Egypt’s freedom walls

Yesterday, History happened again.

In the religious center of the monotheist world, another autocratic leader was taken away from power.

Weather it will be for the good of the people and their true revolution, we still don’t know as it was once again, the Military that did the coup “in the name of the people”… I am staying hopeful and want to believe that they will conduct democatic elections that will be not only clean but with leaders that truly represent all of Egypt.


While the World keeps it’s fingers crossed, the revolution has been written and drawn on all of Egypt’s cities walls.

There is even an Indiegogo fundraiser project being held right now called “Walls of Freedom, The definitive book on Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution”.

Check it out and donate as it will definitely be a  new kind of History book.


As always, it is in struggle that street art and graffiti take their most meaning and authenticity.

Power on the walls.

Here are some of my favorites.


(pics found of google mostly and a few beautiful ones on the very well documented suzeeinthecity)

egypt_streetart egypt_streetart01 egypt_streetart3 egypt_streetart4 egypt_streetart5 egypt_streetart6 egypt_streetart7 egypt_streetart8 egypt_streetart9 egypt_streetart10 egypt_streetart11 egypt_streetart12 egypt_streetart13 egypt_streetart14 egypt_streetart15 egypt_streetart16 egypt_streetart17

Walls of Freedom from From Here To Fame on Vimeo.


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