cutest DIY or How to Pimp Your BDay cake with style. (via the sweetest


Pretty Protection

I love my iPhone. Like i LOVE my iPhone. I had mine stolen a few months back and i was forced to buy a blackberry (cheaper). It was hell, even the bbm function did not make up for everything amazing about my lost baby. So i got the new 4s and i finally got my life back. And as we all know, our phones are now the new fashion accessory to pimp, bling, decorate. So here is so far the coolest iPhone case site i've found: Society6.My personal favourite artists are Boneface's beat-up superheroes, Chris Piascik's fun types and Kate Kosek's beautiful patterns.- society6 ...


Absolutely Colorful Things

Founds these beautiful mega-color images on Anna Spiro's blog. Alsolutely beautiful things, yup. - abt -


Paper Porcelain

Porcelain inspired paper cups by Rebecca Wilson. You won't want to throw them away.Love.- rw


Anorak Cases

Saw these on St Laurent (above Laurier) last week, so cute!- anorak


H&M Picnic

Ooooouuuuuhhhhhhhh! Beautiful and cheap, me love. - h&m picnic



Meet Parra. A cool dude that has this strangely amusing sexual type of humour....yet manages to keep it clean. Bird-clean.- parra ...


Sibella’s secret Society

Meet Sibella Court. An autralian woman that wears her name beautifully since Sibella sounds like "si belle" in french which means "so pretty".She is an interior decorator that has reached a level of "awesome" rarely attaigned. She also has her own shop and gives workshops.Smells like autralian passion.- the society ...


Sweet dreams

Childhood inspired lamps.Romantic.(from urban


Swedish Talent.

This what happens when a talented decorator decorates her own home.SHABAAAAANG.(home of swedish Marie Olsson


Ceiling crush

I have never been a big chandelier person...mostly because, exept for the very classical cristal ones, i feel they are cool for never longer than 2years... then they just seem plain cheezy.UNTIL NOW.Wow.- marjorie kouras ...


Their cute faces under your cute bum.

Fernando and Humberto Campana have decided that the chair, as we know it, is definitely too serious and boring. There.   - campana ...


Lighten up your day!

...with these cute light-switch stickers!Oy!- lazyoaf


Woouf baby, woouf!

Woouf! is a young and mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary design stu­dio in Barcelona and it design doooooooope pillows and bean bags. - woof! ...


Have an elephant head look over shoulder while you read.

Would be dope. - buy


Oooouhhhh pruuuttyyyyy

Seems IKEA got a new interior stylist....these pictures from their french website are stunning. They shine with personality and emotion. What i really like is that they are so far from their signature yet simple cosy look.This has proven to me that they could be the J.Crew of decoration:simple object + kickass styling = amazing and unique style.I wanna live in those pictures now. Please? Pretty ...


Maria Mariaaaaaa!

Meet my parents favourite painter: Maria Personnaz.She lives in Switzerland and has single-handedly taken over every single wall of my parents offices.She paints things around her, from her house to her travels in Vietnam. Her unique color palette and modern angles mixes with a beautiful traditionnal technique truely makes her work remarquable."Et la lumière fût".- mp ...


Tout mimi!

Meet Mimi Kirchner, a boston based artist that makes the manliest doll i've ever seen!Actually, she make many types of original dolls(from fishes to beads to moutain-filled-cups!) But the one i adore are these old-school acrobat men.Tattooed bad-ass men in tights...for little ladies like me!- mimi k ...


Fake your wall

Urban concrete wallpaper.In the street it is considered dirty, sad and gray. In your living room it's cool, design and "yay" !Go figure, we make no sense.- buy ...


Stripes under your fancy ass

La Roche Bobois x Jean-Paul Gaultier.!!!JPG revamped the 70s classic sofa ensemble designed by Hans Hopfer and that became a Roche Bobois classic!So. ...


Flying flowers

I just felt like sharing these beuatiful pictures of flowers arrangments.Simple, original and poetic.Summer.- 100layer cake


Design Chairs..

Design Chairs four our Design Derriere.- stylepark



Sooooo many of my friends are always redecorating their place. They are super exited about their new couch, new table... and when it comes to the walls....panic.I found this cool poster site that has a giagantic gallerie of designers', painters' and illustrators' work you can choose from, choose your size and they'll print it and send it to you by mail.Kinda cool.- inprnt ...



This is Bisazza. This is beautiful. This is italian.I could stop there but i'm just gonna introduce them to u a little more.Bisazza is the world leader in mosaic production and design.What i love about them is that they managed to take something ÜBER classic (and by "über" in mean before Christ-"über"!!) and make it stuningly modern.A mix of craftmanship and design.It's basically like Haute-Couture for you walls.Big Up.- bisazza - ...


Stick some Fafi on your bedroom wall!

Here is a link i've been wanting to post for a while. Domestic.Last night, some of my friends passed by to chill ,shmoose and do some arts and crafts.One of my girls pointed out the funky face sushis is have on my kitchen wall and said that Omer DeSerre has some wall vinyls too......WROOOONG!Well, they do, but they are boring and cheezy.So here 4 you my sweet Nubian Néné, here is where you should buy some cool wall vinyls if you decide to get some!Featuring popular illustrators and artists, from Fafi to Jeremy Scott, Ladies and Gentelmen!Here are some of my ...


Now that’s the kind a bug i like

Introducing th BugPlug.A eco-friendly device that will heil us save energy!The principle is quite simple: I has a energy sensor built in and can sense when you are in the room. Therefor, when you leave the house, all items puged into the BogPlag will autmatically switch off.Simple, smart and cute!Awwww!- more details ...


Black toilet paper

While browsing on our beloved internet, i came face to face with those pictures: NYC advertising mogul Cindy Gallop's uber-chic Black Apartment.Breathtaking place where she actually lives! A crazy fashion museum with collections of furniture, shoes, clothes, and objects that Colette herself wouldn't dream of.And yes, she took her concept as far as having black toilet paper.- original article ...


Michel Berger lives in Space

" 119 Rooms in an old factory building, built for Austrian carpenters, Swedish models, English rockstars, Japanese businessmen, German racing car drivers and American dudes. From friends for friends. Sincerely yours, the Michelberger Intergalactic Explorers."This welcoming phrase on their website kinda gives you an idea of their state of mind: crazy-antiformal-awsomeness!In one , if not the coolest city in Europe, Berlin that is, here is the Michel Berger Hotel.The lounge/ book extravaganza / lobby is my fav.- michel berger hotel ...


When i grow up….

...i wanna color in my own wall of my own house.The amazing idea (every kid probably had at some point) came to life thanx to illustrator Jon Burgerman!Amazingness!!!!- buy here ...


Beautiful junk museum

Today was a good day. I went for brunch with my cousins on Bernard and i discovered 3 amazing unique shops.Here is the first one: Monastiraki.A shop, treasure hunting palace and gallery.The shop/gallery as a whole is a work of art. The owner seems to be a passionated art lover that sees beauty in the most common of objects. He collects and associates the most ramdom things for a fasinating result!One of those places you could spend an entire day in and not be bored!(excuse the poor quality of the pictures as i took them with my iPhone...!)5478 St-laurent blrd.- ...


Natures Mortes

Now here is a fasinating yet very little known profession: interior stylist.All those beautiful interor design magazines we drewled on, all these celebrity houses we admired, even so many high-end fashion shoots we couldn't take our eyes of... well it is mostly because of people like Irina Graewe.See, her job is to take the simple and common, and transform it into the magical and dreamy.Like a modern satin-paper wizard, Irina is a master in the Unperfecly Perfect.Here is a little medley of my favourite of her "paintings".- irina graewe ...


Sit on a tank

Here is Pharell's new chair creation. A tank chair.Love him, but the chair?? Well i guess the person who produces those chairs love him too...And no, it doesn't bounce.At Colette from March 22nd to 28th and then at the Emmanuel Perrotin gallery from March 30th to April 24th by appointment.Oh yeah, and this joke is ...


Prison and Art

This is Halden Prison in Norway.It's a prison and it looks cooler than most people's appartment.I know: WTF??!?These are not Banksy by the way, but pieces of art reminiscent (rip offs?) of Banksy.- my modern met ...


Mazal Tov

I just learned about an hour ago that one of my best friends just got engaged. I am thrilled for her and she is over the moon! It happend like in the movies (he came down to her city to officially ask her hand to her mom and her brother. Old school baby!)So for a fairytale love we need a fairytale wedding.Here is, my absolute favourite wedding, event blog ON THE PLANET!From beautiful real weddings, to inspiring boards of color to amazinly smart DIY.Je t'aime ma petite Linda!- 100 layercake ...


And another one!

This one is the (giant and beautiful) bungalow of prop stylist and decorator Emily Henson, in northeast los angeles.Yeah...i want a bungalow too.- design sponge ...


My beautiful junk.

This is the inside of Michael Quinn’s carroll gardens (appartement), in brooklyn.It shurely "showcases a true generosity of spirit" but also a crazy sens of never thowing anything out...EVER!Hey, just put in on your wal!When too much is just....well pretty.- design sponge ...


Cool Blood

Who said ButcherShops aren't cool?Like pretty much everybody....untill now!Here is the coolest, fanciest, hipest butcher ever. Where vegetarians might think raw bloody beef is actually trendy.Look for yourselfs.This is Churchill’s Butchery in Woollahra, Sydney, Australia.Bloody ...


House Beauty

A beautiful blog about beautiful things.... Home decor prettiness in



The ultimate stop if you go to Miami South Beach. A little gems in the world of disign stores. Beautifullly picked products. From fashion dvds, to cds, to an amazing colection of art fashion, street art and design books_like this one i got this time called "edgy cute"), to clothes to jewelry .....! I always go to get a book or two and some impossible to find design limited magazines. The staff is really friendly and the owner designed this little blue room i photographed! I personnaly fell in love with the blue-doll-lamps!!! a lil' over my budget ...


Cè Bô Sa

Anything around us can be treated as a canvas. Like where we live. Let's make our life beautiful, shall we?And yes, the last one is a table made out of ...


Merci Hermes. Again.

Installation by Tokunjin Yoshioka for Hermès Tokyo. Grace. (merci


I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World

I know. It's not news. But I belive something so pink and so girly somehow is always news worthy.Here is is, the world largest Barbie Flagship store and café in the World. 35,000 square foot areas of pink, strass and dolls. By Slade Architecture in Shanghai, ...