HipHop VS the Middle Ages

B4XVI is a project by artist Cecilia Azcarate, highlighting an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century. Turns out not only they didn't invent anything, they are keeping it REAAAAAL old school. ...


Mexican Sapologie

Funny how some cultures that really have nothing in common geographically nor historically sometimes share a very similar sub-culture... Like Mexico and Congo(s). Meet the equivalent of Congo'S Sapologie: the Pachucos. I think we should create a crowd-funding project to fly them both to meet and do an Ultimate Walk-off /Show-off Battle. RedBull, can you hear me? Via Reuters: "Antonio Guardarrama Tapia (L), Jose de Jesus Gonzalez de la Rosa (C) and Filiberto Flores Mujica wears their Pachuco outfits while posing for a photograph next to a wall with ...


Preppy Little Badass Polos

Stromae Stromae Stromae.... this guy is just so lovable. He seems to be so on the opposite ways of everybody in pop music these days (i'm talking to you ridiculous and pathetic Shakira) in the fact that he is doing ART for ART his way and not the either sexual, bling,  or let's play it safe way. So not only his music is dope, his lyrics great but he has created a unique pastel, pattern, cute little British boy style. And instead of doing a fake designed collab with Nike or adidas or some-kind of big brand....he just decided to do it small and well. Here is ...


The Real Chanel Supermarket Show

MissMe made her own version of the "oh-so-spoken-about" Chanel show. Ya.


Pigalle SS14

Menswear is slowly becoming as interesting as womenswear....and even more, in my personal opinion. I have been shopping in menswear for the past 3 years now as i find that, more and more, men's collections are better than women's. Pigalle's video also shows how styling for men, aka swag, is becoming more and more creative and free from traditional ways. So. Hot. (plus one of my best friend both is in the video and walked for the show...so i'm kinda proud) PIGALLE SHOW AW 2013/2014 from PIGALLE PARIS on ...


Badu for Givenchy

I've never been a big fan of brands using celebrities for their campaign...especially when it's the high-end ones using underground or hip-hop artists to gain some "street-cred" shamelessly. Daft-Punk for Saint Laurent made me barf, Rihanna for Balmain makes me feel nothing at all... but Badu for Givenchy?? So. Dope. As it doesn't feel like a giant planned marketing stunt for an over produced-shoved-in-our-ears-album (Daft-Punk khuum khuum), Givenchy also really respected Badu's unique style and made it work with their clothes. Bra.Vo. ...


Wax Obssesion

Obsessed. Need. To. Stop. (via Set A Drift, African Lookbook, Yevu and Nothing But the Wax.)   ...

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Guinness in Africa

Guinness' latest ad......featuring the Societé des Ambianceurs et Personnes Élégantes of Brazaville. Not sure where the link with the Irish beer is, but i like the video. Here are, as a bonus, some other videos about the famous ...


Dakar -4

In 4 days, i am going to meet my best friend and spend 2 beautiful weeks with him. He lives in dakar. Yes. It's awesome. So i've been pretty much obsessing on prints and all the clothes i am planning on getting tailored there. Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! ...


Girls will be Boys.

Stumbled upon this dope Editorial by District MTV. Fresh yet vintage. Kris Kross Girls. Photography: Jeff HahnStyling: Madeleine ØstlieAssistant: Sam ThompsonHair: Nicole Kahlani using Bumble & BumbleMake-up: Danielle Kahlani using Radical Skincare and NARS CosmeticsModels: Sienna @ FM, Tiara @ StormSpecial Thanks: Murray @ The Book Agency. ...


1910 Ballet Swag

Jewish Russian artist, Leon Bakst (1866-1924) has designed some of the most breathtaking and magical ballet costumes i've seen. Not just the costumes but his drawings are just so inspiring... I wish i could dress in them. Like now. Around the city. And be fabulous. Fun fact: It were his Sheerazade" costumes that inspired the great Poiret "Oriental" look in the early 1910s. Second Fun Fact: Marc Chagall was once his student.   Details my friends... details of the imaginations.     ...

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Lazy Looney

Lazy Oaf just released it's new Looney Tunes collab collection......video. The launch is in 3days...


Cartoon iPhones.

Yes. My title sucks. But i'm tired. So it seems there is a new trend for iPhone cases and it seems the whole minimal, small, compact thing is OUT my friends! Well... for some. It's kinda cute actually. Takes the accessory and makes it a friend. Awwwwww.       ...


Tokyo Street Style

Just another street style blog... except it's in Tokyo, so you'll get street fashion that resembles cartoons on crack. And that's pretty awesome. ...

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When GQ does a sextape…

"MINE" by Alvaro de la Herran. Steamy, mature, elegant, sex. I love it.... (except for the girl... I like super skinny models on podiums and in certain clothes, but i find that a more voluptuous women so much hotter when it comes to being ...


Teheran Street Style

A beautiful window on the streets of fashionable...Teheran. The proof that not all iranian women wear the full black coverage. The proof that you can be forced to cover your hair and body more than us, and still school us on elegance. Love it. Keep doing your thing ladies. Teheran Times.   ...

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Best of Nails

So nailart is becoming bigger by the minute. So even if you were not into it last year, chances are, you are into it now. Here are 2 of my favorite nail-artists out there, that also happen to both be my girls. Yup! *brush over my shoulder* Check out their Instagrams: @prettyproject @thisisvenice ...


Jump From Paper

Is your favorite part of Mary Poppings, the one where they all jump into the chalk drawing on the sidewalk? Have you always dreamed of spending an afternoon in the Toons World of Roger Rabbit? Well, you might really like this: Jump from Paper designs bags that seem like they are from the cartoon world. Take a look, pretty bluffing.   ...


Obsession: baby-hair

So i'm sharing with you my latest obsession: baby-hair. Like the return of the 90s in our clothes, it is only normal that they kinda come back in our hair as well. We've seen the Hello-Kitty-Grunge hair styles everywhere, but it's been like 3 months that i've been doing the 90s' baby-hair style. Soft or gelled, love it. Moodboooooard!! photos: J-Lo, Fka Twigs, Lazy ...


Custom Love

If you are a Jeremy Scott and Melody Ehsani fan, i just found you a third love. You are welcome. Love My Custom is a small british brand by cutie designer Lisa-Marie Carter. Hawt. ...


Guerlan not Guerlain

Guerlan Jeans FW 2013.... Cute.

Capture d’écran 2013-08-13 à 14.58.43

This isn’t fucking Paris

Ok, this is going to a bitchy post: i fucking hate the whole "Brooklyn parle francais" brand.... Why? Because it brags about a very annoying phenomenon: the bougie-parisian-snoby-wannabe-hipster-invasion of Brooklyn and New-York. You guys are annoying as you come and move in a cool, full of soul city and keep your arrogance instead of  melting into the vibe... So when i stumbled upon this OAK NYC jersey on gitoo_thoo's IG: i had to post it. LOVE IT. The End of The Btichy ...

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Kid Super is Super Smart.

KidSuper just did something i believe a lot of brands are going to start doing. 'Coz it's freakin' smart. In an era where "authenticity" and "content" are more valued market-selling-wise than proper classic ads, how better to introduce your new collection's spirit than to produce a videoclip featuring the making of your artfull patterns and your collections? The whole thing "packed" into the vibes and swag of The Underachievers. Super smart. ...


Fuck you Cartier.

Giant Child-in-me crush on Yazbukey.  Don't be serious. Ever. Cartoon is the new Gold. ...


Behind the Lazy

Behind one of my favorite British brands...


Lazy in the Fall

Lazy Oaf's Fall Collection. Dope and fun as freakin' usual.  


Tits ‘n’ Kicks

A few weeks back, as my hormones were dictating me to do some "sexier than usual" instagram post, i came up with a creative idea to showcase my brand new kicks and to satisfy my exhibitionist mood of the moment. Needless to say i got a lot of "compliments" from both men and women but a bunch of my girls also encouraged me to do a series. So i did. With my iPhone and a few of my favorites sneakers. Ha.          ...


What if Dragon Ball read WAD and listened to Kanye West?

Well.. i think they would look like this. Illustrations by Phil Mimms for HUMN ALNS. Oh and you can buy these dope iPhone cases here. YOU ARE WELCOME. ...


Wear Jeremy in the Fall

Jeremy Scott for adidas originals, FW2013. Not his best, but me still likey.


You can’t see my Nikes

So Nike revealed the Air Max ‘Country Camo’ Pack. Basically an oxymoron on your feet as you get them because you want to show off but they are made of a material that is deigned to not be seen in it's environment. Anyway, they actually look fab. Themed by country and their own version of military camouflage, each pair is dope in it's own way. Well done Nike, well done.   ...


Nothing left to loose.

2 days ago, M.I.A. released her first video of her new album MATANGI. As always, the video and the song (produced by Switch et Surkin) is dope. (posted the beat drom where the sample of this song is taken from at the end of this post) Like a pervert mix of french suburbs, young angry kids, Welcome to Gattaca, Barbie hair and religious symbols. In a very 90s meets WAD esthetics, This whites army of immigrants kids walks quietly into a party/temple of expression. (somehow, it looks very Romain Gavras-like, but i can't seem to find who directed this little ...


Boston from Arabia

KTZ Men SS14. USA has babies with UAE. Stunning and funky as fuck (is that a rhyme? Gosh, i should be a rapper) Men's collection. Seems like since last year, all men's collections are dope and women's super boring. Considering a sex-change for fashion's sake.   ...


Katie Eary SS14

Hot leopard baroque neon flamingos. Super awesome collection for men.... pretty safe and boring collection for ladies. ...


India 2013 BOOM!

Manish Arora is great. I mean, i don't know him (maybe he's a prick), but his designs are beyond. He manages to take the fascinating tradition indian designs and injects it with 20th Century pop graphic esthetics. I'm in love with his SS13 jewelry collection. IN LOVE.   ...


Hello Summer Harness.

  Maje kicks // MissMe for The Lady And The Sweatshop Miles Davis cropped tank // BCBG Max Azria leather harness / BCBG shorts // Tanzanian Massai bracelets // Lego Lady and The Sweatshop pimped ring // BCBG Max Azria ...


The Hat Oddisee

Two awesome things put together don't necessarily result is a third awesome thing. Like having sex while watching Family Guy, eating ice cream while skiing or Reality and TV. Yes, this is Real-Life math. But in this case, the result is good. New Zealand brand I Love Ugly and one of my fav DC rappers Oddisee. On that note, Oddisee happens to have one of the most intersting and inspiring Instagram i follow. Check it out. As well as his music you ignorant mofo. ...


My Preeeeciooooous

So it's an admitted fact that we can't live without our precious smart phones. They basically have become the most precious thing we own as we litterally feel like a prehistoric autist in the jungle without it. Don't even front, you know it's true. they are also the object we carry with us all the freakin' time and so it needs to look fly. Here are some of my fav from the very awesome Society6 website.   ...


I hate Hype

But i like these SS13 Hype tees for men. Metrosexuality is doing men's fashion such a favor and a lot of girls jealous.   ...


Love L!ve

Such a dope brand. Well thought, well deigned, well marketed. The only not so cool thing about it is that the women collection is a little soft and boring. That's why the polo i bought is from the men SS13 collection. So i had it "pimped" a little. Tailored to fit me closer and lined the sleeves with classic blue-men-shirt material. Tap on my shoulder. ...

Miami-sunset copy

Nike Sunset

One for me, the other for you, Cute and corny couple, We could have a drink or two, Then you'd compliment me a little, The Sunset, matching our shoes like an echo. I write sneaker's poetry bitches.From the Pre-AW2013. Nike ...


Not Just A Label

Now here is a site worth visiting and supporting. This site/blog/shop currates all the new and fashion/design forward young designers from all around the world. Most of them i had never heard of, but all are damn modern and original.In there own words: "...discovering and supporting pioneers in contemporary fashion" Plus most of the clothes are under 500pounds. For a designer fresh unique piece, that's amazing.   Edgy, audacious and ...


Three Floor i didn’t need to know about.

So i just discovered this new brand. Three Floor. Gosh i didn't nee this in my life. Or maybe i did. Well let's just say i found a few obsession. Thanx. ...


Jeremy Scott x New Era

And yet another collab by Jeremy Scott. He honestly does a million but somehow, i not only still like his shit, i don't get fed up! I believe that with most designers i actually would start hating by the 4th collab.. dunno, this is a mystery to me. Maybe because he actually does better work with/for others that he does for his own brand (like Lagerfeld or the idiotic Galliano) Oh well. Love ...


Get that geek guuurl!

So you have a crush on a geek and you wanna impress his ass? From Autralia with love, i introduce you to you Black Milk Clothing, your future summer love weapon. They even have a few in dresses. Yes, that's how serious they are about helping geeks get ...


Proud Bones

Just discovered this dope Philippino jewelry and accessory designer. Yes, Instagram brings you interesting things sometimes. He works with the usually perceived as macabre and trasformes it in a slightly cartoony, yet statement piece of jewelry. Perfect to let the funky Flintstone out of ya! Check out more of Paul Jatayna's pieces ...


Hurt me

This is my second post on Band-Aids, i know, but then again, the last one was like 2 years ago. So it's cool. Bought the "cartoon punches" ones. But i must admit the "fortune" bandages are my ultimate favs.Buy ...


Miroslava blablabla

25, ex-editor in chief for Russian Harpers Bazaar. All access to all-you-can-wear deisgner gear but has style and youth to showcase ...


Charlotte Olympia doesn’t care.

Stumbled upon her adorable clutches, while spending money i don't have, on the Net-a-porter sales site. Kid at Heart would be the boring way to put it, but you get the idea: Charlotte is fun and seems to not give a flying fuck about high end bag design conventions. Me ...


Five on Head

So i'm currently obsessed with these 5 panels caps. I know: like everybody else. Here are my little favorites of the moment. Oh yeah, i have to give props to my friend Jay Smith for introducing me to Norse Projects. Although he did it in his usual "sweet" way: "Guurl i got to update your swaaag" (yes, he still uses the word "swag") i still appreciate the introduction to a dope brand.(you can find a lot of these on his shop here ...


Mara Hoffmann likes it wet

Mara Hoffmann does the dopest bathing suits. Yes, i know, old collection. I don't care.


Irregular Choice

Just dicovered this very well named brand. Here are my favs of their  mostly pretty ugly collections. But a few gems. The flower shoes are just too hillarious not to be posted. Here are some Irregular Choice ...


My not so original yet very pretty Halloween Costume

Nothing bought, everything used from my closet. Yes, i got a ton of flowers


Paris’ Metal Master

So i went to Paris last week end (agaaaaain!) and discovered, by buying (yes, like a lot of us) Thomas V., the metal master in person. Bought 2 rings, the Evil Mickey and the two fingers anchor. And they are dope. Thomas V Jewels from Dissension Productions on ...


Sapologie VS Solange

So Solange is back. Again. It's cool, i don't really care how many times she dissapears if it's to come back with a baby like this. Well, it's really thanx to the great Melina Matsoukas i would say, but it make the song sound really doper. Basically, the american are discovering Sapologie. YUp, the same "Sapeur" i talked about in this post: "Sapeeeeeeeurs!" Congo Swagg meets African American Music Lady, with a touch of "You don't know what you got 'till it's gone" ...



Lately, i've been having totally schizophrenic tastes: SUPER classic and SUPER UBER FUCKED UP. Here are a few of my SUPER-UBER-FUCKEP-UP favs. Finsk, Jeffrey Campell, United Nude, Buffalo.. And yes, i bought one on the crazy ass pairs. Brrraaappppp for me lol. Here is where i found them: ...


Furby Beads

Found this funky-ass chick on Instagram! had done a bunch of beads jewelry myself 2 years ago (see post) but her shit is crafty as hell. Colorful-cartoon-loving lady is from Belgium. Love.  - her Etsy store ...


My friend is Lazy

Love Lazy


Golden Spike Lee

Last time i was in Paris a few weeks back, i fell in love with Nous Sommes' pop culture Collection….. The chains were a lil' big for me but if i had a man, or WAS a dude, i would totally rock a few of these babies… D.O.P.E. (you can find them on Revive's ...


Saint Nina Simone

So MissMe made new tees with her Jazz Saint series. Selling like pancakes, out of sizes after 4


New Lazy Crushes

From Lazy


Popeye Rolex whaaaat?

So 17 minutes ago was released to the internet the news that there is a limited numbered (of course) edition of a POPEYE ROLEX!!!??!! (did i say that a lil' loud maybe? sorry, got a bit excited) From what i've understood, Bamford Watch Department has teamed up with Darren Romanelli to do this DOPE watch. See, i was never a fan of Rolex, that i find very "nouveau riche" and not that esthetic. Plus, they have a reputation of not keeping exact time, so…. But this watch, i love. Yes, somehow, two cartoon muscular arms on an overpriced watch really talks to ...


A Million Tattoos

I thought i was a genius when i decided to make my own line of temporary art tatoos…. Turns out i'm not the only genius. Some other geniuses actually have an online shop of our brilliant idea: tattly. Super sweet with a touch of cheese. An hommage to the ever-changing moods of our ...


The Melody that goes on your ears.

New Melody Ehsani designs…… fly as


New Babies

  Meet my 2 new feet babies. They are adorable and


Fu**ck Me Davis Shoes

Here it is, the Ruth Davis Summer 2012 Collection. Fun sneakers and mega high heels. Über girly, über kinky, über fun and über ...



So i've seen one of these images a few years back and without knowing anything about it, i remember loving it. Edgy, fun, original, slightly nuts and very very beautiful. Turns out it was part of a dope campaign for Australian clothing brand Insight51. Images by Dustin Humphrey. Dustin: your work is breathtaking. Call me. ("insert wink and shine-on-teeth ...


Bezt of Nailz Right Nowz

So nails are hot right now, i'm not teaching you anything, i know. So here is, according to meeeee, the Bezt of Nailz of Ze Right Nowz. Mega pointy is what's up right now. Get in on it. ( via PrettyNailSwag, GIOGO and my girl Marie's PrettyProject ) By the way, GIOGO's nail show is da bomb: funky beautiful funny gals with style. ...


Geneva Week End Shopping

Beige, Black, Gold and Neon Yellow Obsession. With a new mani. Golden clutch, Viser, Neon Bracelet: H&M Wedges: Schulz Brazil Earings: tiny shop in Naples, ...


Lego Ring

So i got this dope ring at this dope shop. (Bruxe in Montreal) Not only is it beautiful as is…but you can actually built legos on it. Yes. I freaked out too when my friend Oli from Bruxe told me they would probably fit. So i bought myself plain legos (soooo hard to find now, somehow, all legos are part of a specific thing to built…which is dumb, 'coz the whole point of legos is that with plain parts, you could built anything. Anyway…) And i built myself some rings. I change the colors depending on my outfit. People in Naples where digging ...


Fruition will teach ya!

I'm so impressed with the styling. Their stuff is always dope but the styling is off the


Ethinic Crush

Bona Drag's new dresse. Love the dresses. Love the


When Street Art becomes a Tee

Montreal street artist MissMe has just launched a t-shirt line. Wear Saint Bille Holliday and Saint Miles Davis and educated a few peeps about the origins of their iPod's music. Or go shock your mother with a pretty explicit self-pleasing Betty Boop. Hand printed in Montreal yall! Hell ...


Lazy Glasses

I loooove them. All. Thank you Lazy


Patricia’s Bones, Fries and Boys

For the funky boys that would have the balls and the swagg to be able to rock these. (at Patricial Field


Pointy Leopard Barbie Nails

Girly and wild, guess that's my mood


I wear my heels in the slush.

So Montreal weather has been quite wet lately. Canadian Winter + Global Warming = Slush. I've had enough of either wearing my rain-boots everyday and the whole walking like a dyslexic retard in heels to avoid the slush really got me annoyed. And that's when i saw them in a window….winking at me…… Hunter rain-boots with heels that actually looks funky. I wear them everyday, with skinny jeans or baggys… and i'm ...


Pointy Nails

So i've been doing pointy nails and half-colored pointy nails for a year now and just realized i had never posted them….So here are a few, with my manucure of the day ...


Playmobil Jewelry

So I went back to my Sweatshop the other day…. and used up a bunch of the vintage Playmobil people i had just purchased at the flea market. Tahdaaah. Because i believe jewelry made with a toy that brought joy to a child has way better Karma than a stone that was taken from a mine in the most horrible human ...


Are you afraid of heights?

Maybe…but these seem worth it. - nasty gal


Iris van Herpen X United Nude

These babies are basically "just for show" litterally. There are only 4 pairs done, and only for the fashion show. By holy-sh**t are they beautiful."The curved heels took shape with computer aided design and were then by way of rapid prototyping printed in 3D and laminated with carbon fiber for strength."- united nude ...


Why not wear flames and Cadillac lights on your feet?

Here are some of the heels of the Spring 2012 Collection for……Prada. Yup! Seems like Jeremy Scott, DeCastlebajac and Nikki Minaj are Haute Couture now!One thing is for sure: the Pink Ladies got a shoe to honor ...


Vans likes Kiddies

Love some of the new Vans models for kids. Kinda want the shark one.- vans


Fun Feet

"like"-lazy oaf


My favorite adidas shirt

Yesterday's outfit... My neck bling is a mix of a 200BC gold Cupid, a chinese good luck golden fish, a Rubik's Cube (gift from my girl Leah McFly!) and a necklace made of 200 years old Bohemian glass and a west african bronze pendant.And yes, my iPhone case is a ...


Looks from the Past

So i was emptying my camera and found a bunch of old looks...so here, months


Little Red Crush

So long story short, i love red and i love dresses.BOUM: shortest blog post ever.- asos


Dum English Astronaut Series

So last week i was at Art Basel Miami.....and it was awesome. And by awesome i mean AAAWWEESSSOOOME. I took a billion pictures and so it will take me a billions years to go though and post. But it will be done, fear not dear friends. Art overload. Beauty overload. Fun and inspiration wet dream.Anyway. You get the idea.So one of the few things i bought there is this limited series (5 of each only for now! Only at the Wynwood walls) necklace. It is called "Dum English Astronaut Series" and is by the great Ron English and the not so great Chris Brown(yeah, very talented ...


Versace for HM : Donatella copied me.

So i don't wanna say that Donatella copied me but come on now!!! I designed these patterns 9 months ago on my nails yo!!!! Can i get SOME credit ...


Fly Baby Fly

2 weeks ago, 3 Men made me feel more special than anybody has ever done before. 3 Men that have given me my faith in my talent back. 3 Men that have shown me what true friendship can be. 3 men that i will love ...


Jeremy likes to tell you what time it is

And so Jeremy Scott did a few more watches for Swatch. And so i really like them. And yeah, that's


Scrapture Sushi Sashimi Sisinousaussi

Sooo i discovered this fashion site that features street styles from Asia...Japan i believe. Thing is, i don't speak any asian language (i know, you are dissapointed. It's ok, i'm dissapointed too.) So basically i have nothing to say on this subject except that asian peeps really do like to do shit 400%. Most of them i don't really like but the good ones definatly are fantastic.Inspire, exprire, try, maybe fail, but be fabulous doing it.My type of peeps.- scapture - ...


Oops, he did it again..

Jeremy Scott's new eyewear collection for Linda Farrow is a big Fuck You to the proper and classic fashion world. Just like a dose of Fun-shrooms on your face. And they don't even have the "glass" part of glasses. Haaaa.... I love you Jeremy, too bad you are into boys.- linda farrow - ...


A very stylish man and his very stylish friends

To all my "i'm-not-a-metrosexual-type-of-guy" men: man fashion is quickly evolving into something as refined and various as women fashion... so: time to style up!I think i have a fashion crush on basically all these outfits... and one or two of the guys and girls wearing them.High end style meets black man beauty in New York.- k john la soul ...


Mexican Hoffman

Here is a sneak peak of Mara Hoffman's S/S 2012 collection.My kinda stuff. (it actually looks a lot like my lady and The Sweatshop earings collections1)- via honestly wtf ...


The Little House on the Prairie meets Russia.

This is Ulyana Sergeenko's debut collection. It's beautiful, it's romantic, it's different it's elegant and humble.And the shoes...THE SHOES.Oy.Magnifique.- U S ...


We all dress for the Theater of our lives

"We all dress for the Theater of our lives" - Lynn Del, 78 years old.This one of the many ladies features in this incredibly inspiring blog. Advanced Style is a fashion blog about older ladies. A blog thats says Aging is fantastic and young underaged models are somewhat boring. Ari Seth Cohen, the founder of AS does a beautiful job at putting older folks and their knowledge of personal style back on the fashion map.So for all you 20/30 year old, safe dresser, original style criticizers, flashy outfit haters: you wrooong.- AdvancedStyle ...


Vivienne will you be my Fairy-God-Mother?

Do you have this celebrity you love so much, you secretly wish they were part of your family? I know i do. Her name is Vivienne Westwood. I wish she was my Fairy-God-Mother. Yes, that IS being a family member by the way. Her free spirit, no-boundary creating world and spicy-electric energy is one of my biggest inspiration to stay weird.Here is her latest Accessories Campaign. It's of course beautiful but the images are espaecially spectacular.The collection was handmade in Nairobi and produced from recycled materials by marginalized communities of women. This was all ...


Neon Purlpe

Yeah, it really is neon purple in real


Dakar to Montreal

My best friend from Dakar was in Real City for 2 (way too short) weeks. Looking


Swatch X KidRobot

8 watches, 8 designers, 8 dunnys. Gary Baseman, Jeremyville, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Tara McPherson, SSUR, and Tilt. Dope. - swatch - ...


Brooklyn Circus

Not only a great name, but a great clothing line.As it's name states, the Brooklyn Circus is a Brooklyn based brand/shop. Founded in 2006 by stylish and classicly funky designer Ouigi Theodore, the brand stands for timeless craftsmanship and sophisticated simplicity.I believe his granpa would be proud. André3000 too.- BC - ...


Asian inspired nails


Iris van Herpen X United Nude

OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!These are some of the most beautiful shoes i've ever seen. Serious. They are probably completely out of my budget as well. If a (handsome) man buys these for me, i'll sleep with him. There, it is said.Did i mention they are limited edition?- UN - ...


Number 1 or nothing


80s Leopard Nails


Le cotton de la Corne

Ethiopia. Old land. Culture of traditions. Christian Kings and Jewish Queens.Here are some cotton traditional fusion scarfs from Lemlem. Lemlem was created by supermodel and World Health goodwill ambassador Liya Kebede to help local craftmen and craftswomen keeps their jobs and promote Ethiopian Culture.- lemlem ...


Big Ass Light Earthings

Patricia Field my girl. I really wanted the MYOB black and white ones but the online store doesn't seem to work.. booh.In cloth and ...


I Have Pop

Meet I HAVE POP, an internationally operating creative studio based in Amsterdam, that has a thing for fun smart simple installations. Here are 2 of their projects, both being about sneaks, both using unusual materials for shoes. The first series of kicks is made out of the cardboard boxes it came in. As for the second series, it's actually a more complex idea: "Between june and november 2004, 10 pairs of concrete dunks were made and secretly placed in front of various stores in North America and Europe. The stores were selected on their involvement with popular ...



It's meeeeee :) - nailburgerlar


Fries Nails

Sunday morning on my balcony. New nails, inspired by Jeremy Scott for adidas.Because junk food is ugly in your body but pretty on your nails! ...


Maria Felix

I just discovered María Félix.This Mexican actress (April 8, 1914 – April 8, 2002) has style like i've rarely seen on any woman.Attitude, strengh, class, freedom and feminity all in one. Basically, this is what i plan to look like when i'm ...



I remember i used to love this blue plastic visor is had in the 90s......i really thought i was the shiznit. As i stumbled upon these sleek babies, i do believe i would feel as awesome if wearing one of these. By Fleet Ilya yo. - fleetilya ...


Graphic crush

Love!- nasty gal


Boyfriend shorts for Jamaica Day

Yeah, i figured i was going to camouflage my butt a bit when going to jamaica Day yesterday at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. No need to provoke no wondering ...


My new watch + my new nails

I found the Jeremy scott for Swatch wing watch: soooo happy! and only 75$Can! As for my nails, i like to think they are native american neon art. But hey, maybe that's just my own ...


Jeans + Jeans

I was emptying my camera card and found some pics of an outfit i wore a while back... But i still love it!Pin Up hair + boyfriend jeans + bottom to-the-very-top-jean-shirt = ...


Wonder Pumpkin

My outfit from yesterday and the one from today.Wonder Woman + high waist baggy shorts + beige wedgesMy outfit from today:Adidas Originals giant dress + bandage platform heelsI kinda felt like i was wearing a pumpkin though...but still managed to feel sexy in ...


Jeremy’s Tweets

For the past hour, Jeremy Scott has been tweeting a preview of his Fall Collection for adidas. Check out my


I’ve made my Apes Royalty.


BAPE Nails

My new BAPE nails inspired by SuPa.I am


Baddest Nailartist in the Universe.

SuPa Nails is my Nail-Icon. Here is a series she did inspired by.....street art by MyMo she passes by in her street everyday!Next level nails yoooo.- SuPa Nails ...


Jeremy Scoot gave me babies.

Well........i paid for them.But now they are miiiiine for


Badass Cook.

"Did you say you don't like my pasta?.....DID YOU SAY THAT YOU DIDN'T LIKE MY..............that's what i though. You can stop sweating ...


Disney is for grown up girls.

I've always said it: Mickey is a perv.- lazy oaf


Swatch X Jeremy Scott

i want it i want it i want


Top Two

Two of my favourite ladies in music and in fashion.Old pics but still


Anti-F1 swagg

These past 3 days were the very blingy, high-heely, tigh'n'way-too-shorty, can-of-hairspray-y F1 Week end days.So i decided to revolte against it, outfit-wise.Gooooo ...


Plastic Dopeness

Tatty Devine aka plastic dopeness. Loooooooove. (via my friend Josh Kobrin) - td


Violent Lips

After the nails to peel on, here are the lips to stick on.Taking the pattern and funky to that lips my ladies! Violent Lips yall!Some will find it cheezy but i must admit i kinda like it. That's right, i said it. Judge me.- vl ...


Mama Africa

Just stumbled upon these pieces of jewelry....... timeless Africa.- peacemages


DIY fringe shirt

So this week seems to be cheezy 80s California inspired........Yes, i made myself a fringe-beeded-t-shirt.(inspired by my gurl Leah ...


Foxutan in California

Sooooooo i repimped my allredy pimped Cali


California Deerus

Here are my nails today.......featuring one of my creatures from the latest Tourisme Montréal Campaign.- nytimes


The other Verdi.

"Celeb Stylist @robertverdi asked us to take his vintage Hermes scarves & make some custom Vans for..."Why so elitist????? we want some tooooooo!!!!- flickr ...


5 inch and up

I've been completely obsessed with this blog for the past 17minutes.- 5inchandup


Barbie Cannibalism

Absolutely love it. Absolutely need it.- margaux lange


Lost & Found

Back in 2008, in Peru, a dope photoshoot. I remember seeing it, and i just found it again. Yey.(Vogue UK editorial from March 2008, shot by Mario ...


If feet could talk..

If you were a cartoon, what shoes would you wear? I know, deep.Here are some options.- irregular choice


Big is Beautiful

F***k Skinny jeans and boob-huggning tops.- one teaspoon



My infamous Boy-George-hey-the-nineties-are-back outfit.Hair on one side, red lips, lady and the sweatshop made earings, plaid shirt, baggy jeans and worn-out ...


One Time, in Band Camp..

Ok, i never went to Band Camp BUT i did go to camp and we did do our own frendship bracelets.I do believe you would look cool wearing them this ...


Oui, des chi-chis!

One last post before i go to bed. Fashion inspiration again. Two stylish and very good looking ladies that post their looks on Chictopia. FEDERATIONXXand MADAMEDEROSA.- CHICTOPIA ...


And then..

...i'm totally going to do the hat-on-the-eyes, glasses and low-neck.(DSquared2


Back 2 The Future..kinda.

Okok...i know that we should not be talking about the "F" word (fall) BUT: since Winter is gone (youbetter be gone, Winter!) we are in our in between sandals and snow boots time again (also called Spring) and so why not get inspired by DSquared2 Fall 2011/12 collection? Leather jackets hats and layers yall!This collection is like a sweet mix of Zoro and grunge....something Johnny Depp would wear.- ds2 ...


If Peter Pan was a designer..from Japan.

Merci Beaucoup is a fuuuuuuuun japanese fashion brand that is dedicated to"cherish, the precious feeling of appreciation and thank"! I personnally would buy half of everything they have if ONLY they would deliver to Canada! I also want to pretend i will be a kid 4 ever!Oïe!- mb ...


Why So Serious?

Meet Luis Lopez Smith....or rather: meet his creations/creatures. In the same pop-art-couture than Vivienne, DeCastelbajac and Jeremy Scott, i just can't get enough of these Andy inspired outfits that seem to say to the "haute-Couture" peeps in Paris: fuck you, we ...


Thursday swagg


Nasty wedges

Love love love.- nasty gal


More than nails…

Now that is taking the very current nail craze to another luxury level. The sterling silver and gold level.Beautiful, delicate and very expensive things by A-S Dåvik.- a-s d vik ...


The shoe in the Hat.

Converse is doing a Dr.Seuss shoe......that you can customize!Yey! And they are only 67$. ReYey!The only down side is that they only ship within the US...boooh.- converse seuss ...


A colorful computer to put on your feet.

Hello new adidas Soles & Stripes Micropacers (they are a new version of the 1984 shoe including a mini computer for distance and time)Doooooooopness in colooooooors.- the awesomer ...


Saturday Night 1978

My outfit from this saturday evening... giant silver bracelet, chandelier silver earings, oversize coral dress and leather boots and belt.Oh, yes, i wore it with a ton of ...



Yesterday, i went to see the The Warrior King and his Terracotta Army exhibit at the Musée des Beaux Arts of Montreal. A few week ago, my friend Christophe, a beautiful crossdresser, gave me this brand new Guerlain kohl he had recieved. I was alway bad in math, not because i can't count, but because i have my own way of counting.Let me demonstrate:The 3000 years old sculptures + the beautifully packaged Guerlain kohl = I wanna paint my face like i was a nomad that travelled between China, Tibet and India a few thousand years ago...Of course, my main makeup ...


Cats Love Japan.

Bertrand de Langeron aka SoMe just posted a new shirt he did for Cool Cats.Here it is along with some others i found pruuuty."Japan, We Love U".- cool cats ...


Look with your fingers

Cute rings by Steven Shein.- ss



Just found some old pictures i took of the beautiful Hewit. Baby style at it's


Wear Different.

Random clothes with a "twist".Kinda funny...but not....but still


3D Nails

Ok, my girl Marie just broke the 3rd level of nail-awesomness..... 3D nails yall!Check it out.- prettyproject


Not the Shah’s Jewelry.

Meet Melody Ehsani, a beautiful and funky persian gal that makes plastic über high fashion. From Queen Erykah to bootylishious Amber Rose, though beautiful Keri Hilson, they all have one...or two or...well, a lot. The coolest part is that she does custom!! I'm so(ooooo) getting myself a Lady Aviva pair...as soon as i get a bit of money... and i'll add the cobra earings to that.Marvel meets 90s' Benetton.Booyah.- melody ehsani ...


Scarf me forever

.....aaaaaaaand the scarf trick again.( white horses on blue scarf + 180 years old silver burmese bracelet + twisted leather belt + men's vintage fedora ...


Sneaker Bling.

The other day, i bought a pair of Montreal made, limited edition sneaker bling. Designed and produced by my friend from School Gary Preza, here are my Jeremy Scott adidas Originals pimped with PrezOne bling.Real City Baby!- prez one blog -- flickr ...


Dope Nails

By FAR the funkiest and most talented nail obsessed girl i've seen on the net.- supa nails -By FAR the funkiest and most talented nail obsessed girl i've seen on the net.- supa nails ...


Button Up

My new adidas men's polo and my granma's 80's earings.


Superhero black

nOir's latest collection, a Superhero collection.I would roooooock the Wonder Woman's necklace and ring...... Yup.- noir jewelry ...


Zara’s TRF’s new model

...is absolutely gorgeous.That's


I’m in love with Tory.

I LOVE TORY BUUUURCH. I WANNA BUY ALL HER NEW COLLECTIOOOON.There's really nothing more to say.- tb


Is it Spring yet? …What about now? Now?

...Ok, i know it's FREAKING EARLY to even look at open-toes and cute hats....BUT once you'll see J.Crew's Spring Lookbook, you wont think i'm crazy anymore.Here are my favs. Beiges cottons and linen, cute super bright patterns, adorable styling and the omg-i-love-this-suprising-cute-as-hell-orange-lipstick.Love.- jcrew ...


Japamania dot com

A web-eye on the streets of japan and it's stylish people.Inspiration "à la crazy" please.- japanese streets


A feminine man.

I personally find a strong man extremely masculine when he embrasses his feminine side.Yes, it makes sense.Dope shopping site 4 the Gents.- oki-ni ...


I had nothing to wear!

...so i wore my scarf.Works like a charm....i mean a scarf...i mean...OK I'LL SHUT UP



Silk wrap, gold chain, TLATS earings, oversize tshirt+baggy jean, high studded heels and a LV bag. What??!(I had an important meeting with our clients that day....good thing my clients are Cirque Du ...


Wear smart on your chest.

Aren't we all sick of those losers in house parties that wear the "i think i'm so fucking funny" t-shirts? You know, the "give head", "just did it" or " good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Montreal" type of eye-roling messages.Well, here are the smart version of the message t-shirts. Fun typography, not so heavy messaging... i find it cute (on a cute guy).- wordboner ...


Kaftans & i

After 3 weeks in Burma...... i find myself surfing the web for kaftans........ i make no


Lazy but funny

Some of the latest coolness from Lazy


Color beads from Mexico

The Huichol peeps makes pretty things with beads. Yup.- huicholarte -- cosas bonitas


Paper eyes

"Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Eyelashes blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design. Intricately cut and delicately pretty, Eyelashes are now available in 11 styles, each infused with symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture."Basically, a sweet original twist to the traditional fake eyelashes. This new years, this could be a nice design touch to your outfit.Bare makeup, black liner and hair pulled back. I dare you to look awesome.- paperself ...


Hannukah shopping

Magnifique shirt +harry Potter style bag + knight inspired sweater + vintage belt =



Check out my girls Marie's nails today.... grrrrrr baby, grrrr! Gold leaopard. Yes, amazing.Check out her blog, it's all about nails! Here are a few of my favourites...- prettyproject ...


I pretend i speak spanish.

Today's swagg.(Photo by Rodrigo and blackboard art by



Saturday night, i went to a dance competition in Montreal called Survival of Da Illest. It was dope. All styles competition from bboying to waacking, though krumping and housing. Anyway, competing was Montreal' sweatheart bboy LazyLegz.If you don't know about him, you should. Basically, he is a bboy with crutches. A dope bboy may i add, and a sweet, sweet man on top of it. Long story short, he was wearing, as well as another bboy of his crew (that had just one leg but that danced waaaaay better than me and my 2 legs) these inspiring shirts.So there. As for him, ...


Wear some condoms on your feet!

Well, not reaaaal condoms (that would be kinda gross...), but rather a condom-like system to pimp out your classic heels!Pretty genious idea if you ask me, as one pair of heels can become 4 differents pair of shoes! Travel? Do i hear travel?? Yes, well not only are they practical and cute as hell, they are freackin' cheeeeap! (20 bucks yall!)Anyway, if you like to compare your heels to little penises, then don't go out unconvered!- heel condoms ...


This is not a hat.

...so what is it? It's a Faeth Millinery. I found this small brand while on Facebook when one of my girls "liked" the brand. There is not much about it and the site is under construction...so...yeah.It's pretty ...


High Food

Awsome food clothing. Challah shoulderpads....shabbath will never be the same in my eyes. Sorry, i have no idea who the creator not photgrapher is... via ...


I want chains and leather on my body.

Me love.- bona drag


Back to my Future

Love these images, love the look. So stealing it.- images from bona drag blog


Sexy Halloween

Victoria's Secret doese costumes. Now doesn't this make you want to host a Halloween sleepover party?Hummm........- vs


Jeremy Scoot gives you wiiiings!

I want them. I want them now. NOOOOOOWW!!(Jeremy Scott for adidas


Kobi’s foot fetish

Meet Kobi Levi's foot creatures. Because they ain't really shoes..... Fun, fun, fun on your feet!-kobi


My SM boots

What is it with shoes that, no matter how many you buy, it never gets less exiting?I don't know. Another of these big life mystery.So here is one of my latest babies: thigh-hugging, lace-up, high-heels bad girls.And let me tell you that they look FANTASTIC with just lingerie. Oh yes.(PS: i know, it's kinda ghetto that i take those pictures with my iPhone like a 15 years old, but it's better than nothing!)(PS#2: Yes, there is a booty shot. "flawnt what you ...


Bollywood me pretty

Last night didn't feel like dressing up so I dressed up my face, Bollywood


J’aime mon carré.

You know the trend is real when Hermès jumps in.The queen of luxury brands and exclusivity is trying the fashion-blog inspired personal style card. Yes, you heard well, Hermes is not telling you there is only one Hermes way to wear the Carré but multiple and the more personal the better.Weird, i know.What they did is a fake street style campaign. Multiple girls from multiple cities show you "their" way of wearing the famous overprised silk square.Honestly, it is pretty well done, the pictures (from brittish photographer Matt Irwin) are beautiful and the ...


Chapeau melon et poulet tandori

My indian head jewelry and my London hat live together in perfect


Sexy feminine menswear.

Meet my girl Laneesha aka TyggerLilly Invaysion.Über fun, über stylish, über original.USA flag men shirt + giant belt + military jacket + native boots = ...


Zara Sept

Zara, zara, zara.......I know you you copy all the hot designers and all...but i'm kind of a broke girl, sooooo.....yeah, i still love you.- zara ...



Barabara Bui FW 2010, my favs.Awww.- bb


Helen made them herself.

Hand-made high-tech shoes by Helen Furber.Beautiful, kinda need them right now. Like NOW.- hf


Fringe US flag shirt…

From UNIF Spring 2011. I want.That's


R&R FW2010


I take pictures of myself like a 14 year old girl.

Oh well. It's a lil' cheezy, i know but i still kinda wanna share these outfits with you.The past 2 week i had this thing about wearing my cut-out jeans short with my big thigh-high boots and sailor sweaters.Also, i'm obsessed with my 2 I love NY shirts.I know, only non-new yorkers actually think those shirts are cool. Guess i truelly am a Montrealer ...



Thigh-high boots, Balmain inspired shoulderpad jacket, my Amsterdam flee-market 1euro medals and caporal


I’ll just pretend to be 6years old.


In Jeremy’s shoes.

Navy+shoulder pads+DKNY+kakis+massaï jewelry+Jeremy


Pretty bobo

Who says pain is ugly? not me...if I have a pretty bandaid that is....Here are some of my favs...they almost make you want to hurt yourself just to be able to wear them...Brutal.:)- buy ...


This morning’s "I want you"s

Awwwww....!- nasty gal


Pixie make want to Fall

In this 90s revival season, a lot of magazines (like the HORRIBLE September issu of French Vogue!) have a hard time showing this season with style. A few designers even proved to the World that drugs can really damage your brain, no matter how talented you usually are .(Karl, wtf happened? Chanel FW 2010 is a JOKE!)I'm gonna continue to show you a few gems of this season.See, the 90s revival doesn't have to be painful.- pixie market ...


Let it rain…on my Fendis

About 2 weeks ago, while spending a beautiful afternoon in Geneva with two of my beloved and beautiful ladies Linda and Lamia, they took me luxury window shopping.....My crush of that day is a pair of Fendi boots. What makes them amazing is the perfect mix of high-end-sexiness and rubber real-life toughness.The only down side is that they are not easy to slip-in...i know, such expensive shoes!The thing is that i kinda still have a crush on them though..... could this ...


Antik Batik F/W 2010

The only not depressing thing about Summer almost being over (snif, snif........) is that Fall collections are in.Yay!So in a loooong lst of Fall post i will soon enough do, here is my first Fall cush: Antik Batik.Created by Gabriella Cortese in 1992 and inspired by her traveling in India, Bali and Tibet, she fell in love with their traditional broderie, bandhani and silk printing techniques. The intergration of these traditions (everything is made by hand!) is what makes Antik Batik's look so authentic, ethnic and well, stunningly unique.Me love.- antik batik ...



Once upon a time at SidLee, Raphaëlle & Rodrigo.Mexican flowers and italian swede boots meet a bowtie and black socks.Yup, it's a ...


Aurélien Du Fond Du Puit.

I had a bit of money the other day so i did one of my favourite things in the World (besides sex and food): i went to buy magazines. (yes, that's because i had not enough dough to get myself some Louboutins...one day though, one daaaaay)They were all amazing (how can you go wrong with these!)but i confess that i completely fell in love with this WAD editorial.From über talented photographer Aurélien ...


Chilling with Rembrandt

The streets of Montreal, Rembrandt and i.Chilling like it's 1639! What



Meet Sheena Matheiken, a cute black-eyed girl with a great sense of style and a big heart.She managed to mix two very different loves: the love of style and the love of helping others.The Uniform Project started in 2009 and is based on a simple concept: one dress for an entire year. But everyday, she takes a picture of how she managed to style her dress in a completely different way. The raised money (you can buy a look/day) goes directly to the Akanksha Foundation in India. (or if you decide to do it, you can choose your cause!)In her words: "Revolutionize the ...


Inca Dress

I waaaaaaaaant!!!!Sucks to be broke.Booh.- buy


Stache ring

Hi....- buy


The McFlyness!!

Chilling with my girl Leah McFly in the funky streets of the Real City.Bowties 4

Leah at Holt Renfrew

Chilling with my girl Leah McFly in the funky streets of the Real City.Bowties 4


Worn paper to learn from

I was cruising through the pretty streets of Real City the other day and while in one of my favourite little book/magazine shops, i met Worn. Worn Magazine that is, and unlike all beautiful things that usually catch my eye, it wasn't über expensive.I know, wow.Well, yes: wow, it was freackin' wow 'cause i letf the shop with my favourite item of the day and had only spent around 5$. (trust me, that's wow.)Worn is nothing revolutionary, but it is well done, features beautiful pictures and styling, talks about a multitude of subjects (from a basic glossary of hijab ...


Hair Wars

While walking down the busy hot streets of NYC, i also saw a few posters on Hair Wars...i really didn't pay enough attention to remember what exactly it was promoting but it did make me remeber the controversal Good Hair movie... so i did a little research and found out that there is a book on the phenomenon. For the info, Hair Wars originated in Chicago in 1991 and has been on tours around the US until today! The books features "hair entertainers'" creations and the pictures are from David Yellen.Honestly, i admire how far a hair show has been taken... and as ...


Red Lady with Pepsi earings

My fringe dress from Dam, gladiators and my cute LadyAndTheSweatshop


Jonte’ my man!

..well, kinda...One thing is for sure though, Jonte' is the hottest man in stillettos ever....and when he dances...omg, when he dances...He was featured, for his AMAZING legs, in the japanese version of Harper's Bazaar.Love ...


Burberry Aviator Jacket

OMG, i want one so bad.OMG, i feel so freakin' poor right now.OMG, i'm not shure wether i love or hate you right now Burberry.- buy it if you're rich here ...


V Mag & Complex Edito

Just felt like sharing these editotial shoots.Both from the latest edition of Vmagazine and Complex.Vmag always daring to be different and Complex, featuring the great M.I.A. and beautiful ...


Not for Japanese hookers.

I have always been a fan of garthers.I have them, i wear them, men love them..... But it's kind of a secret thing, something you don't show... until nooooow!!!I actually been trying to make some of these cute socks garthers but...yeah, it didn't work out as well as i wanted...But thanx to Swan Clothing, i can now buy them.There a sweet mix of japanese cutiness, old granpa's socks holders and, well sexy doll.Love, love love.- swan ...


A brazilian with zebras at SidLee

My favourite brazilian,


United Nude!

While walking around the pretty streets of Amsterdam, i came across a unusual shoe store selling unusual shoes! United Nude. Here a a few of my fave, and let me tell you they look fantastic in real life too! I wish i had more money sometimes....wait, no, let me rephrase: i wish i had more money all the time.- united nude ...


I want Mickey Mouse on my nose!

Linda Farrow


Levi’s & America

I just stumbled upon this Levi's ad campain from 2009...somehow i never saw it before...guess they didn't buy much media in Montreal!Anyway, it's beautiful, simple, raw and esthetic.I especially love the fact that the voice is from poet Walt Witman...the way he speaks is so special and real.I don't know, this video just really got me i ...



The Timeless watch. By Rogan. I loved it until i saw it was 110US$. That's just lame.- rogan


Beige crush

Love.'Em.- pixie market


Cassette Playa!

I discovered Cassette Playa through......Swatch! As they have done each year since like forever, they asked an artist to design a swatch 4 them. Not only is Cassette Playa edgy, bold and from another planet( :D ) but her swatch is über cool. She is everything but traditional and gets herinfluences from the Sega Fox, to the Flinstones to cheezy medievial geeky art!Here are some of her fashion line and the swatch in question!She probably aslo made up a new language that she uses to speak to herself. Yeah, she totally did.- cassette playa -- buy here ...


Not your granny’s chain-glasses

Awwwww... Leah, they bite your style!!!!The Original Love/Hate sunglasses.- karmaloop


Hope is funky!

Here are the Osborn Design shoes.This New York based company embodies everything i love: cool design, funky attitude, a vintage feel and beautiful values.As they explain: "We showcase an evolving line of products, and through the continuous collaboration with friends, economically disadvantaged artisans".Their products are made in Guatemala by and with local artisans.They "seek now, more than ever, to embody hope in design."Love, love, love.- osborne design ...



I want them


Marge wears Chanel.

Another of my Loved&Found stories. The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista for Harper’s Bazaar August 2007. What more can i say? Brilliant, Pop and dearing. I love ...


Princess panties

I want.- pf


Loved and Found

Another old editorial i loved and found.2008, Agua Caliente , Numéro 94.Photographers: Sofia Sanchez and Mauro MongielloModel: Coco ...


Urban gypsy

Indian hand made embellished top from Jaipur, crazy-ass pattern top and some funky Lady and The Sweatshop ...


Trend alert?

Francesco di Giorgi’s Fall Winter 2010-11 show in Milan.Well it would be a great way to match our outfits or even update old shoes...... (I remember they did the same thing in Aeon Flux (the movie) to give a futuristic look to 40s outfits...!)We'll ...


Sid peeps

My amazingly funky collegue Rodrigo.And


I love you Tim.

Tim Walker for Italian Vogue Couture 2010.Between Tim and i, it was love at first sight.- t w


Hermès le voyageur

Voici Voyage, le dernier né de la parfumerie Hermès. Unique, comme toutes leurs odeurs, celui-ci a cela de différent qu'il ne raconte rien. Et c'est voulu! Le concept étant le voyage en soi, celui que nous, allons faire, pas celui qu'un autre nous raconte.Le Nez lui même nous explique (sur le site, via une petite animation) le dilheme que cela lui a posé! Comment dire "Voyagez!" sans raconter un voyage!Le flacon est lui même dessiné pour voyager et leur vidéo est sublimement absraite.Leur microsite est lui aussi dédié aux voyages, le site nous ...



Custom sweathers. Now that's old idea, but the fact that's its cashemire makes it pretty special.(I believe Zadig&Voltaire did some customisable (??? what's the proper word in english??) cashemire sweathers but i think you were only able to put one word on the back.)With Trendy Workshop, you can choose the color, the cut, the sleeve lengh, the embileshments, buttons..!I think it makes a quit special gift, for him or her.Anyone would like to make me one?- trendy workshop -Collection Eté 2010:Le Making Of from Trendy Workshop on ...


Guys, listen up!

Now here is a super cute idea for a considerate present (tips 4 guys: girls loooooove "considerate" presents). 100Layer Cake shows it as a bridesmaid present, but it totally works for your girl.The considerate part? Write something personal and sweet on the long piece of paper you will then fold and slip inside the pendant.My men, trust me, you'll get laid.- 100 layer cake ...


Sandra’s kids

Here is an adorable editorial for the children's magazine MILK. The adult (photographer) is Sandra Freij.I really love it because she managed to photograps kids like kids... i mean with no adult-like attitudes, nor sexuality.It reminds me of all those sunday afternoons i used to spend at my cousin Séverine's house, playing dress up with my aunt's old dresses for hours.....those were the best times.Plain old innocence.Ok, now i wanna be a kid again.- sandra's porfolio ...


Colorful black

Here is a cool jewelry brand: nOir.And it's anything but dark nor boring! There jewels seem to be like Massaï or asian (or even medival... me no like ) inspired but with a modern twist.I personally have a little crush on the Buddah ring...!!- noir ...


Black n blue

Street Etiquette hotness.- streetetiquette


Sunny and a bit windy


Mr Ross, you’re making me uncompfortable…

Meet Kirton Ross. A slightly perverted guy that paints pretty things. (and also happens to be a quite talented and successful fashion photographer)I agree, it's kinda sexy.....ok, it's really sexy.- k ross illustrations ...


Yes, Margaret is British

While browsing a fashion magazine, i stumbled upon a beautiful ad for Margaret Howell.I didn't know about the designer so i searched it. What i found was a beautiful, simple, working-class-from-the-60s kinda collection. I especially love the ad campaing, it's has a touching simplicity that contrasts with the other fashion ads around it.Somehow, it reminded me of Man Ray...,Watch and breath.- margaret howell ...


Floral me.



After naked men, here are some naked ladies.But unlike the cotton and elastic our CK men were wearing, our girls are a bit more sophisticated.Introducing Bordelle's FW 2011 colletion, featuring their signature ruban items, in black and cream.Let's get naked for next Winter!Kinky.- bordelle ...


Calvin took my breath away….

It's 5:29pm...quietly finishing up some work...doing reaserch for a project....Anthony Hamilton signing sweet melodies in my ears......and.......BAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!.Thanx Calvin.- ck collection homepage ...


Enlighen me please Sir.

Introducing Enlighted Designs Inc. A funky compagny that designs original illuminated clothing, costumes, and accessories. They have worked with Kanye, MIA, Pink, Daft Punk just to name a few...Yeah, they pretty much rock.See for yourselves!PS: they have also a buch of horrific items such as bidal dresses, bras, clown hats... kinda hillarious!- enlighted ...


Travel with the Crew.

Now that's what i call traveling with (expensive) elegance.With a touch of vintage, yet perfectly up-to-date and freackin' stylish.- j.crew travel ...


African art bikinis

Here a smart and fashionable find: Bantu Swimwear.A line of Ethiopian made bikinis that look simply funky as hell.Bantu was created with the simple idea that jobs are what will help Africa, not humanitarian 5%-donation-from-every-bathing-suit kinda formula.So here it is, smart and beautiful, just like us.- bantu ...


Native influenced

As my mother and some of my friends know, since i was a little girl, i always refused to rock anything cowboyish (exept one pair of boots i bought a few years ago..) just because i fell i was a native american girl (don't ask me why...i really don't know..!)Even today, i consider the Native People a great inspiration for peace and humility. I was lucky enough to meet a few Pawnee and Seminoles and to call them my friends. They have a deep spirituality and elegance about them that fasinates me.Anyway, on a lighter note, here was my native-inspired outfit ...


I need…

..this coat for the Fall....i know, how DARE i speack of the F. word...well, only a beautiful Opening Ceremony coat will make me.I won't mention it again...i ...


Bad mood.

I'm in a terrible mood right, now...i feel like smashing someone's head with my computer and then making him/her eat my hat..........so if i went shopping right now, this is the stupid dumb shit i would get.And yes, i would saussage-tape the shit out of some people around me.Fuck the serious world, 4 real.- lazyoaf ...


H&M my friend

Cute, H&M's latest magazine (yes, they have a magazine and it's actually pretty well done!) little fashion spreads!I want to beige sweather and i firmly believe all good looking men should rock a bow this ...


MET Costume Institute Gala 2010

Ok, i usually don't blog about celebrity fashion and all....but the Met Costume Institute Gala this year kinda came to me (via facebook and TV) so i'm just gonna share my "Oh My!" an my "Oh Gosh!" with you.It always stunns me how some celebrities, with all the stylists in Hollywod and the all access cards they have to all the haute couture STILL dress to distress!!First my WOWs (Cholé Sevighy, Kristin Davis, Diane Kruger, JLo, Anne Hathaway and the always stunning Camilla Belle.)And then......the WTFs...i won't even say their names...All the others looked ...


I’m blue

Love the one piece trend...i actually have 4!!Compfy, trendy, sexy and it doesn't shoe you not so perfect


Sade Babyfather

Here is Sade's new video.Beautiful, elegant, authentic and classic, just like her.Love, the song (and the entire album for that matter), love the art direction, love the simplicity of the theme/values and love the 50s cuban inspired outfits.I'm rocking a scarf on my head tomorow.Love you Sade.(man, she inspires me love 4 sure, i probably wrote the word like 20 times in this ...


Ms Kim.

Meet my girl Laura.She always says she is not feminine....but i think you'll agree there was never a more adorable lady in man's pants!Aaah...asian chic-ness!You go ...


London Airport

Last week end, i went to Bruxells for a few days. On the way, i had to transfert at the London Ariport for a few hours. I wasn't too happy about it, was afraid i was gonna be cray bored and tired. Tired i was, but bored? Heck no! Not only is the airport super modern and clean, it has amaaaazing boutiques! Most of them really are waaay too expensive but still great to prectice my "pretending to going to buy but last minute i change my mind" trick to try everything i can.And then there was Accesorize (sound of a choir singing "aaaaaaaaah").Wow. An overdose of ...


Buy this dress with a fan.

Got this stunning image from Active Endeavors in my inbox this morning. Yes, the maxi dress is a must those past summers and this one to come. Unfortunatly, we don't walk around with a ventilator in fron of us whereever we go (unlike Beyoncé and Mariah Carey) So it looks a LITTLE more blend on us...!But the styling on this pic is great.And the dress is beautiful.- buy the maxi dress here -- buy fan here ...


Gaga about Bones

I believe Lady Gaga met her match in crazy outfits with Ebony.Ebony Bones that is. Funky incarnated she is the Empress of Colors.Wow.As for her music, cause she is a signer, i'm still not quit sure if i like it or ...



Ok. These pictures are beautiful but that is not the only reason why they cought my eye.Somehow, i couldn't help but wonder why some individuals in some religions, always feel the need to defend the honor of their vision of divine law by threats, violence and intolerance and not others?What doese it really mean about their vision of humanity? Isn't love and life and respect (of God AND other human beings) the main coponments of every religion?I think that eveybody should be abe to talk and interpred, should it be philosophically or artisticly on ALL religions and ...


Romantic colors

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Angela Kohler's fashion portfolio.Elegant, whimsical and romantic.- angela kohler ...


Sunny Monday

Miss T and i went 4 a little walk during our sunny lunch.Miss T being adorable in her 50s inspirired outfit.Pretty Tamy.(as 4me, military meets indian necklaces overdose and boyfriend ...


Dress my head

Here is a trent i would looove to see appear.....headdresses!And if cowboy hats were fashionable (i always hated them personnally..), why not these! And they are waaaaay hotter and funkyier. Like WAAAAY.(- last picture from here ...


Taste like mango

Cute looks by Mango.Need the black trousers.- mango


Take me back to when…

How amazing would it be if a fashion magazine would dare to go back to those old-school covers?I would sooooooo buy it!Those are by Helen Jameson.- oh joy ...


So fresh and so clean!

Ok, sometimes i do like a little simplicity and "adult" color-palette.So here is some inspiration for those quiet days.By the way, they have a "stylists" section on the theory site and it's interesting to see how that same clothes can be used very differently.- theory ...



Thanx Pixie Market, for constently reminding me that i'm broke.- pixie market


Before Hammer pants…

...there were


BadAss Expresso

Now you can have an expresso and look like a dude.- buy


Sunday brunch

This morning i went to have brunch with my cousins!


Granma’s 85th

Going out to supper with the fam for my granma's 85th


Late post!

When i put my bangs on the 1st



Introducing Ban.Do.A small compagny started by 2 friends, Jen and Jamie that grew and grew and grew......Cute brand, cute hair accessories. Flurty gone fancy.- ban.do ...


My favourite outfit of the year.

Beautiful photoshoot. Beautiful outfits. the 1st one is, hands down, my favourite outfit of the year.All shot in Ouzbekistan, with beautful ouzbek models and ouzbeck designer clothing.I think it is kinda great to see that this country hasn't gone coo-coo and let the photoshoot happen right in front of a beautiful mosque.Gotta give the ouzbecks proops for that modern thinking.(The last image is a collage of ouzbeck traditional prints in western designs.)Clothes by Guli and photos by Elric ...


Rain on me

I think my long and hard quest to fining the perfect rain boots has finally ended. Meet my new rain babies. they are not afraid of water nor horses as they really are riding boots. Yup, not only are they water/mud proof but super chic, Ralph Lauren chic may i add! And the best thing is that they are not expensive: 95can$ !! Light (unlike the hunter boots) and htey hold your calf so the rubber isn't heavy on your ...


Baby crush

Ok, from the same magazine, i couldn't resist scanning those spreads......to cute and classy.Photos by Benjamin


It’s a kids world

I bought the magazine L'Officiel the other day and it came with 2 other babies versions of L'Officiel, one was Enfants and the other Voyages. I will post about both, but first, the children.The magazine is really well done, the entire thing is totally though though kids wise.One thing that i really liked is that all the ads where for kids. And unlike the infamous House of Dereon horrible ads where they made little girls pose like grown ups, thoses ads picture kids like kids, but still manage to be true to thier brand image. Just the proof that those brand ...



Now here is a beautiful brand: Carmina Campus.Created by one of the Fendi daughters, Ilaria Fendi also happens to be the ex-designer of handbag for the Fendi House.Torn between her love of nature and her love of design, she basocally created something beautiful in order to merge them both. She has created this brand of beautiful bag ENTIRELY created with found and recupereted materials. Basically, her atelier would be considered like a giant trash house but hte naives, but it really is a magic creation placeAll her bags are unique and she even has a ...



While doing some researche for work, i came across this very funny yet interesting blog.It was created by and for ladies that have a very common dependance: J.Crew. A few pictures taken behind the scene of the FW 2010 campain cought my eye. She got it from a girl that knows a girls that knows a girl...you get it, the J.Crew addicts are a tight community..!- j.crew aholics ...


My fake is real

Today i wore my removable bangs I asked my hairdresser to custom make and cut for me.Since real bangs (i had some) really are too much of a style commitment, this, for me, is the perfect solution!Fun, fun, and more ...


Jealous? not anymore!

After i got my weave, i actually thought i knew pretty much all i had to know about the "hair" possiblilities. I actually thought taht most celebrities got either extentions or weaves on.But hten my girl Néma schooled me, and schooled me good. Apparently, the biggest thing isn't weaves at all...nop, it's wigs!! Not your old school granny nor Tina Turner wig. No, the Lace Wigs!! And they all waer them, from Beyoncé to John Travolta!!And now, i'm not jealous of they perfect hair anymore. How weired must if be to be with a lady that on top of having fake boobs, ...


Fashionable Camping

Summer is coming and so are all the music festivals.A lot of us will be attending thoses outdoors mega events to pretend for a second we are still 15 , cool and responsiblity-less.Some of those events inclued traveling and camping. "Camping" allready being a very anti-fashion thing to say, "packing-light-and-cheap" is pretty terrible too.Here is your solution music loving fashionistas!! H&M has not only designed an amazingly cool and rock'n'roll collection but also a tent and a sleeping bag!!!! How amazing is that! Not only that, but 25% of sales will go to ...


Sid Lady

Meet the beautiful Jen.A perfect mix of delicate simple items with a sweet asian perfectness


Old Gold

For those of you who don't know, there is a store in Montreal that the entire cool world envie us for:Old Gold Boutique. (on Mt Royal west)Here are adorable rubber sneackers and original scarfs i kinda adore.As soon as i get a little money back in my very-empty walet, i'm off 4 a visit!Jonah, here i come! (as soon as my pocket comes out of anorexia)- old gold ...


A broke girl who dreams big

Yeah, i'm pretty broke these days...but hey, let a girl dream a little...and my dreams consisted of 3 bags this morning..... what do you think..good dreams?(Longchamps weekender by Kate Moss, DSquared clutch and Proenza S. tassel.)- buy here your lucky bitch ...


Shisha, nails and legs.

The other night, as we all went for our traditional Shisha evening after dance, i realized 2 of my girls had some fabulous nails+leggings....!Grrrrr, baby, ...


Fringes galore!

Here are my brand new babies, their names are Sam Edelman. As i got my package at work today, my collegue askes me: " why do you buy winter boots now? it's almost summer?" Answer: SALES!!!!!! It's actually the best time to buy thoses expensive boots your couldn't afford last winter!!Picture by my girls Eve.Oh yeah...my extentions are out...i'm in half morning right now...that probably the reason why i couldn't find a way to fucking smile on this picture!! lol- sam edelman ...


J.Crew sneak peek FW 2010

Totally stole that post from the Oh Joy Blog.Classy and inspiritinal from J.Crew.- oh joy


Men in tights

Quiz:Shoulderpads + high-waisted tight-tiiiight pants + over embroided jackets + pink socks +major attitude = ..........?No, not Balmain, nor any of 2010 hot designers......but Torreadors.I was walking down the sunny streets of Montreal today and a book cought my eye. It was on the ancient "art" of the Torreos. I put art in brackets because i find it a little uncomfortable to qualify killing a pure art form. But one thing is for sure: their centuries old outfits certainly are!The book tured out not to be very interesting and lacking a lot of pictures. (what is a book ...


Political crush

My girl Miss Hunay has the coolest t-shirt.For you guys who don't know who Bernadette is, she is the oh-so-not-to-fashionable Bernadette Chirac, the wife of the last french President Jacques Chirac. Her cheezyness is so bold, she is now some kind of funny pop-icon.Next a Barbara Bush t-shirt?- commemarc ...


Finger food

These will make you look like a witch in the eyes of little girls. They might belive you stole the plates and food from your poor hungry dolls....Oh well....- yarborough ...



Fun-fluffy-flowy skirts are back!!We are going to be able to play sexy princess and twirl around in slow motion all summer!!Here are some fun fun skirts from designer Katie Rodriguez.( SS210, FW2009)Yey.PS: i believe the makeup artist in on drugs....- katie rodriguez ...



Omg, omg, omg, omg,


Junk bag

On the beloved theme of Junk food and Pop Cutlure on crack, here are some adorable items from Burger and Friends.Let's all chip-in and get the burger and fries backpack for Jamie Oliver's kids!!- karmaloop ...