Marry a man!

The Lonely Island hits again. With some pretty A-List appearances like Edward Norton, James Franco and Zach Galifianakis.With a Spring Break version of what the Tea Party would probably see as Satan's song.Hilarious and full of none-sense, as ...



So 2 weeks ago i stumbled upon (yes, it took me 2 freakin' weeks to post this…i know: lame) some images of origamis made with bills…..well, not just plane olds "look, i made a boat" or "hey, it's a flower" boring origamis. No these had the interesting feature of using the bill to stage the face. The result is honestly pretty fun.(as for references, i had the hardest time trying to figure out who was the 1st one to do it as a lot of peeps copied the idea…so, basically, i have no clue who started this but i'm preeeeety sure he/she was ...


Arts and crafts Sunday at my house

This was last year. I organized a little Arts'n'Crafts sunday with some of my friends. It was dope. We made pendent s and earrings. ...


Ever’s Rainbow People

Meet Ever, a Buenos Aires born artist that paints giant scale rainbow portraits in the streets. His style is extremely esthetic and mixes naïve and surrealist styles with modern illustration, which is quit powerful when used on portraying Mao.Ever however, is not how his mother called him. it could have been, but no; she really called him Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada. I agree, it's a little less catchy than Ever. - ever - ...

I just stumbled upon these pictures of the Kenzo Spring 2012


Ridiculously hilarious

So Halloween is a month and a half away and i really don't care....BUT i did start caring just a little when i found those. Even though i admit it might be a little mean and ridiculous to dress up your pet......these are FREAKIN' HILARIOUS.Go ahead, judge me. - pet costumes - ...


Help Somalia

Made a lil' profile pic. Use and share it.donate here:


Juste un Doigt

Here is a super fun and sexy campaign created for AIDS testing. Fun and colorful video and an even more fun website! It's all about what you can do with your finger. From a lot of "sexy time" to AIDS screening.Smart and sexy.- sexyfingers -Sexy Fingers (2011) par ...


Super Shugaaaaa!

Browsing on Pinterest, i realised Superhero obsession can apply to cakes. I must admit: kinda


Smiley Nails.

Fuck You,

Swatch X Jeremy Scott

i want it i want it i want



Cutest card EVER.- lazy oaf


Seasonal Nails.

I was hesitating between matza-balls nails and watermelon.Turned out matza-balls nails would be ugly. So there. Yey


Pink and blue panters


International Women’s Day

Thank you for all you've done for me and my

"Letman's letters are curious. His handmade style fits the boundries of typography like a universe on itself by lashing out to illustration, grafitti and graphic design.Letters are free entities to him. They are clear and cunning.Together they stand strong."Letman, I love ...


Thomas has the Key!, not really, i lied. I just felt like a really cheezy play on words with his last name. Ha.Thomas Key is a 22 years old twisted-surrealist-naive illustrator from the UK with a twisted sense of humour.- tk ...


Happy Birthday Wiki!

It's my favourite website's bday: Wikipedia is turning 10! Honeslty, after Facebook and twitter, Wikipedia is my most visited site.Between my iPhone, Wikipedia and me, it's a beautiful orgasmic threesome.(campaign by Jandl à Bratislava ...


A different kind of baby shower

...If your friend is goth or part of the Adams family AND she is having a baby, this is THE perfect gift.OR, get it for your normal friend and you'll never get invited to baby showers again: sweet.- i have weird friends with babies ...



Last November, i decided to get a tatoo.My one and only.Bold and true.A spiritual step, fear and pain....lead to pride and ...


Panda Nails!


House in not a doctor.

Is House a person, an agency or a name? Dunno. But i kow "it" is from the United Kingdom an does illustrative typography. And "it" does it ...


Runaway Kanye

Now Kanye wants to be a movie director. So he is.The storyline is a BIT all over the place and OF COURSE it starts with a car accident..... but the art direction is incredible, thanx to the amazing Vanessa Beecroft.Wallpaper magazine meets 80s art films meets Kanye's ...


Break a leg.

...and get Liquen to draw you a plane on


Burano has no burrito

Once upon a time on Facebook, my cousin's cousin posted some of her vacation pictures. (pictures by Martha Chertkow).....and i discovered this town in Italy: Burano.Coloooooors galoooooooore!I kinda want to paint my neighbourhood now.Can't hate a girl that paints your house pink, ...


Check these V out!

Check out the latest issue of V Magazine!V67–The New York Issue.With two covers available exclusively online and in quantities of 1,000, New York artists Spencer Sweeney and Nate Lowman customized their own V covers exclusively for the V Magazine E-Commerce shop. Containing content not available in the newsstand versions, hurry up, as quantities are ...


If I was a retired Burlesque Dancer…

If I was a retired Burlesque Dancer that lived in California, this would be my house. These would be my Butlers' uniforms and these would be my little protégés.Did I mention that I would be eveybody's friend?I know, i want to go to my "if i was a retired burlesque dancer" house ...


Better than raw herring.

Meet Jarrik Muller, a dutch typographer that makes pretty 3D letters.Duutch perople really are better at design than food. Thank G. for us, too bad for their stomach.- jarrik muller ...


Laser dogs

Cheezy dogs and lasers......awesome.- plex

Dance ’till there’s peace.

Bouncing Cats.Watch and get inspired.Hip hop can change the world.Passion will change the world.We must change the world.Peace.BOUNCING CATS film trailer from nabil elderkin on ...


Mystery artist

This morning, i came to work by foot. The weather was gorgeous and, frankly, i need the exercise.....I came across this beautiful street art piece called "L'Amour Fou" but i couldn't figure out who the artist was...all there was left were the letters YKA....but google told me nothing.. (bastard!)So if anyone knows anything about my mystery artist, please let the world know!On Coloniale street, above Duluth ...

Floral me.



I know, some of you boys probably just had a mimi-heart attack from exitment...but i'm really sorry, i have no clue where to purchase it.But, it's daaaaamn ...


X rated

Ok, now Calvin got me


A peanut butter & jelly pouch

Hahahahhhahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahah!!!- buy here


Log House

Now that's just fucking cool.- thomas mayer

adidas Originals "Making of the Commercial", 1.

Here is the first a a series of behing the scenes of our adidas Originals ad.- sidlee


Evil in your ears

Oy! I kinda love those.Urban


Magazine bag

This week end was my granma's 85th i bought her a whole buch of presents but no gift wrap because i always keep some at home, along with cards and silk papers......But Murphy's Law will hit you always when you're the most confident...!! So o course, an hour before the dinner, i had no gift bag...So i tried to figure something out, pretending to be an artistic McGuyver for a bit.So i did this. Not the best arts and craft post ever...but you can ignore it if you want!Steps 4 Alexis:-get an old bag.- get magazines and glue-tear some magazine ...


No comment.

JC anomimous

Found this really funny blog while doing some reasearch on certain clothings labels for work....It's blog about and for J.Crew Addicts, litterally. It's called J.Crew Aholics and they hav and discuss all about J.Crew. Funny.I really like that they posted some behind the scenes of the FW2010 shoot. She got it from a girl who knows a girl....any way, JCAholics are a tight community....- j.crew aholics ...


Typo’ fo’tha Peopo’

Flickr is a unique place, where cheez and wiz cohexist in peace and ignore each other with grace.It can also be a hosting place for lost typograhy and wondering logo art.Typography Friday is a shelter for letters who yearn to find a purpurse. Designer and wannabe designers post their typo-art there and hope you like it. Here are some that cought my eye.- typography friday ...


Hug Me Pillow

This is hillarious and creepy at the same time.- hug me


The best brother in the world

Last friday, i recieved a very sweet surprise. A package from my wonderful brother.As the newly promoted Global Brand Manager for Dolce & Gabanna makeup, he send me this beautiful present!Here it is, step by step, minus the screaming and feet tapping.Merci Julien!- dolce & gabanna makeup ...

painting by Isy Ochoa, oil on

Another SidLee lady

Meet Marie, she is shy and beautiful. And yes, her legs never really


Dumb and Dumber

I'm gonna appologize for this post right now: it's really stupid but somehow it really makes me laugh.....My girl Nubian Néné brought me this funny postcard for Barcelona and it got me cracking up.... Here are some super 80s idiotic pre-teen keychain on a common theme.....Again: sorry....- kakaxumusu ...


Chanel take-out

Chanel goes chinese yall!!!It's so tacky, it's

Bling your food!

Awlaways wanted to take the bling to the next level? After the 3 finger rings, the


You’ll want to write again

Beautiful book, beautiful work.This guy can write!!Calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman.- niels shoe newmann



March 22nd was “World Water Day”.Today, even more than before, the issue of clean water is extremely serious.The National Geographic made it's last issue on the beautiful and complex theme of Water. They even made an interactive version of their April, 2010 magazine free to download (until April 2nd).It goes though the issue of clean water today as well as what water is (scientificly), what it reprensents (religion, spirituality..) and the problems directly linked to the lack of clean drinkable water (war, famine, diseases...).And of course, the ...



And no, it won't give your dog a british accent...!- dogstache


Smells pretty

Yes, these are car air-freshners. Adios ugly smelly tree hanging thingy.We will never feel ashamed of our air-freshners again.- airfreshners ...



On the way home, i stopped for one of my unecessary yet impossible to resist stop at a magazine shop on Ste Catherine in Montreal. This one was particularly sketchy looking, which is a good sign. And i was right! It had all the asian and arabic fashion magazine a chinese-lybian girl would dream of!So bought this one. Because it was so pretty. And also because it is in french, japanese and ...



This is Ruth.She is 84 and creating beautiful things.She used to be a sculptor but due to some pain in her fingers, she can't really sculpt that much anymore. But hey, that won't stop her creativity!Tonight, she proudly showed us (my lovely cousins and i) her latest creation: an umbrella.It's beautiful.You're beautiful.I love you ...

Funky Spring!

Here is some inspiration for some funky spring outfits.Jeremy Scott of

Art and can


Candies in panties

Ok, so we all know Jelly Beans, those old-school colorful candies some artists make hair-clips with.Well they just launched a phone collection with Softbank in Japan. And let's just say japanese humour/way of marketing a phone is a LITTLE different than ours.They basically made their phones Jelly Beans colors (all good 4 me) but then made the Jelly Beans wear panties (a little weird but still kinda cute) and THEN got them to bite (yes bite!) each others panties off!! (now that's a little creepy)Beautiful site and object design overall.They might be a bit ...


"Have an adult do the ironing"

Another Tuesday evening, another craft night.Do you remember those fun fun things we did in arts&crafts when we were kids? Painting eggs, making dolls out of stockings and scobidoos?Well last night, i took a walk (i was really sitting..) down memory lane and did some of this plastic-beads-ironing-thingy i used to loooove.And so i made new earings for The Lady and The Sweatshop collection.Plastic is ...


Romantic, ethnic, fantastic!….(fuck, i’m such a poet!)

Spring is almost here so i bought myself a spring hat.But this hat lacked some artefact,So i brought it back to my shack (appartment) and together we made a pact;For my hat to accept a makeover-act and i will wear it all summer-akt (found not word that rimed...)Here is our love story in ...


Smart made cool

On January 17, a new magazine was born. Not another fashion magazine, nor a political newspaper.Nop. This one is one of a kind. He is so different, it makes it hard to describe.Dedicated to serious social topics, it is all depicted though book writters, photojournalists and cartoonists. How amazing is it to tell the story of the Gibralatar refugees though a beautiful cartoon?Each cover is also very original, not only is it an "italian" format (horizontal), but it's all done in illustrations.XXI is like the Nobel Prize Swimsuit Model of magzines.- leblogde21 ...


An original cover for an original lady

Seems like Chloe Sevigny will to take chaces has influenced ELLE UK grapic designer and i love it!Chloe for ELLE UK's April cover.- elle uk ...


Don’t let your banana go to the Dark Side

Here is the latest Chiquita Banana campain.They decided to use their iconic, yet old, blue sticker and give it a modern playful twist.The idea is simple: each banana has it's own personality but you have a responsibility not to let them turn bad...or else!It's kinda like Luchadors gone Pictoplamic!And we love it. It make a simple product cool and engaging. Even their web site is plenty of fun!Fun, fun, fun, fun funfunfunfuuuun. Well, you get it.- For an interview of Art Director DJ Neff -- eat a chiquita ...


Pack and paint.

Have an old suitcase and desperatly need a new nightable?Well, tahdaaaaah!(this is the fabulous work of Marianne from the netherlands) -design sponge ...



When Churches want to speack a more "common" can get funny.The message is clear!! or is it?And to the Cross of Christ Deliverance Temple, i say (as my friend Von said) "Jew is easier to spell than Christian". Booooooouyaaaaa!!!Church Signs Across ...



Mon père, ce héros.I may never be in any fashion magazine but i can at least say my dad has....many times!What whaaaaaaaaaat!2008, 2009 ELLE Switzerland and this month's VOGUE ...



You probably all heard about the Chris Rock movie Good Hair.But you probably didn't all hear about the outrage it created.A lot of my black girlfriends really got upset about the movie and the way it depics the relationship they suppositly have with their hair.I understand. I don't know much about it (and i didn't really learn anything in the movie) but it was a bit stereotypical and shallow.Last Novemeber (i think) Mattel released an ethnic Barbie collection. But, as always, not only were they not very realistic size wise (they're Barbies after all!) but the black ...


Shadi Business

My girl DJ Shaydakiss just made a mixtape. And it's great.From Old Mariah Carey to BoyzIIMen, though some good P.M.Dawn and Warren G.Here is the link to downloading.Happy UnXsmas babies!- here ...


It’s a V world…..

Yes, i mean V for Vagina, vageygey, precious lady, pretty princess.....! It's no secret that we put more and more attention to our most precious area these last years....some say it's from the porn industry, some feminine liberation...anyway.All i know is that we should not confuse "been clean" down there and going totally crazy on product to "smell good" and look "perfect"...what are we supposed to smell like anyway? not bad, that's for sure but we are NOT supposed to smell like rose petals and lilas, sorry my dear underaged boys. Any man will tell you, like my ...

The Stranger from beyond death….

For a limited time, you can hear Alber Camus himslef reading his oh so famous book " L'étranger" online! the recording is from 1942.How amazing is it to be bale to hear the masterpiece read to you 68 years later by the author himself. Special.- here ...


The Lady went back to her sweatshop last night…..

It's been a while. Created 2 new models. Here are some of the latest design from TLATS.Hope you like


The Ultimate Accessory.

Who hasn't dreamed of getting mermaid long hair? Long enough to "go horsebackriding naked" like thoses cheezy black and white 80s posters? Look at all the hollywood starlettes, from stoned Lohan to braindead Kardashians, they all look super sexy with their beautiful long hair.There you go, i want to look like them to. I want to be able to wear just leggings and an oversize tshirt and still looks glam and fabulous.Seems long hair is the ultimate feminine thing to have.So i want it and i want it now.And here is the story of my non-patient-diva-don't -give-a ...


Words of Wisdom from a Girl.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. Simple yet profound. It's all in words.From Buddah to Ellen Keller to ...


Last saturday was Arts & Crafts day!


New models from the rain….

It has been raining for two


Ethnique Collection




Blue Collection


Punk Collection