The Walls of the Revolution.

2011 seems to be the start of a new World.
With History happening before our TVs, we all looks and hope for the populations to find freedom and a better future in peace with one another.
As i’ve been looking and reading the news A LOT these past weeks, i have collected a few very interesting pictures: Political Street Art. As i am a big fan of street art as a urban disipline and voice, i find these pictures very interesting.
The 1st picture is from Libya, the 2nd two, from Egypt (we all know facebook played a major role in getting the uprises organised), the 3rd was painted by the woman in front of it, Shamsia Hassani, in Afghanistan, and the last 4, are also from Afghanistan, but the 2 first ones are were painted by Talibans and the last two, by US marines.
Yes, facebook is sometimes the synonyme of revolution.


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