Dessert For Breakfast

Here it is, it is now official, The Lady and The Sweatshop now has a sister blog: Dessert For Breakfast!

Now let me tell you a few words about this new blog: DfB is a collective of  smart, funky and sexy ladies that share their thoughts and experiences about sex.

Basically reacting to the big gap our society STILL has when it comes to real Women Sex Talk.

And i’m not only referring to our mothers and political authorities, but really to Reality TV and women’s magazines. Enough of this Snooky-Kim K-Paris-Britney vulgarity.

And enough of these Cosmo Mags telling us “The ten ways to please your man” or asking weather or not “breast-feeding in public gross”.

As the first posts states: “Trusting your own rules instead of Society’s. Respecting yourself while still doing dirty stuff. Praising your body but touching it and knowing it. Because there is nothing more powerful and desirable, than a woman that knows her sexuality.”
One of the many contributors is street artist MissMe and she has been posting her sexy illustrations all of the city of Montreal. Sharing her love of sensuality and her voice as a woman that is not afraid to talk about what we all do.

Because at the end of the day, a woman that has total power over her sexuality is much more difficult to put down in our Society. Men know it, i it is my opinion that it is the very reason why they have tried to control our vagina since the beginning of Time.
( shave your balls / nice girls / sex with neighbors / large but not in charge / why choose )



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    Nonetheless, amazing write-up!

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