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Sean from Texas will tattoo some sick depressive shit on you.

Another Instagram find. Another dope tattoo artist with a unique style. New-age punk meets a depressive pop culture type of cartoon-infused depression. Makes you laugh and sad at the same time. @seanfromtexas ...


That old thing…

Beauty is is the eye of the beholder...and in the emotions of the newer generations towards a past that quietly created them. Like these american everyday, everything but fancy, designed for efficiency and not beauty, badges. Via Time Mag. ...


Make Under

So we've all seen the amazing Kanye and Kim make-under, as well as the Rihanna one. But the thing is just discovered, yes, i'm freakin' late and lame, is that there are a whoooooole bunch of them on Danny Evans's facebook page!!! as an (obvious) explanation for his "actions", Danny states: “It was a reaction to the over-Photoshopped images of celebrities that we see everyday. I thought it would be interesting to take it in the opposite direction.” Oh Em Gee you guys, this is like sooooo like amazing you know. Ya. ...


Fuck you Photoshop.

Meet Ted Feighan, or the artist that told all photoshop skills and realistic collage to go screw themselves deep. Real deep. For the sake of original-70s-like-coolness. ...


Cartoon iPhones.

Yes. My title sucks. But i'm tired. So it seems there is a new trend for iPhone cases and it seems the whole minimal, small, compact thing is OUT my friends! Well... for some. It's kinda cute actually. Takes the accessory and makes it a friend. Awwwwww.       ...

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That hot chick from corny Glee..

Well she has(tries to?) a music career. And she'S doing the whole "i'm legit" thing by dating Big Sean. Anyway, that's pretty boring and her new single (feat. her boo boo) is pretty boring too. Why am i posting it you say? Well, i find the idea of projecting the lyrics kinda cool. Now that's pretty much ALL that happens in this video, so for a lyrics video: it's pretty dope.   ...


What if Dragon Ball read WAD and listened to Kanye West?

Well.. i think they would look like this. Illustrations by Phil Mimms for HUMN ALNS. Oh and you can buy these dope iPhone cases here. YOU ARE WELCOME. ...


My Preeeeciooooous

So it's an admitted fact that we can't live without our precious smart phones. They basically have become the most precious thing we own as we litterally feel like a prehistoric autist in the jungle without it. Don't even front, you know it's true. they are also the object we carry with us all the freakin' time and so it needs to look fly. Here are some of my fav from the very awesome Society6 website.   ...



Bought this little baby the other day. Felt like sharing. Oh yeah: it's an erotic cartoon…so…it's graphic. You are ...


Pantone Visa Cards

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! These are SICK. Ok, breaaaathe….. As i was surfing the Pantone website to buy new chips, i see these. And then i almost had a heart attack. Yes, i'm a little crazy freaking out about a card instead of what it could buy me. Oh ...


Valentine is not always that romantic.

Funny Valentines cards for the "not-in-love-yet" types.-lazy oaf


Katy Perry is gonna have an orgasm.

One of my facebook friends just posted this video….. it's a color-overload-bubble-gum-LSD-trip from Asia. The music is horrible (sorry Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!) but i found the graphics, somehow fun….. for like 2 minutes. But fun nevertheless.Watch it once, not more. And turn the sound down. Enjoy ...


Sucker for Soccer

Meet Zoran Lucić, a designer and illustrator from Bosnia and Herzegovina that has designed dosens of posters dedicated to some of the best soccer players in the World. I don't care for soccer but i must admit these posters are pretty dope.- all the posters ...


1000 Days of Drawing

Meet  Chris Piascik. I actually dicorvered his work (not him...i don't know him...and i'm fine with that, really) though my Society6 iPhone cases post. Yup. So now i kinda follow what he's up to and lately, he has been (well, not really "lately,  but for the past 4 years...yeah, a freackin' while!) drawing an illustration a day.He is about to reach 1000 and want to self publish it. I'm down. His illustrations are dope. So.Yeah.Here are some of them as well as his Kickstarter ...


Pretty Protection

I love my iPhone. Like i LOVE my iPhone. I had mine stolen a few months back and i was forced to buy a blackberry (cheaper). It was hell, even the bbm function did not make up for everything amazing about my lost baby. So i got the new 4s and i finally got my life back. And as we all know, our phones are now the new fashion accessory to pimp, bling, decorate. So here is so far the coolest iPhone case site i've found: Society6.My personal favourite artists are Boneface's beat-up superheroes, Chris Piascik's fun types and Kate Kosek's beautiful patterns.- society6 ...


Sprout bookmark

This is just too cute.- buy here


When less is more

Design-wise, it usually works. Art by natrepo. (via my friend Josh) - antrepo


Matt the Bitton

My friend Mathieu Bitton asked my to make him a portrait.So i did.The original picture taken by his friend and my HusbandWhenIwas14: Lenny Kravitz.Basically, it's like a double portrait.- mathieu bitton ...


Andy’s Words of Wisdom

I really see them as Bumper Sticker with an identity crisis.- andy


Dominate me.

Kiki de Montparnasse and Aruliden just took mind games to an entire new level. Dildo shaped high-end chess game that make you want to say: dominate me. (oh yeah, we'll ahve to wait 'till they do a cheap version...'cause this one is A BIT expensive: 10 000$!!)- kiki ...


Information is beautiful

If i could marry this website, i would.Interesting, smart, clean and beautiful.- ib -


Booty Call

Kinda ridiculous yet kinda funny. Definitely ugly.- ff


One Drop

Ok, this post is a bragging post. I'm just gonna post one of my latest work. Four 30 secs videos for the great ONE DROP organisation founded by the brilliant Guy Laliberté. My girl Tal (ia Ledner) did the beautiful writting. We both did the entires brand position and spot concept and I did the stroryboard and all the illustrations. My boy Greg (Barth) animated it. Oh yeah, this was ALL done within 2 weeks. Taking Water Further. - one drop ...


Graphic Design

Mike Shinoda says you don't need color. He has a point.- ms


Cats Love Japan.

Bertrand de Langeron aka SoMe just posted a new shirt he did for Cool Cats.Here it is along with some others i found pruuuty."Japan, We Love U".- cool cats ...


Tom Selleck, Waterfalls and Sandwiches.Dopeness.- sws



Did a lil' graphic to post as my profile pic in heart is in Japan right


The coolest champion

Meet Katrin aka Mischief Champion. This girl seems to be the cutest yet laugh-out-lound illustrator EVER.Love her work.Smiling ironic sunshine in your everyday life.- mc ...


Post It

I usually never try to post anything when i don't know where it's from and especially who did it. But this is just too



"Amos was set up in 2002 by James Jarvis, Sofia Prantera and Russell Waterman. "Basically Amos does toys, books and graphics. All very japanese/cartoon oriented."HAAAAÏÏÏÏAAAAAAWWW!!!!??*%$##$**!!"- amos ...


I love you Alex

Some recent work of the Typography Legend Alex Trochut.- at


Illustration legal fix

Chris Arran lives in London, part of Montreal based Colagène, an Illustration "Clinic" that represents tons of dope (and less dope) illustrators.- colagene ...


Style of music

I'm not sure the use of this(you can print each style seperatly on a poster, on their site), but it's hell a cute as a poster.- moxy ...


Protect ur kids from your computer

Cool campaign by Latinworks. "Protect your kids from (sex and) violence" on the

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Dope Cheez

Dope video by Laundry (Los Angeles) for dope artist M.I.A. The only not-so-dope-thing is the song: suprisingly cheezy. - laundry ...


Pretty Japanese Porn

Meet Toshio Saeki, or the man that has the most colorful yet sometimes disturbing erotic fantasies.To the style of tradiational japanese erotic art, he adds a modern manga-like fantasies and colors, for the pleasure of our eyes and minds. Some of them get quite disturbing, but mostly i find them beautifully detailed, in the raw-est way.Like an oriental modern day Rousseau meets le Marquis de Sade, he explores his fantasies on the most honest way.- toshio saeki ...





Paper eyes

"Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Eyelashes blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design. Intricately cut and delicately pretty, Eyelashes are now available in 11 styles, each infused with symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture."Basically, a sweet original twist to the traditional fake eyelashes. This new years, this could be a nice design touch to your outfit.Bare makeup, black liner and hair pulled back. I dare you to look awesome.- paperself ...


Mozambique’s Fashion Week

Beautiful ads for Mozambique's Fashion week. yes, they have a fashion week yall and they probably had no trouble finding georgeous tall skinny women to model. If these ads where done in real scarfs, i would TOTALLY rock them.Title "Wardrobes"Agency DDB ...


Have people write it for you

Fun little web site, fun project, pretty hand made letters for sale.- handmade


Beautiful books

Every tiime i go into a bookstore, no matter if i had planned to just buy one specific book, i always end up buying a bunch. Not only that, i always spend at least an hour browsing, looking at books, swiming around so much knowledge and stories. It's like the thousands of caracters and places, are somehow at your reach and floating around you.A million books, a million gates to unknown Worlds.Another fasinating thing are the book covers....they are usually so beautiflly designed, each of them trying so hard to show you a piece of it's inside Universe....Here is ...


Tout mimi!

Meet Mimi Kirchner, a boston based artist that makes the manliest doll i've ever seen!Actually, she make many types of original dolls(from fishes to beads to moutain-filled-cups!) But the one i adore are these old-school acrobat men.Tattooed bad-ass men in tights...for little ladies like me!- mimi k ...



Introducing a very special and beautiful brand : WEWOOD.WEWOOD is a brand "of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. WEWOOD is the avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability."The idea is simple: back to basics. 100% wood made watches, beautiful design and more importantly, taking action to a philosophy: planting trees.One watch bought = one planted tree by Wewood.One Watch – One Tree – One PlanetWooden mazballs.- wewood ...


A Mini 4 Meeeee!

Mini introduces their new cuteness: an electric scooter.It comes in 3 colors (white, grey/yellow and deep greeen) and loves the environment.Beautiful and smart, just like us.- mini ...

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The Good Life

The Good Life by SoMe. Amazballs.


2SHY 2show, So Me and you get to meet Cuypi.

This post is kind of a 3 in 1.Have you ever had a crush on more than one guy at the time?Well it has just happend to me....3 guys, 2 french and canadian.... different but similar style....i can't choose, so i wont.Here is some work from SoMe who's work got really famous when he drew the AMAZING Justice's D.A.N.C.E. video.The second is 2SHY, a french grapher turned amazing illustrator/designer.Last but not least, Cuypi, aka Sebastien Cuypers. A type genious.The Lady has a crush, big time.- so me -- cuypi ...


Puma bikes

A beautiful collaboration between PUMA and the copenhagen based design firm KiBiSi.Modern with a touch of heritage and elegance.I'm spechless.- k ...


Beats with your burger

Introducing Beatbox Kitchen.An idea that is as cool as it's sounds! Simple yet soulful, it concists of a beatbok looking van, burgers and fries and...... hip hop!Casual yummy funkiness in your neighborhood...if you happen to live around Melbourne!Anyway, i really hope the idea grows and that some brilliant montrealer brings the idea back in our streets!I want to smell burger block parties too!- beatboxkitchen ...


X-RAYded calendar

Now this is just hillarious: an X-ray Calendar for men.....that want to take "naked" a step further!It's a promotional calendar made by Eizo, high-end monitors for the observation and subsequent diagnosis, of radiographs (x-rays).Don't you just want to get one for that perv Uncle of yours?Yeah, so ...


Stripes under your fancy ass

La Roche Bobois x Jean-Paul Gaultier.!!!JPG revamped the 70s classic sofa ensemble designed by Hans Hopfer and that became a Roche Bobois classic!So. ...



Massimo Gamacutra is a still life photgrapher. He's good. Nothing special except......for his logo- lollipops series...... so sweet, so pop, so yummmmmm.Pruuuuty.- gamacutra ...


Design Chairs..

Design Chairs four our Design Derriere.- stylepark


Universal Everything for Aol

I know, this campain is 2month old...but whaterver, better late than never. Ha. Here are a few stills from promotional videos Universal Everything did for AOL's new brand image. In there words: "We worked with Wolff Olins NYC to develop the digital rebranding of AOL. An ongoing series of brand films are released monthly to form the basis of AOL's ever changing identity." What truely fasinates me about the first video is how they managed to use technology in a way that puts the emphasis. on Time and our impact though motion on our World. Although it must have taken ...


V Mag & Complex Edito

Just felt like sharing these editotial shoots.Both from the latest edition of Vmagazine and Complex.Vmag always daring to be different and Complex, featuring the great M.I.A. and beautiful ...


Bjorn Again.

One of the few good things i will take with me from my Amsterdam experience (i went there 4 work the last 3 weeks) is the name of this artist: Björn Copeland.His name is unprounancable as his art is interesting, he manages to mix old 80s style collages and a techological kinda look.Oh, yeah,the man also dressed a goat up for art... i feel that is something worth mentioning.- bjorn copeland ...



Meet Grzegorz Domaradzki aka Gabz, a polish Illustrator that finds his colorfull inspiration from other things than patatoes and Vodka.Graphik and organic.- gabz ...


Breakbot i love you.

My crush of the week! Breakbot. LOVE the video, LOVE the



Sooooo many of my friends are always redecorating their place. They are super exited about their new couch, new table... and when it comes to the walls....panic.I found this cool poster site that has a giagantic gallerie of designers', painters' and illustrators' work you can choose from, choose your size and they'll print it and send it to you by mail.Kinda cool.- inprnt ...


Could it be…The End?

It is. The magazine i mean.Trendy and edgy.Beautiful design and i loooove the grid.- the end



This is Bisazza. This is beautiful. This is italian.I could stop there but i'm just gonna introduce them to u a little more.Bisazza is the world leader in mosaic production and design.What i love about them is that they managed to take something ÜBER classic (and by "über" in mean before Christ-"über"!!) and make it stuningly modern.A mix of craftmanship and design.It's basically like Haute-Couture for you walls.Big Up.- bisazza - ...


Now look at what i found.

Vintage VOGUE covers.Instant Happiness.- artdeco


Write to your friends.

This is a sketchbook, an archive, a dialogue.Here is how Friends Of Type describe their blog.And it's true.For type that is.Enjoy!- friends of type ...


Polafuji me!

As i was browsing the latest Vanity Fair, featuring a half naked Christiano Ronaldo on the cover (yes, that is EXACTLY whay i picked it up in the first place.), I stumbled upon a few cute things (butts and abs), one of them being this adorable Fujifilm Instax Mini.I did i little research on the camera and i used to sold only in Japan but today, we (north americans) can all buy it (hurray!).The Instax Mini is a Polaroïd-style camera and prints up credit card-sized instant photos just like those served up by your traditional Polaroid.The camera and film aren't ...



Friday night was MassiveArt, a giant multiple platform art exibit at SAT. I exposed 2 of my photographs along with dozens of other photgraphers, painters, illustrators, animator (2d and 3d) and other types of artists. Among them was a collective called Skin Jackin, a french collective of pencils funky tatoos artists. They basically "paint-tatooed" who ever wanted. Their style is bold, colorsfull, funky and irreverant. Here are some of their "materpieces" (full body art) - skin jackin ...


Just fell in love…..

...with a font!- fontshop


Now that’s the kind a bug i like

Introducing th BugPlug.A eco-friendly device that will heil us save energy!The principle is quite simple: I has a energy sensor built in and can sense when you are in the room. Therefor, when you leave the house, all items puged into the BogPlag will autmatically switch off.Simple, smart and cute!Awwww!- more details ...


Fancy colors up your ass!

Paul Smith x


To go with the vintage beer bottles!

These are part of Gail Anderson cap


Design baby

Here is a cool brand: bloom.Not cool for me (yet!) but cool for all your mamas out there! Enough of thoses cheesy plstic baby chairs and relaxers in the middle of beautiful modern appartment!Baby deserves design too!- bloom ...



This is Lino.One of thoses illustrators young design students consider like a visual hero.When i was in University (UQAM, graphic design), we ALL adooored his work and collected every single piece of poster or card he had done.And let me tell you we cherrished it like a tresure.I personnaly remember the series of posters he did for the Theatre de Quat'Sous (mtl) along with Mario Mercier from Orangetango.It was love at first sight.His unique style, ruff, bold yet delicate in his themes are what made us love Lino.Oh, yes, and he is from Montreal!- lino ...


Old rusty cool

Here are some vintage beer can packaging.... found them whil doing some packaging research..Something elegant about their simple graphic design, no crazy filter, no thousand crazy layers in photoshop...I posted them just 'cause i found them and thought they were beautiful.- hello again ...


Old and Pretty

I had to do a pattern for a job the other day and i had to go back to one of my favoutite design thing: clipart! They are so pretty and...well pretty.Also found a site where you can find thoooooousands of them.Yey.- clipart ...


Michel Berger lives in Space

" 119 Rooms in an old factory building, built for Austrian carpenters, Swedish models, English rockstars, Japanese businessmen, German racing car drivers and American dudes. From friends for friends. Sincerely yours, the Michelberger Intergalactic Explorers."This welcoming phrase on their website kinda gives you an idea of their state of mind: crazy-antiformal-awsomeness!In one , if not the coolest city in Europe, Berlin that is, here is the Michel Berger Hotel.The lounge/ book extravaganza / lobby is my fav.- michel berger hotel ...



Here is my new baby: Afrodisiac (the book is my baby, not hte guy!!)A beautiful book about this 70s classic superhero afro hot black man that fights crime with badass class.Full of sexy (all white....stereotype alert!!) horny women, cars, open shirt or no shirt at all and grovy attitude.He will fight from some fake white lazy superhero to Dracula or even Robert Nixon.The mistery was the following. The book is a collection of differents interpretation and graphic styles of the man but i really couldn't figure out hw come i had never heard of him before. As i ...


Hairy business

Here are some great business cards for Yuka Suzuki desined by Kudos.- kudos japan


Beautiful junk museum

Today was a good day. I went for brunch with my cousins on Bernard and i discovered 3 amazing unique shops.Here is the first one: Monastiraki.A shop, treasure hunting palace and gallery.The shop/gallery as a whole is a work of art. The owner seems to be a passionated art lover that sees beauty in the most common of objects. He collects and associates the most ramdom things for a fasinating result!One of those places you could spend an entire day in and not be bored!(excuse the poor quality of the pictures as i took them with my iPhone...!)5478 St-laurent blrd.- ...


New old talk

Another product created by some nostalgic dude who accepts the fact that technology is awsome and that living only on granola gives you diarrhea. - talk mobile ...


Graphic nerd

Here are some portraits graphic designer Jonathan Puckey did, with an application called Scriptographer. The resault is beautiful and even though the portraits are very modern and simplified, they are still totally recognisable!Thoses dutch guys may have unpronouncble names and no idea of what good food is, but they do amazing things!- jonathan puckey -- sciptographer jürg lehni ...


German in Montreal

Today, the illustration Clinic Colagene came to our offices to showcase their new reprensented illustrators. I couldn' t go so intead i checked their site 2 see who was new in their drawing family.Meet Damien Vignaux, German illustrator / phtographer / 3d artist.- damien v ...


Cheez for your ears

Here is a funny site, it will put a smile a smile on your face even if you are (like me...) having a shitty day. Here is a lil' medley of my favs. Some of them, you need to read the title...makes all the difference in the world! Amazing. - worst album covers ...


Bling your food!

Always wanted to take the bling to the next level? After the 3 finger rings, the multiple Mister T chains and the grills, here is the Ess Lack by The Deli Garage.Bling for your food yo!!Kinda awesome.- the deli garage ...


Back to the Future

The iPad is the current talk of the town, it's sooooo modern, sooooo futuristic...... but for us old-school nostagics, here is a way to get the best of both worlds!Here is the iCade!Whaaa-whaaaaaat!!Ahhh, when geeks are cool, they are really cool!- think geek ...


Coke for Karl

The famous fashion designer is everywhere these last years... so no he is on a special edition of Diet Coke bottles. I don't know how exclusive it is sinec the guy is fucking everywhere but hey, the bottle looks fly!On sale starting April ...


A Brit with issues

Meet George Morton-Clark.I believe he could have been a very good psychopath, but he decided to be a painter instead.- g m c ...


Cut-out play

Ok ladies, if you have a kid or a niece/nefew, god-son/daughter, kid cousin or anykind of little cute child you like, you MUST get them this.It's adorable and cute and fun and smart and....well you get it.- peanut and dip ...


Alice is a schisophrenic

Lewis Caroll's famous and crazy Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been fasinating children and adults alike since over a century.Here are some of the movie posters of the so many adaptations of the masterpiece, the very first one dating from 1903! (my grandma's birthyear!)To think that Caroll was completely high when writting it should be one of the main points of the freedrugs advocacy.I'm saying this and i don't do nor even like drugs, so....yeah, i'm impressed with the ...



I watched it last night. Yes i did.Me, my Oreos and i had fun. The hosts were great and so was the fashion. But i'm not going to post my favourite dresses....too many poeple are doing it anyway.Instead, i'm gonna post Tavis Coburn interpretation of some of the nominated movies.Old school touch on today's art.Kinda ...



"Hello, my name is SHOHEI. I draw a picture with a ball-point pen."That's all it says on his site. I guess we don't really need to know more.Manga meets refined graphic black and white (and red) art, this artist is (excuse my french) fucking ...



The ultimate stop if you go to Miami South Beach. A little gems in the world of disign stores. Beautifullly picked products. From fashion dvds, to cds, to an amazing colection of art fashion, street art and design books_like this one i got this time called "edgy cute"), to clothes to jewelry .....! I always go to get a book or two and some impossible to find design limited magazines. The staff is really friendly and the owner designed this little blue room i photographed! I personnaly fell in love with the blue-doll-lamps!!! a lil' over my budget ...


From my heart to you bedroom

Now that's an original Valentine's gift, mix cheezy (stuffed animal) and creepy (human heart):taah daaaaah!


Customize your mini!!

Everybody has a mini. Or at least everybody wants one. The ones who pretend they don't are either haters or liers. Seriously, even my (cool) mom has one!!! The problem is that, like the Golfs, they all kinda look the same... Thanx to TheCoolHunter, you can now costomize your car!!! And in a funky tastful way please! Of couse, it take a huge self assurance to have a raibow mini, no matter how cool it looks. But to those who don't have the guts to do it, i say: you just don't deserve your mini and you should give it to ...


Hear different

It's no news that all things today can be and will be treated like a fashionable accessory. From our phones to our shoe laces, from our lighters to ous bag holder. Earphones are no exeption! It used to be the smaller the better. Now it's the bolder the cooler!(elecom, sony, wesc and ...


The cuteness of doll packaging

Have you ever bought something you didn't need or didn't even really knew what it was JUST because the packaging was so beautiful? Well i have.....many times.Just like Gwen Stephani's fragrances for Harajuku Lovers. 5 sents, 5 girls, 5 personalities; like the Spice Girls of sent, Love, Lil'Angel, Music, Baby and G are today's funky fashionista's new accessory.Now with new summer versions, here are the Sunshine Cuties.And the video promo is made by no other than the doctors of Cutness : ...


Give a treat to your royal behind.

Ther are called Queen Of Love. I know, so perfect. It's like the day a very smart salesgirl told me i looked like Penelope Cruz in a dress.....that i bought intantly of course.AAAAhhh italian design.- saw ...


Merci Hermes. Again.

Installation by Tokunjin Yoshioka for Hermès Tokyo. Grace. (merci


I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World

I know. It's not news. But I belive something so pink and so girly somehow is always news worthy.Here is is, the world largest Barbie Flagship store and café in the World. 35,000 square foot areas of pink, strass and dolls. By Slade Architecture in Shanghai, ...


Phil Yamada